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She was on fire. A touch there, a kiss here. He was being so gentle and it was really starting to tick her off. She may be a virgin, yes. But that did not mean she need to be babied. He was making her rear up in to him in the ecstasy of it all. And he was enjoying it way to much. She was now only in her undergarments and he in his. His hands sliding up and down the length of her slim body. His hot mouth on hers, his hands edging her top garment off. She quickly went to cover her exposed breast, but he grabbed her wrists and drew them behind his neck. Kissing her soundly. His mouth traveled down wards towards the hard nubs of her breast. He slyly looked up. Her eyes were glazed with passion, a sheen of sweat covering her body. He grinned. Then nipped one of her nipples. She groaned. "Easy kaibito, this is just the beginning." She whimpered when he went back to the breast. His hands went to the lower region of her body, pulling the cloth away slowly.

She grinned in to his mouth. He knew she was ready, but it was so much fun making her beg in to his touch. His long fingers slid into her sex she reared up gasping. Her eyes tightly closed. "Please." She begged. He smiled. He'd make her beg for more later, she had just asked, and he was more than happy to comply.

He moved from his position to take the last piece of clothing off of himself. He felt relieve, when his member was freed from its constrictions. She looked down towards it and blushed. He grinned. "Now my love why would you be blushing?" She looked up in to his golden eyes and glared. "That is none of you business." He smirked. Rubbing his length along her slick folds. She moaned. "Are you just asking for more torture love?" She again looked at him. "If you must know.ahhhh" he again moved against her. "I was admiring your very large sized.umm." she trailed off, blushing madly. He had to smile. He enjoyed the fact that she was shy immensely.

But now was not the time to talk. He thrust inside her, but stopped a moment when he met her virgin barrier. She put her hands on his face. Cupping it, then nodded. With one fluid movement he was fully in her. She was now his. She had stiffened, the pain was almost unnoticeable, but that didn't stop it from being slightly uncomfortable. He looked at her, making sure his mate was ok. Then started a pace. She was gasping his name, digging her nails in to his back. He fastened the pace, pumping in to her like a made man. She held on to him, her hips meeting his. He growled, his youkai instincts taking over him. He pulled out of her completely making her whine restlessly. He then flipped her on he hands and knees. Thrusting it to her hard and fast. Pulling her hips faster against him, he could feel her start to tighten around him. Putting on more speed, driving himself deeper and deeper in to her, she cried out as her inner walls tightened. With one final thrust, his seed released in to her. There breath labored, as they both collapsed on to the ground He pulled out of her, moving off her smaller body where he had fallen. Moving on to his side, he spooned her against him, with that they fell in to a well deserved sleep.

He awoke to the sound of the world around him. Birds chirped merrily, he could see why Kagome hated birds so much. He smiled. Kagome. She was asleep in his arms. Her body hidden from view, by his much larger body. After taking off from the others. He had gone about maybe 70 miles away. Finding a small cave, he settled in it. She had been asleep for about a day and a half. She was awoken by him of coarse, in a way that had pleased her immensely. He had played with her, tortured her till she could barely even keep her eyes open. But what they had shared last night was so huge compared to that. He was truly happy. His arms tightened around her instinctually. She growled lightly. He looked down at her face. He was truly happy.


It had been about two months sense they had joined. They had followed the others sent and found them shortly after. Shippo had thrown him self at his 'okaa-san' when she had return. He telling her how mean the Inu male had been to him. He got a good hit on the head for it. Later the little kitsune had asked if he could possibly call him otou-san. He of coarse had already thought the little kit his son and had agreed. Sango and Miroku had moved to a village out side Inuyasha's forest. They were now married and were expecting there first child. Kagome made regular visits, Sango and her seemed to be like sisters now. All life was peaceful.

Inuyasha sat on a branch of a tree, looking off in to the forest. He felt a slight shift of the branch and looked over at what ever caused it. It was Shippo. "Otou-san? I have to tell you some thing." Inuyasha turned all his attention on the little kit who had made his way over to his lap. "What is it Shippo, is every thing all right."

The kit nodded and looked off. "Its just, you know okaa-san." He nodded. What did this have to do with Kagome. "Well I was wondering if you both had other pups, would you forget me?" Inuyasha looked at the saddened kit. He laughed. "Of coarse not Shippo, your our son. Sure the pups would need a lot of attending to, but we would never forget you." The kit smiled. Then nodded. "Well you know I was laying on okaa-sans tummy last night and I heard some thing. There were three heart beats I think. So I think okaa-sans going to have pups." Inuyasha starred at the small kit. Picked him up and then ran towards Kagome's sent as fast as he could. He stopped inches from her. She looked up from her cooking, smiling at the to males that stood in front of her. Inuyahsa walked forward, placing his large hand on her stomach. Bump.bump.bump. Three heart beats he thought. "Your having pups." He said mesmerized. She starred surprised and then put her hand on her stomach and smiled. There family would finally be complete.


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