Chapter 2: Meet Inu Yasha the Bunny!

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"Hahahaha! Hiei is a pumpkin head! Hiei is a pumpkin head!" Kurama said while bouncing happily around the bus.

"Shut up Kurama! Or I'll kick you out of the bus! I'm a mean pumpkin looking for trouble!" Hiei yelled.

"You wouldn't kick me!" Kurama said while bouncing around.

Pumpkin head got up and started kicking Kurama the ball around.

"Hey! Not so hard!" Kurama said while crying in pain.

" I'm just a little baby I don't know what I'm doing FATHER!" Hiei exaggerated.

"Look I'm sorry (Oww!) about the whole father thing! (Oww!) Quit it!" Kurama yelled in pain.

"Oh no! I'm not taking that sorry excuse of an excuse!" Hiei said with sharp teeth.

"Hiei what do you think your doing with me?" Kurama asked while being picked up Hiei.

"I'm poppin ya! What else?" Hiei said ready to bite down on the stupid ball.

"Hey keep it down over there!" Inu Yasha yelled from the back of the bus.

"Who do you think your talking to you stupid bunny!" Hiei yelled.

"Just because I look like a bunny doesn't mean I won't use my fluff attack on your sorry ass!" Inu Yasha said.

"Hmm. I like this guy! He's just as ruthless as I am." Hiei said while putting Kurama down on the seat.

"Oh no! Not another one!" Kurama said while crying.

"Hey butt munch want to verse me in dodge ball?" Hiei asked.

"Sure why not you stinkin rat!" Inu Yasha agreed.

Hiei picked Kurama up and threw him towards Inu Yasha the bunny. Through the whole trip to the demon college they were playing dodge ball.

"That was some good dodge ball. We should do that again tomorrow." Inu Yasha said.

"Hey why are we back to our regular selves?" Kurama asked with happiness on his face.

"We only turn into things when were on the bus. They say that it will help bring out the weenie in us." Inu Yasha said.

"Weenie? No one calls me a weenie!" Hiei said while looking like a weenie.

"Uh yeah, so want to listen to some of my poetry?" Inu Yasha asked.

"Sure why not I feel like I need to listen to someone anyway." Kurama said while walking to the dorm with Inu Yasha and leaving Hiei behind.

"Hey you two! I'm still a weenie! I can't move!" Hiei said.

At the Dorm...

"Roses are red, my blood is too. Come close to me, and I'll just have to sock you." Inu Yasha said.

"Very good poetry. I guess. Bu let me try! Ahem. Roses are red and violets are blue, sugar is sweet and I love my hair too." Kurama said with a smile on his face.

"Umm. Yeah I think I'm gonna go somewhere, over there somewhere not near you." Inu Yasha said while walking over to the kitchen.

"I can't believe that there my dorm buddies." Hiei said while playing ping pong with a weenie.

"Cheer up Hiei, I mean what's the worse that could happen." Kurama asked.

"Hey you guys we should paint this room. I'm thinking red and black." Inu Yasha said with two paint buckets in his hand.

"Sure I'll help." Kurama said while getting the red paint bucket from Inu Yasha's hand.

"Hiei you can get the white one that's been laying in the trash can for years." Inu Yasha said.

"This thing is permanent so we don't want to make a mess of things." Hiei said.

"Uh permanent?" Kurama and Inu Yasha said.

"Yeah! So if I see even one drop then your going down suckas!" Hiei said while getting the paint brushes.

"Well I guess we have to open the paint buckets don't we Kurama?" Inu Yasha said nervously.

"Yeah and if Hiei sees one drop on the floor then he's gonna cu-cu-cut our butts off." Kurama said.

"And post them on his wall!" Inu Yasha said.

"Okay I'll open it first." Inu Yasha said.

He took a screw driver out and tried to shake the lid off.

"Careful Inu Yasha, Inu Yasha be careful, be careful InuYasha. INU YASHA BECAREFUL!" Kuram warned.

"Kurama the lid's already open." Inu Yasha said.

"Alright it's my turn!" Kurama said while taking a giant axe out and trying to chop the bucket open.

"Kurama let me do this one." Inu Yasha suggested.

Inu Yasha pulled it off with a screwdriver and it came off.

"Well I guess we can start painting now."

Inu Yasha took out a small paintbrush with one piece of hair on it. He started painting the bottom of the wall. A drop of it came on the wall then the drop started running down the wall. Inu Yasha kept blowing the drop to make sure that it wouldn't touch the ground. He finally gave it a big blow and a big paint bubble appeared.

"Oh no! What have I done? What could be worse than a giant paint bubble?" Inu Yasha said nervously.

"I know. (puts a bubble wand inside the paint bucket, takes it out and blows another paint bubble) Two giant paint bubbles." Kurama said happily.

"Kurama I don't think this paint bubble can get any bigger." Inu Yasha said with worry.

"Nonsense!" Kurama said while pumping the bubble up even bigger with a pump.

"Kurama NO!" Inu Yasha yelled.

It was too late the paint bubble had already burst but leaving the dorm spotless and with black and red paint only on the wall. With no spills.

"Well, that was a rip off." Kurama said.

"Wow we did it." Inu Yasha said.

"We get to keep our butts!" Kurama said while kissing his behind.

"Wait until Hiei hears about this!" Inu Yasha said.

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