Loves Purpose By: Iota the sweet Summary: She was the protector or the Earth. She new that from the moment she was born, new that was her only purpose. What happens when a certain demon and Earth's protector meet? Disclaimer: Dont own Inuyasha!


She sat watching the chaos below. Her long raven hair blowing behind her. Blue eyes transfixed on the movements of the mortals. How could humanity be so cruel? How could they disrespect each other so much to come to such a horrible conclusion? Blood fell like rain from the sky. She shook her head, these useless wars. The king of the West had decided he should rule the Northern lands. Saying that he was the strongest and the wisest. Wise indeed, she would have to kill him before he created an imbalance in Giya. She hated killing, but with death came new life. She breathed in a shaky breath, she would leave tomorrow. She looked at the sky with a sad smile, where was this emotion called love?

**************************************************** He smelled death, burned skin, agony. The king of the West must have made his attack last night. A man stood at the top of a tree looking over the land, silver hair fell wildly over his back and face, golden eyes watched every movement. At the top of his head, a pair of silver dog ears sat, twitching at every sound. His head turned around hearing hoof beats. Damn solider had to come through his forest, well he'd just have to take care of that now wouldn't he? He jumped down from his perch and stood, waiting for those useless humans to come into his path. He owned this forest, he was its master. Soon the two men came, halting as they saw him. One of them started to speak. "Demon? Let us pass, we have no reason to fight. We mearly wish to pass. So if you would please move." How dare this mortal speak to him in such a manor. Did he not know? "Mortal, do you know the name of this forest?" he all but barked. The man shook his head boredly. "No I do not." He smirked, oh he'd fill them in. He growled low in his throat, the horses the men were one moved around restlessly. "This is InuYasha's forest, and I own it, for that is who I am." With that said he jumped into the air grabbing a sword at his side and pulling it out of its sheath. Swinging it in the direction of the man he had spoken to and killing him instantly. The other man look at him, frightened he started to plea for his life. Inuyasha shook his head, stupid human. "Human! Go back to your camp, tell the not to pass through this forest again unless they want to die, understand?"

The man looked up, then nodded quickly before taking off. Inuyasha sighed. All these wars because the greed of one evil king. He turned to walk away, but then smell the air. Another demon? Why was every one trespassing on his territory today?! He ran through his forest, before coming to a slow stop when he smelled it was near. He took a quick intake of air when he realized it was another Inu demon, a female to be exact. This might be intresting. He turned following the sent, she smell sweet. Pure. Who was this mysterious demoness. He came across a path, and then saw a dark head of hair. Black hair? Inu demons always had silver hair and gold eyes. This was just bizarre. Before he could finish his thought she whipped around to face him. "Show your self!" she yelled. He was mesmerized. She was indeed beautiful. Why hadn't she a mate. Long black hair reaching her mid thighs, gray ears sat perfect at the top of her head, blue eyes. Small and thin, but a wonderful body, curves of a goddess. He couldn't understand why she was mate less. He stepped out of his hidden spot. She starred at him for a moment before mearly turning around and continuing her journey. He couldn't just let a female like 'that' get away. It wasn't like he was searching for a mate or any thing but still. He would have to be stupid. "Hey wait!" he called out. She kept walking. She was a fiery one that was for sure. He could smell her annoyance. Well he was stubborn and she wasn't about to get away from him.

He caught up with her and walked beside her. "Whats your name, bitch?" he asked. She stopped in mid step to glare at him. Fire dance in her blue eyes. "I may be an Inu demon, but that does not mean I liked to be called that name." She spun around and started to walk again. "Ok then what is your name?" he asked again. She was a bitch, why did it bother her when she was called that? "I dont believe its any of your concern. Now please leave me alone." She picked up her walk. He mearly kept on with her. "Why wont you tell me?" he asked. She wanted to be stubborn, well he would be to! "You wish to know my name, if you do, you'll have to fight me." she turned around and glared at him. "Then we shall fight." He stated calmly. She huffed. "Why do you want to know my name so badly?" He smirked, then calmly replied. "I think its only right to do so, I did ask you after all, it would be rude not to answer." Her glare turn fierce. "I would not waste my manors on some one like you!" But if you must know" she sighed. "Its Kagome, now your name please?" He smiled, she was slowly calming down at least. "My name is Inuyasha." She nodded. "It is nice to meet you, now I must be going. Good bye." She then turned and walked calmly away from him. Some thing about him mad her feel.well weird. She couldn't really describe it. Before she could walk more than a few yards away from him she heard hoof beats. Damn it all. "Get her!" she heard one of the mortals scream. She turned around to meet the sight of at least 50 men. Damn it all! They had caught up with her. The demon she had just met, looked at her curiously before running towards her. "Now what did you do to get this many of that Western kings men to come after you?" he asked. She sighed the calmly replied. "I killed the king." *****************************************************

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