Where shall we start...Oh, about where we last left off? Serena was 24. It was ten years after she first became Sailor Moon at the age of fourteen, and she hadn't seen much action since the final battle with Galaxia years ago. She hadn't changed all that much; still a tad clumsy, ditsy, crybaby-ish, all in all the same Serena Tsukino we've all come to know and love. She still lived in Tokyo with her cat Luna, however, she had long since moved out of her parents' house and into her own apartment. It was very spacious, and fit her needs nicely. The year before, she had graduated from a local Tokyo university, with the best grades she had ever gotten in her life. After graduation from Crossroads Junior High, Serena had decided to clean up her act as far as her schoolwork went. She took her cue from her good friend, Amy Anderson, and stuck to her work like glue to paper. She did better in high school, and graduated from the university with flying colors. All of her friends, especially Darien Shields, were very proud of her. After graduation, Serena got a job as store manager at a local supermarket. It wasn't her dream career, however she enjoyed her job, her employees loved working with her, and she made enough money to pay her bills, keep her refrigerator stocked, and even go on an expensive vacation once in a while. Despite her hectic lifestyle, Serena still managed to keep in close touch with her friends and fellow Sailor Scouts. The last she'd heard from Amy Anderson, a.k.a. Sailor Mercury, she had achieved her dream of becoming a doctor, and a very good one at that. She was currently living in a house in China with her fiancé, Greg. Their relationship had gone flawlessly throughout the years, and their year-long engagement was proof of that. Serena was, of course, ultimately jealous. Raye Hino, also known as Sailor Mars, had completed her schooling as a priestess several years earlier, and was now the proud head figure at the Cherry Hill temple. She lived there with the caretaker, Chad, because she needed someone there after her grandfather had...well...passed on. While Chad's feelings for Raye hadn't changed at all in the last ten years, Raye would now only admit she KIND OF had the same feelings for him, however, Serena (and just about everybody else besides Chad) knew better. Raye and Serena still bickered from time to time, but always knew they weren't fooling anybody. Lita Kino, formerly Sailor Jupiter, accomplished her dream of opening up her own restaurant. She went to school in New Orleans, Louisiana, and set up the restaurant there as well. It was now doing very well, despite all the competition Lita had (after all, it IS New Orleans!). She currently hadn't found that special someone in her life, and continued to go by her rule of dating anyone who even remotely reminded her of her old boyfriend, Freddie. (However, she's always keeping her crush on Andrew in mind.) Mina Aino, a.k.a. Sailor V, a.k.a. Sailor Venus, achieved her dreams as well. She was a famous actress and supermodel, constantly making movies and advertisements, and showing off all the latest styles of clothing. She and Artemis have been all around Europe at least seven times. Mina was famous in Europe, Asia, and the United States, so Serena was constantly seeing her face on the covers of many magazines displayed in her store. Of all the Sailor Scouts, it was the hardest to keep in touch with Mina. As far as Serena's boyfriend, Darien Shields, also known as Tuxedo Mask, he went to the United States to Harvard University, and became a doctor along with Amy and his good friend Andrew. He visited Tokyo as often as he could, which still wasn't enough for him. He and Serena constantly talked to each other on the phone, desperately awaiting the day they'd see each other again. Their relationship had gone through many twists and turns and bumps and bruises, but they loved each other now more than ever, which was all that mattered to either of them. Along with the Sailor Scouts and the Prince of Earth, everyone they knew and came to love in the past ten years had gone on with their lives a well.

Serena's best friend Molly and her "boyfriend" Melvin, or "Mel" as he now preferred to be called, had long since moved away from Tokyo together. Molly and Serena keep in touch, but she avoids any chance to talk to Melvin. In the last ten years, all he'd ever done in terms of change was lose the glasses and get contact lenses, and of course the "name change". Serena's old teacher Miss Haruna still had romance problems, but managed to keep her sanity in the process. When Serena graduated from Crossroads, high school, and finally college, Miss Haruna was both surprised and proud of her former (and so far, still the laziest) student. Andrew, the arcade boy whom Serena (and Lita still) had a crush on, became a doctor in the footsteps of his friend Darien, and worked at the local hospital. However, he still worked part-time at the video arcade, where Serena still saw him from time to time. He and his girlfriend Reeta were supposedly still together, but Andrew rarely talks about their relationship with other people. The Four Sisters, Catsy, Birdie, Avary, and Prisma, still had their own cosmetics shop, the "Sisters' Secrets" store. They now had several locations throughout Tokyo, but their first full-sized market was best known and visited, for it was the one they personally owned. Serena makes it a habit to shop there for her make-up needs (mostly because the Sisters give her a big discount!). The Sisters also bicker just as much as Raye and Serena, but they too know they just aren't fooling anybody. Chad, the struggling musician, still worked at the temple with Raye, for whom he would still do just about anything. He had made a fair amount of money in the last few years with the music he's written, so Raye got just a little more used to his occasional singing around the house (but it still drives her nuts). So all in all, the Scouts and their friends are living their lives happily. But how long can it last? Who knows what evil lurks behind the next corner? What dangers lies ahead, stuck in a pothole in the middle of the road of life? Why am I asking these questions, you ask? The answer is simple. Soon, Sailor Moon and her fellow Sailor Scouts are about to face the biggest danger they've ever encountered. What do I mean by that? Well...keep reading and find out, silly!