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I've played Parappa the Rapper. I've play Parappa the Rapper 2. And now it's time I play WITH Parappa the Rapper! WAHAHAHA!

You know me; I'm Parappa. This is the story of one of my most life-changing experiences yet. It all started when I was eating lunch at Beard Burgers...

Lesse, it was me, Sunny, Katy, Lammy, PJ... and Ma-san. I almost forgot about Ma-san. Anyway, we were all eating lunch, minding our own business, when All the sudden, the sisters walked in.

The sisters are some weird girls that moved into town a couple of days ago. The look really funny. They're some kinda cross between a fox and a raccoon, but that's not why they look funny. It's something I can't quite put my finger on...


Parappa watched with one eye as the five 3-dimensional sisters sat down at their usual table. They were all giggling and hollering and talking up a storm; they nearly drowned out everyone there. Sunny mumbled something about bad manners and concentrated on her pie. They were the Beckett sisters, the weirdest group of kids in all of PaRappa Town.

The youngest sister, Parappa's age, was Celine Dione Beckett; a young fox/raccoon who never seemed to grasp that the 90's had ended 4 years ago. Her black hair (all of the sisters had black hair) was tied in a side- ponytail and secured with a butterfly clip. Her tank-top had the all-too- recognizable Mudd logo printed onto the front, the brown contrasting the light blue background. Her flair bottom jeans had their "Levis" tags ripped off. Under her jeans, her wore black Nike tennis-shoes. Her face was round and childish, and her tail was slightly ruffled from running around like a maniac.

The second youngest, a year older than Celine (all of the sisters; excecpt the oldest, were a year apart in age), was Pat Benetar Beckett. Her hair was fluffed and frizzed and teased into a giant fluffball, high on one side and low on the other (her tail was also puffed up this way). Her pink button-down shirt bore a tiny alligator decal on the left side of her chest; an Izod shirt. Her acid-wash Jordaches fit her tighter than her own fur, stopping once they reached her day-glow, zebra-stripe Converse shoes. She constantly checked the time on her Swatch-watch, getting confused time- to-time because she couldn't see past her Swatch-guard. Her face was just a touch narrower than her younger sister, and her eyes were more mischevious than childish.

The middle sister, Gloria Gaynor Beckett, wore her hair long and straight. She wore a fringed suede vest over her cheesecloth peasant-blouse, and flair-bottom jeans under that. Her shoes looked only half-made, with the front part covering her paw but the back part open. Her peasant blouse didn't quite sit on her shoulders correctly, and her vest was beginning to come undone; Lammy, having an older step-sister in college, recognized this as a hand-me-down item. Her blue mood ring announced that she was in a pleasant mood; this could also be told by her kind and fox-ish face. Her hair and tail were sleeked back into a fine shine.

Now we reach the second oldest sister, Aretha Franklin Beckett, affectionately dubbed "The Hippie". A tie-die headband sat fittingly on her large ears. Her faux-leather fringe-vest covered her (presumably) uncovered torso, and her legs were left bare by her hot-pants. She wore strappy, yet comfortable looking sandals. Around her neck her bore a Peace-sign charm choker necklace. Her hair was terribly dreadlocked, and her tail was unmistakingly tangled; the natural look. Her face was dreamy and sort of glazed; she was always off in a world of her own.

And last but not least, the oldest sister, Ella Fitzgerald Beckett. She wore a simple button-up, long sleeved, red shirt, tucked carefully into a long gray skirt. The oldest of the Beckett sisters (3 years old than Aretha) wore black high-heels under her conservative attire. She hair was cut short and trim; her tail was neatly brushed, and nothing more. In her hands she carried an Elvis Presley record; why, no one knew. Her face was particularly mean and nasty; no one had ever seen her smile outside of her own home. She was the only one of all of the sisters who never joined in on the crazy (and loud) conversations, like what they were having now.

"Did you SEE me on Pacman?" Pat laughed inbetween bites of cheeseburger. "I was awesome!"

"I hear that!" whistled Gloria.

"Would've whooped your Butt at Pacman if Ella had just given me my token!" Celine hollered to her elder sister.

"Tone down, little sister, the day is not yet done," Aretha cooed, pushing away the remains of her noodle burger. "We still must shop for the elder figure's birthday."

"It Is Daddy's birthday?" Celine jolted upright. "I forgot!" She began smacking herself in the forehead. "Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!"

The sister's laughed before Gloria grabbed her empty milkshake cup. "No please, allow me." She then crushed the cup on Celine's head. "STUPID!"

The sister's just laughed harder and began screaming their own little words of jubulation.


"Boss, man!"


"Ugh..." Parappa mumbled while sticking out his tongue. "Don't they ever shut up?"

"It's rude to act like that in public!" Sunny sipped her orange soda before continuing. "They should know better!"

"And what's with the way they dress?" Lammy quietly contributed.

"They're stuck in a time warp, girl," Katy explained.

#They took a jump to the left, and then a step to the right!# Ma-san joked to herself. #They put their hands on their hips and brought they knees in tii-Iii-IIIGHT!#

As Ma-san kept singing to herself, PJ gobbled down some cake and began to speak again. "Those girls need to get with the times."

