Chapter 13

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Harry walked into the hospital and immediately heard the screaming.  And, being her friend for fifteen years, knew it was Hermione.  It was incomprehensible and in a different language, but it was loud.  Knowing, he had to speak to her he ran, following the voice and saw who she was speaking to.  Malfoy.


"You son of a bitch!" Hermione screamed in Latin, their decided upon language.

"Hermione, please let me explain…"  Draco pleaded taking a step toward her, speaking in the same language.  She had long since stormed out of the closet, and he following her.  He tried to stop her and explain, but she wouldn't give him a chance, and, even if she did, she wouldn't accept it.

A crowd was starting to gather, and Draco hoped that none of them knew fluent Latin, but wasn't worried.  Ron had already tried to come forward and ask her what was wrong, but she had shrugged him of without even a glance.  Now, he and her friends were watching.  Good Lord, what excuse would they have for this?

"Explain what?" Hermione yelled, her anger flaring.  "Explain how you sold your friend out to Voldemort?  Yeah, Draco, let me hear you explain that."

"My father-"

"Oh," Hermione said sarcastically.  "Him again."

"Yes, him again."  Draco wasn't yelling.  He spoke more calmly, as if trying to calm her.  "He's my bloody father.  People were getting suspicious, he had to give them something!"

"So, Dawn's going to die because people were getting suspicious!"

"They would have gotten her anyway!  She's going to die, damn it.  This way, I might save my father."

"Who is a Death Eater," Hermione said, as though he had forgotten.

"Who risks his life everyday to save you!"

"That's not how it started."

"But that's how it is."

"And what about me?  Would you sell me out to, so your father could get a pat on the head?"  Hermione yelled.  Then, angry tears started to stream down her face as folded her arms in front of her..

Draco looked taken aback for a moment.  "No…  Not you.  You're too impor-  You're everything."  His words came out softly and he stepped for ward again to try to comfort her.  Slowly, he placed his hand on her arm, pained at seeing her cry.

At his touch, she flinched and pushed him away.  "Don't touch me."  Her words came out bitterly.

"You think this is easy for me to deal with?"  Draco asked suddenly taking his hand back.  "I've known she was a target for weeks.  I've tried to work out scenario after scenario of how we could get her out.  Nothing is going to work.  They would have gotten her without my help.  The only difference is, now, I'm only attending one funeral."

Hermione became enraged by his words.  "So that's it!" she yelled again.  Out of the corner of her eye, she realized Harry had entered the hall and joined the many spectators.  "That's all the faith you have.  You're just going to give up!"

"She's as good as dead, Hermione.  Now, I don't like it, but that's how it is."

"I don't give a damn what you think or say.  But, as far as I'm concerned, she's not dead until I see a body.  And I'm going to save her, because she's my friend."  She turned her back and started to walk away from him, but turned back toward him for a moment before pushing her way through the crowd.  She yelled, still in Latin, "And you can stay the hell away from me!"


"It was so strange.  I've never seen Hermione so angry like that.  And at Malfoy no less," Ron was telling a confused Harry as soon as he approached him.

"And what was with the Latin?"  Ginny asked confused, as she had left her room to see what all the fuss was about.  "I know they were talking about Dawn, Voldemort, and father, but that's all I could catch."

Harry, at hearing these words, turned to his friends and asked with a great deal urgency.  "Where'd she go?"

"Who?  Hermione?" Ron asked.  Harry nodded.  Ron shrugged.  "Don't know.  She seemed pretty upset, where does she usually go?"

Harry didn't say what he was thinking, just apparted, immediately to Hogsmeade, and began to run up to the castle, and once there, to the library.  He saw her right away.  Tears were still streaming down her face as she grabbed book after book from the shelf and dropped it on a table.  Harry rushed over to her.

"Hermione?" he asked softly approaching her.

"Oh, Harry!"  She turned, threw her arms around his neck and began to sob into his chest.  "They took her, Harry.  They took her…"

"Shh," he comforted.  "I know."

She cried for another moment of two, be fore pulling herself away.  "Look at me, falling apart and having you comfort me, when I should be comforting you."

He shuddered slightly before taking a seat at the table.  "I just feel so useless!  My first instinct is to run out there and rescue her, but I don't know where to go!  She could be alone, she could be hurt, she could be cold, should be de-"

"Don't say it," Hermione snapped suddenly.  "She's not dead.  We'll find her.  That's what these books are.  Tracing spell after tracing spell.  Does Dumbledore know?"

Harry nodded.  "He's meeting with spies.  As if it'll do any good."

Hermione placed a calming hand on his.  "It might."

Then, they got to work.  Harry read through manuals of how to conduct different tracing spells, and tried several, but they didn't work.  Voldemort undoubtedly put up blocks for this kind of thing.  Hermione read though history books, of how past captives had been found.

Ginny came in after a while, complaining about looking for them everywhere.  Hermione told her about Dawn and she  froze for a moment, and then sat down and started to read.  She didn't cry.  But then, she hasn't cried since the Chamber of Secrets.

Several hours later, they hadn't made any progress.  Other than having gone through an enormous stack of books.  Suddenly, an own flew in the window and dropped a slip of paper in front of Harry.  Harry picked it up and read it curiously out loud.


The Transference of Living Energy.


