When did it Change?

Firekeeper and Derian.

I started out your nurse. I still am. I was protective, true, but you were in my care.

When did it start?

Was it that first kiss? Sexless then, why do I feel it so keenly now?

Why, when your lips stained my cheek, did I feel my heart flutter like a bird in a cage?

When did it change from Ward to Friend?

When did I begin to care so much for you?

When did it change from Friend to Sister?

When did I fall in love, with you, sweet Firekeeper?

When did it change from sister to Love?

A/N. This is what I think Derian feels for Firekeeper. And if you don't know who I'm talking about you need to go to your nearest bookstore and buy Through Wolf's eyes and Wolf's Head Wolf's Heart written by Jane Lindskold. A great author. Now tell me what you think.