Chapter 1: The School for Half-Witted Demons!

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Hiei, Kurama, Yusuke, and Kuwabara have just ended there day of school. Of course Hiei and Kurama have just started school so there getting used to it. Not!

"I can't believe you used your darkness technique just because some guy was trying to give you back the quarter you dropped! He was being nice ya know! And along with blowing up the poor sap you also blew up the entire school! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU!!" Yusuke yelled.

"It's not my fault that, that fat dirty slob got killed. If he would've just left the coin alone then the whole school would've been safe. He made my quarter dirty and he touched me for crying out loud. Now I'll never get the stench off." Hiei said.

"You can't blame him if he smells, he's stinky Ben." Kuwabara said.

"Yeah stinky Ben is pretty smelly." Kurama said.

"*sniff, sniff* Do you smell that? (gasps) It's Ben sister, stinky Kelly!" Ysuske said.

"Everyone! RUN!!! IT'S STINKY KELLY!!!!" A student said while running from the school building.

"*sniff, sniff* We still have time to escape! She's *sniff, sniff* 15 ft in closing." Yusuke said.

Kuwabara, Hiei, Kurama, and Yusuke run to the nearest kwiki mart. Hiei enters first, then Kuwabara, then Kurama. Yusuke who was running a little slow arrived at the kwiki marts door. Before he could enter Kurama slammed the door in his face and locked it.

"Kurama what are you doing!?" Yusuke asked while banging on the door.

"Sorry it's too late. She's here we can't help you. You were a brave one Yusuke." Kurama said in tears.

"Noooooooo!!!" Yusuke yelled.

It was too late stinky Kelly had arrived. The air was covered in stench. A dirty looking fog surrounded the area. Then a dirty foggy hand appeared out of the fog trying to grab Yusuke into the fog.

"HIEI, KUWABARA!!!! HELP!!" Yusuke yelled.

It was too late the hand grabbed Yusuke into the fog.

"Kuwabara, is Yusuke there?" Asked Hiei.

"I don't know I think they took him. Oh well, who wants a smoothie?" Kuwabara asked.

Back in there dorms(dormitory)...

Hiei and Kuwabara are versing each other in a game of Tekken 4.

"Yes one more kick and your out Hiei!" Kuwabara said with excitement.

Yusuke bangs on the door looking dirty and smelly. Flies are flying all around him. And he's looking really angry.

"Darn it my controller broke!" Kuwabara said.

"Pow! Yeah I win baby!" Hiei said with excitement.

Yusuke walks towards Hiei.

"Where's Kurama?" Yusuke said in anger.

"Umm, Yusuke maybe you should calm down." Hiei said.

"Don't play with me where's Kurama!" Yusuke yelled in anger.

"Oh my god!" Hiei said in fear.

"Hey Yusuke!" Kuwabara said happily.

Yusuke walks over to Kuwabara and punches him in the cheek making him fall to the ground.

"Okay! Kurama's in his room." Hiei said.

Yusuke walks over to Kurama's room. Then he walks through the door with anger on his face.

"Umm Yusuke I could explain." Kurama said in a scared voice.

"Did you not here me yelling back there?" Yusuke asked.

"Umm, well I uh." Kurama hesitated.

"I was yelling for 45 minutes! I can tell cause my damn watch was broken!" Yusuke yelled.

"I'm sorry." Kurama said.

"I'm sorry! I could've been killed back there!" Yusuke said.

Yusuke held Kurama by the neck and started choking him. He took Kurama by the neck and walked outside the room and to where Hiei and Kuwabara were.

"Whoa! Yusuke what are you doing?" Kuwabara asked.

"Doing what I should've done a long time ago! Kurama and Hiei! Your going to Demon school!" Yusuke announced.

"Why should we? Your not the boss of us!" Hiei said.

"You better or your buddy here won't be breathing for a while!" Yusuke said.

"Your not gonna hurt him." Hiei said.

Yusuke choked him even more.

"Hiei do what he says. Must.. air!" Kurama said almost out of breath.

"Alright, alright, alright." Hiei said.

"Bless God!" Yusuke said.

"So where is this so called Demon school?" Hiei asked.

"It's in the Underworld, duh!" Yusuke said.

"Bwahahaha! You've gotta go to school." Kuwabara said.

"So? You have to go too." Hiei said.

"The flight's tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. so be ready." Yusuke said.

"How can we fly to the under world when it's right under us?" Hiei asked.

"Can you fly to China?" Yusuke asked.

"Yeah." Hiei said.

"Then you can fly to the underworld." Yusuke said.

"Well Kurama let's pack our bags." Hiei commanded.

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