"Well, what the hell does that mean?" Ginny asked aggravated.

"Dunno, sounds like some kind of ritual," Harry said still looking at it.

"Oh, oh," Hermione said excitedly going to the pile of discarded books and starting to sort through them.  "I saw that somewhere…  Yes, here it is."  Taking the chosen book and sitting back down at the table, she began to flip threw it.  Apparently, finding the right page, she began to read aloud.

"The Transference of Living Energy:

          "Though the uses of Living Energy are many, the most common is the transference of the energy.  (To learn how to create living magical essence, see page 223.)  This ritual is complicated and requires much planning.  Only on a New Moon can it occur.  It requires Living Energy, a Vessel, the blood of a pure human, the blood of an impure human, an Orb of Dressabe, ten Black candles, and one white candle."

Hermione paused, giving Ginny the opportunity to ask, "What's this Living Energy thing?"

"I read about it once," Hermione responded, her knowledge coming through.  "We, as witches and Wizards, have the ability to do magic, and it's unknown how.  All they know, is there's a force they call Magical Energy.  It doesn't usually have a physical form, but it's where we draw our power from.  There is a spell that can give it a physical form, but it's a type of Dark Magic beyond comprehension, and near impossible to do.  It would take decades of training to be able to do it.  But, once it's in a physical form the uses for it are beyond counting.  You could literally take down the walls between the dimensions."

"So," Harry said, "If Voldemort plans to do this Transference thing, what will happen?"

"Well, it means, he wants to transfer the energy from the physical form to him.  This amount of power in a wizard is unthinkable, there would literally be nothing he couldn't do.  But, Harry, the transference ritual is generally easy.  There is no way Voldemort could make the energy living."

"Unless…" Harry pondered.  "Unless it was already a physical form."

"Dawn?" asked Ginny.

Hermione shook her head.  "There have been experiments done on it since she was born.  If this energy is in human form it could be fifteen years old at the most."

"Well," went on Ginny, "she might be one of the sacrifices.  The blood of the pure or impure?"

"She could be, but why would they need her specifically?" Hermione asked logically.

"I don't care.  We know what Voldemort's up to, now, let's just try to find her and then stop it."

And, so, they returned to their books.


"What's your name?" Dawn asked the guard, merely out of boredom.  She was laying on her side in her cell using her arm as a pillow.

He seemed surprised by this question.  "It matters not."

Dawn sat up and looked at him curiously.  Thankful that he hadn't turned around to notice.  "Why not?" she asked.

"Who I am is trivial compared to what I am."  His answers always seemed so worked out, so planned, that had Dawn not witnessed his kindness, she would have though his a robot.

"And what's that?  A uh, Death Drinker?"  Dawn asked unsure of the term.

He chuckled slightly.  "Death Eater, I'm a Death Eater.  And stop looking at me like that."

"Like what?" she asked, taken aback, not realizing he knew she was looking at him.

He turned around. His dark cloak still hid most of his features, but he was tall, broad shouldered, and his voice, bitter. "Like you pity me.  Like I'm some poor lost dog, that if only given a little love will become happy and a dear friend.  That's a little to sugar coated for me."

"You don't think you can be saved." Dawn said, a statement more than a question.

"I don't think I want to be."

Dawn stood up walking closer to him and seeing a look in his eyes that she had seen many times before in Spike's, when she was fourteen and he, trying to convince her he was a monster, and she ignoring him.  "Is that what they told you?  That not being a killer makes you weak?"

"I'm not a robot."  He turned around to his previous position, facing away from her.  "I don't believe everything they tell me."

"Oh, yeah, then why won't you tell me your name?"  He didn't answer, didn't flinch, didn't acknowledge that he heard her, but she knew he did.  "My sister used to say to me, (and she has her experience), when you forget your name, you forget who you are, and when you forget who you are, you forget how to feel, and when you forget how to feel, evil has finally succeeded."

Her words hung in the air for a few moments.  After what seemed like hours he finally spoke.  "My name is Brian."  And after that, neither of them spoke, both afraid to ruin the understanding they seemed to have reached.


Another few hours went by, before Hermione proved her worth again.  "Harry," she asked excitedly, "has Dawn had any sort of connection with any of the creatures?"

Harry shrugged.  "She's likes the thestrals."

Hermione grinned.  "Perfect.  On several occasions, if a bond has grown between powerful magical creatures and a human, the creatures can sense him or her and find them."

They all smiled.  This might work.  "How does it work?  What do we do?"  Harry asked.

Hermione consulted the book.  "We just show the creature something to remind them of the subject and hope it works."

A thought occurred to Ginny and she reached into her bag and pulled out a sweater.  "I borrowed it from Dawn, last week.  Will it work?"

"It should."

"Well," Harry said anxiously standing up, "let's go."

"Harry," Hermione reasoned.  "Shouldn't we tell Dumbledore and get some aurors to back us up?"

Harry though some of it was probably stress, seemed outraged at the idea.  "Do you have any idea how long it takes to get confirmation on aurors, days!  She's been gone for six hours and it'll take a few more just to get to her.  And I'm not leaving her alone any longer.  You can go get some aurors if you want, but I'm going to save Dawn!"  Harry's outburst ended, and Ginny and Hermione followed him out of the castle.

Dawn's rescue party was on it's way.


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