Watcher Training

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"I can't believe it's all over," a twenty-one year old Dawn said.

"I can," her sister commented.  "It felt like forever."

They had just been at the graduation ceremony for Dawn as she graduated from Oxford.  Now there were celebrating in a near by restaurant.  'They' was Dawn, Buffy, Xander, Willow, Kennedy, Andrew, and Giles.

"So, Dawn, where are you going after the summer?" Xander interrogated.

"Well, that's not really important..." Dawn trailed of hoping they'd drop the topic.

"On the contrary, future plans are most important."  Giles said taking a sip from a cup of tea.

"Well... you see.. it's like..." Dawn couldn't finish her sentence.  Not because She didn't know what she wanted to do just because of what it meant.  Dawn had been living away from Buffy for four years.  Yeah, they had the holidays and summers, but it wasn't like it used to be.  In a way, Dawn thought it was harder on Buffy than herself.  And that hurt more.

Dawn racked her brain for something to say.  "You know I love you guys, right?"  They all looked at her confused.  "I don't think I'll ever be able to lead a normal life, not with what I know about the world.  I was thinking about becoming a watcher."

The sentence kind of hung in the air.  The watchers council had been re-established by Giles.  He had built a new building in London.  Because there were now hundreds of slayers,  watchers were needed at greater capacity's.  Finally Giles was able to start training watchers, the first group was supposed to come in September of this year.

Giles spoke first.  "Dawn, you know that would mean you would have to live here, in England."

"Yeah, I know.  This is just something I have to do."

She shot an apologetic look at Buffy, but Buffy was smiling.  "As long as you'll be home for the summer I'm okay with it."

"Nothing could keep me away for the summer.  I miss Starbucks."  Everyone laughed.

"Well, the plane leaves tomorrow morning."  Willow said looking up from her ice tea.  "What do you want to do for the rest of the day?"

"Well, there was kind of this party that my friend Ricky is throwing.  He said family's were welcome.."  They looked slightly unconvinced.  "It's in a mansion."

"I'm in!"  Xander and Andrew yelled at the same time.

"Sounds fun, Will," Kennedy pleaded.  "I miss mansions."

"Okay."  Soon enough all of them had agreed.

Dawn smiled and they departed the restaurant to make there way to the party.

From the outside of the house you could tell there was a party.  Cars parked on the side of the street went down to the end of the street.  There were people milling around the outside.  You could hear the music form the outside.

Dawn walked up bravely to the front of the house and rung the doorbell.  Ricky, a curly-haired boy that sat next to her in history, answered it.

"Hey, Dawn.  Glad you could make it."

"Me too.  These are my friends." Dawn motioned to her friends from behind her.

"Great!  The more the merrier!  He opened the door further and Dawn walked in as the rest followed.  Ricky spoke as they entered.  "You can go anywhere outside, and anywhere on the ground floor of the house."

"Forgive if I sound rude, but do you have a library?" Giles asked as though the noise was going to drive him crazy.

"Yeah, just down this hall, third door on your right."  He smiled again.  "I'll see you when I get of door duty."

Dawn smiled and made her way to the food table.  Kennedy was dragging Willow out to the dance floor.  Xander and Andrew immediately joined in a Star Trek discussion.  And Buffy made a be-line for the food table.

"Cheese," she said happily taking a piece.  "Go, Dawn.  You don't have to hang with me go talk to friends."  Buffy waved her hand as if dismissing her.

"Are you sure?" she asked again.

"I'm good.  Go have fun!"

Dawn smiled gratefully and then walked through the crowd heading outside.  Most of the people out there were in the pool.  Dawn slowly realized that she hadn't brought her swim suit.

She quickly made her way to the drink stand and got a soda before settling down on a chair by the pool and bringing out her book.

This was one of her favorite hobbies.  You pretend to read while keeping an eye on who was walking by.  That way the people you want to talk to you can, and the people who you don't want to bug you will leave you alone.

She hadn't realized that next her was another girl, one with bushy light brown hair, reading next to her.

"Did you forget your swimsuit too?" Dawn asked from her seat looking over at the other girl.

"Yeah, I didn't know there would be swimming.  What are you reading?" she asked nodding over at the book.

"Oh, just the History of Salem.  I find the witch trials fascinating."

The girl nodded.  "I was studying European trials here, it's amazing what religion drives people to sometimes.  So, your from America?"

"Yeah, I decided to go to University here though.  I might even stay here to live.  I just love it here.  I'm Dawn Summers by the way."  Dawn held out her hand.

"I'm Hermione.  Hermione Granger."  Hermione said shaking her hand.

"I don't remember ever seeing you at Oxford.  Did you go there?"

"Oh no.  But Ricky's my cousin so I got invited."

"Cool," Dawn replied smiling.

"So what career are you thinking of going in to?"

"Oh," she looked down quickly as if thinking.  "Politics.  You?"

Dawn quickly came up with an answer.  "I don't know.  Something to do with helping people."

Dawn and Hermione talked for an hour or so until the party was dying down.  "I have to go."  Hermione stood up and pushed her book in her purse.

"Yeah, me too."  Dawn replied doing the same.  "It was nice talking to you."

"Yeah, bye."

"Bye."  With a wave they want of there separate ways.

She ran into Kennedy first.  "So what was up with you and Ricky?" she asked walking next to Dawn.

"Nothing," Dawn replied to her friend.  "We're just friends."

"Whatever you say."  she replied smiling.

It was true, Dawn didn't have a boyfriend nor did she want one for that matter.  She wasn't gay or anything, she was just independent.

She simply shook her head before rounding up the rest of her friends as they made there way over to Giles's house where they would spend the night.  Xander and Andrew were the hardest to get to leave.

"But we were discussing the next Star Wars movie!" Andrew said loudly.  Dawn just rolled her eyes.


Harry always hated the summer.  Whether it was because he hated hot weather or because he always associated it with the Dursley's he'd never know.  But never the less, summer always put him in a bad mood.  And he was in an especially bad mood that night.

Harry really wanted to hang out with a friend, but Ron had a date  and Hermione had to go to her cousin's graduation and party.  So he was alone wondering aimlessly through town.

"Just another dull night."  Harry had gotten out of Auror training to year ago and had yet to work on an actual case.  He was the coffee boy more accurately.  And Malfoy had no problem sending Harry out to get his coffee as he was a level four Auror.  His father 'pulled some strings' and got him in.

He was just about to turn and go back to his flat when something, or rather someone caught his eye.  She had the longest hair he had ever seen.  It was straight and light brown the shined just perfectly.  She was younger than him perhaps by several years, but she was gorgeous!  Her face was perfectly shaped and smooth, and her eyes were a crystal blue.

Harry tried to smile at her when she walked by but she didn't notice him.  "Whatever," he grumbled his bad mood becoming worse and returning to his flat.

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