"Yeah!" Parappa crumpled his burger wrapper. "Besides, old stuff stinks."

For some plot-moving reason, the girls overheard this callous comment from the puppy. They immediately stopped talking and glared at Parappa with evil, loathsome eyes.

"Uh oh," Lammy whimpered as she spotted the sisters Beckett slowly rising from their seat and stalking to their table. Parappa saw the much-taller- than-him-girls staring down at him and nearly choked on his tongue.

"Old music stinks, huh?" Gloria snarled, showing the fox part of her lineage.

"Yeah, but..." Parappa began to fight back, but Gloria snatched him by the shirt collar and pulled him to her face.

"And what exactly do You think is good music, weirdo?!" Pat watched the dog over her sister's shoulder.

The first thing that popped into Parappa's head was the only type of music he was good at. "Rap!"

Gloria dropped him quickly, but not because she accepted his answer.

"Rap?" Celine shouted to her sisters.

"Rap?" they all said together...

They then broke into a fit of uncontrollable laughter, causing Colonel Noodle to send some employees to eject them.

"This isn't settled, Rap Boy!" Pat screamed to Parappa as an angry slug wiggled her out of the door. "Meet us tonight behind Cafe' Rodney!"

Parappa watched as the sisters were shooed away, still sitting on the floor where he was so unceremoniously dropped. He sat for a few seconds, cast a forlorn look at his friends, and spoke to himself.

"Well, that was quick."


'Course everything moves kinda fast in Parappa Town. It took a lot of convincing to get Dad to let me go out late. Well, actually, it didn't, but I still felt pretty guilty about it. Katy had to babysit a friend's kid, so she couldn't come with me. So, it was me, PJ, Lammy, and Ma-san (just in case somebody needed a pounding). It was kinda scary, going behind the Cafe Rodney at twilight, when everything was getting dark... it made you wonder...


"Why'd the girls wanna meet us here?" Parappa asked the three kids who stood behind him, not looking At them, but keeping an eye on the cafe before him.

"They wanted us to meet them Behind here," PJ remarked.

"Whatever," Parappa shrugged off the comment. "W-whaddaya think they're gonna do?"

#Does it matter?# Ma-san gurgled. #You know karate, right?#

"Hey, that's right!" PJ spoke as enthusiastically as he could, which wasn't very. "You could beat them up easy!"

"I-I'm only a white belt... I don't get my yellow belt until next Tuesday..."

"Parappa's right," Lammy, the shy one, began to agree. "Maybe we should go back ho-"

"Rap boy!"

Pat's ridiculously poofy hair nearly clouded her face as it shot out from behind the Cafe Rodney. "The sisters are waiting for you!"

Parappa gulped. "Here I go. Are you guys coming with me?"

"No way, hose'!" PJ yelled, turning tail to run. "I'm not going back there!"

And away PJ ran, back to his house before Parappa could stop him.

Ma-san did not share PJ's opinion. #We're with ya all the way, Rappy Boy!#

Lammy nodded in agreement, although her eyes suggested she would rather be home watching "Romantic Karate".

"Okay, here we go." Parappa stepped into the alley, behind the cafe, and into another world.

It was nearly pitch-black behind the cafe; it smelled of stale bread and cooking steak. Twice Parappa knocked into a trashcan; Lammy was heard tripping over one and landing face-first into a puddle of (hopefully) water. Parappa felt blindly around until his eyes adjusted to the sight of the trashcan filled space and the five raccoon sisters.

"Why are we back here?" Parappa asked the sisters, not aiming for one sister in general.

"We live here," said an unrecognizable, mature voice.

"Actually, we live below here," Celine explained, pointing to a manhole cover beneath her feet.

"We only socialize on the above ground; we dwell in the below ground, can you relate?" Aretha droned.

"Can I go home now?" Lammy whined.

"Zip it, square!" Gloria snapped at the lamb before opening the manhole, releasing a dim beam of light. "So, Biggie Smalls, you think that rap is the best kind of music there is, huh?"

"Well, I did," Parappa tried to worm his way out of the situation. "But-"

"Too late, the decision has been made." There was that strange voice again. Parappa couldn't tell which sister it was coming from, or even if it was a sister. "Now, unless you want to go cruisin' for a bruisin', you'd better follow us."

"A-a-a-all of us?" Lammy stuttered.

#No way am I going down there!# Ma-san protested.

"Fine, you can stay above ground, little ones," Aretha purred in a rare moment of offensiveness. "If you admit, of course, that the Beatles are better than any rapper in history."

"And that Pop music is better than rap!" Celine added onto the list.

"And heavy metal! And Techno, too!" Pat cheered.

"And Disco!" Gloria struck a familiar disco pose.

"And Big Band." That stupid unidentified voice!

Something hit Parappa so suddenly that the words simply burst out of his mouth. "NEVER!"

"Fine then," Celine pointed down the manhole. "IN!"

I'm not good at intros. But, anyway, this chapter is DONE!

Next chapter; The weird world of the raccoons and Celine's challenge!