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Authors Note: This is an alternate Universe story. There are no transgenics, its set in the present day and Max and Alec are normal 18 year old University students. And yes it is an M/A story.


Chapter 1 - Roomies

"You have got to be kidding." Max Guevera stared in disbelief at the young man standing in the middle of the living room of her new home for the next year. The University accommodation officer shifted uncomfortably beside her while the handsome man gave her a smirk.

"Can I help you?" He enquired, his gaze flicking up and down her body in a way Max was way too familiar with.

"No." Max snapped at him. She turned violently on the shrinking accommodation officer her large brown eyes flashing and her dark hair swinging. "Explain to me how you placed me with a guy for a room mate when the college has a policy of same sex room mates?" Max demanded.

During her speech the young mans eyes widened. "Hey are you telling me your Max?" His grin widened and his hazel eyes twinkled with good humour.

Max ignored him, fixing her attention on the quivering girl she was currently intimidating. "Um well your name got mixed up, cause uh, its, traditionally speaking of course, is a boys name and um well the gender box must have been overlooked by accident and uh…" The officer trailed off under Max's growing anger.

Alec grinned at the scene before him. The spitfire of a girl looked ready to bite the others head of. Literally. "Now, now ladies, no harm no foul. I'm more than happy to share my room, bed or anything else with Max." He put a special emphasis on the traditionally male name with a sly humour.

Max turned her glare on the cocky young man. "There will be no sharing of any kind or anything with you, jerk." Alec held out his hands in an innocent gesture.

"Hey I'm a victim here to you know." He claimed. "In fact I specifically recall requesting a non smoking, non menstruating room mate."


Directing his gaze at the accommodation officer Alec let his expression turn pleading. "If you were gonna make me share with a girl couldn't she at least have a human personality?" His eyes flicked back to Max's body. "Or blonde with bigger -"


Max took a step forward to hit the guy when the accommodation officer recovered her poise enough to prevent bloodshed. "I'm very sorry for the mistake but I'm afraid there is no other accommodation available at this time. Since this is a two bedroom en suite, the university will over look the same sex policy in this case as the mistake was ours and you will both receive a reduction in rent as an apology." Head down the officer dashed off before either Max or Alec could respond at all. They both looked after the figure in dismay.

"She's faster than she looks." Alec remarked after the moment of stunned silence.

"Shut up."

"Right." Alec paused. "Are you going to be having Pyjama parties with your girl friends in little nighties, cause you know I'm cool with that."

Max didn't bother to respond verbally as she dragged her bags into her new home.



"You know you have a real violent streak in you. Ever thought about seeking help for that?" Alec asked Max absently as he rubbed his shoulder from her latest punch. True it didn't hurt much, Max hardly reaching his shoulder and thinner than she should be, but still the principle mattered.

Max ignored him as she surveyed the small apartment she was sharing with Alec. The communal room was decent sized with a large TV that Alec had evidently brought with him. The two bedrooms were small, box sized really but for university owned accommodation to be expected. The bathroom if possible was even smaller, barely holding the necessary bath, toilet and sink. Still all in all Max was satisfied…or would have been minus one annoying room mate.

Alec slumped down on the sofa and started flicking through the channels. Max glanced over at him as she poured herself a glass of water and sat down at the table and started going through her notes from class. The constant click click of the remote started bugging her after only a few minutes.

"Quit it would you, I'm trying to study!" Max snapped.

"What? I didn't say anything." Alec looked over at her.

Max glared. "Stop changing the channel, what are you 5?"

"What are you 80?" Alec retorted. "I'm just trying to find something to watch."

It had been 1 week. One week of living together, sharing the bathroom, or more accurately fighting over the bathroom and Alec was already decided on the fact that he was never, ever getting married. Forget it, forget moving in with a girlfriend, getting engaged and walking down that aisle cause it just wasn't going to happen.

Alec knew on one level he was being irrational but on another he just wanted to kill the hot girl who was currently looking at him like her eyes could vaporise metal. They were hardly civil anymore and spent most of their time trying to out stare, out silence or out insult each other.

Any and all potential plus's of having a girl for a room mate had failed to materialise. Well all except the copious sight of lingerie drying around the apartment. That he could appreciate.

"Well I'm just trying to study, which I think is a little more important than a stupid show." Max's voice brought Alec back to the present and he stood up abruptly trying to keep his temper.

"Look why do you have to be such a bitch?" Okay not doing well with the temper. He reflected.

"What did you call me?" Max asked enraged, standing too so they faced each other, only a few inches between the pair.

Alec found his breath catch as Max stood before him her chest heaving, cheeks flushed with anger and brown eyes spitting sparks at him. His eyes went straight to her full lips that were red with the blood that pumped though her body.

Fuck! Alec thought as he closed his eyes momentarily at the desire that struck him out of no where. Okay so she was pretty all the time but she was damn well gorgeous when she was ready to kill. I'm so messed up. He reflected.

Opening his eyes he threw caution to the wind as well a his sense of self preservation. "I called you a B-I-"

Ice cold water cascaded down his face as Max dumped her drink over his head.

"Opps." She smiled sweetly. Alec looked through his wet hair down at the slim woman who was hardly holding back her laughter.

Max took in the expression on her room mates face a split second before she recognised the danger she was in. With an undignified yelp Max leapt over the sofa as Alec lunged at her. Spinning Alec turned and followed Max as she tried to reach the safety of her room.

Almost there… Max thought just before she felt a pair of strong arms grab her around her waist. Max squealed as Alec threw her slight weight over his broad shoulders.

"Put me down! Alec! Put me down now!" Max screamed as she beat her small fists against his well muscled back. Alec ignored Max's protests with a grim smile. He was going to teach the little vixen a lesson. "Alec!"

Heading straight for the bathroom Alec secured Max with one hand before turning the shower on full blast, freezing cold. Max squirmed in his hold, kicking her legs. Alec grunted as Max managed to knee him in the stomach. In one fluid move he tossed Max under the shower stream.

Max screamed as the cold water gushed down, drenching her warm skin and ruining her clothes. "Alec you son of a-"

Alec stood back from the spray of water watching Max splash and thrash, with a small satisfied smile on his face.

The smile was abruptly knocked off his face as a small hand latched around his wrist and yanked hard. Taken by surprise Alec slipped forward on the wet tiles and landed on top of Max.



The air knocked out of them both, Max and Alec lay there entwined under the pounding cold water, trying to catch their breath.

"I hate you."

"You started it."

"Bite me."

"Blow me."

Neither bothered moving as they lay there in some semblance of peace for the first time since they met.


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