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Misty wiped the table of the small diner off. 'Eew....' she thought. There was bacon and coffee spread all on the table. "GETCH YOUR ASS OVER HERE MISTY!"She turned towards her boss and waddled towards him. "GAH! IM COMING!" She got towards him and he turned aorund. "YOUR FIRED." Misty's eyes widened. "W-What...." "FIRED DO I HAVE TO SPELL IT FOR YOU! F- I-R-E-D!!!FIRED!" "But...." Tears began to form in her eyes. "NOW GO!" "WAIT!NO! I wanna know why im fired." "Becasue your to fucking slow. Now leave." "Grr.....I HATE YOU SOOOO MUCH. YOU NOTHING BUT A FAT OLD BASTARD. ROT...IN....HELL!!!" She turned towards the staring guests and smiled, "Excuse me...." She walked out of the door.

"BUT!" "NO BUTS GO!" "You cant do this...do you have any decensy at all!!" "You've missed rent for two months now. I have no choice. GO!" "FINE!!" She got up and walked out of the room. She kicked the door and kept walking. Ignoring the looks she got from passer byers. "WHAT!" She yeled at hem. They all quickly turned and went on with their business. She found an alley where noone was and fell to the floor. Her back against the wall and her knees were to her stomach. She leaned her head back. She put her hand inside her jacket pocket and pulled out a pack of cigs. She pulled out a cigarette and began to smoke. She blew out slowly and sighed. "What am I gonna do? I have no job. No money. No home, and damn...Im pregnant." She put the cigarette out and tried to get. TRIED! "Damnit.." she whispered. She couldnt get up.

BOOM! She looked up. She saw seven guys slowly walking towards her. "Heehee...hey girlie." One said. Her eyes held fright in them. 'FUCK' She thought. They cam up to her and surrounded her. 'No....' All of them smiled at the same time. Then ne reached out his hand and slapped her. "Get her boys." Another guy picked her up and pushed her against the wall. He took her lips in his. And smiled wickidly. He looked down and noticed she was pregnant. He began to feel alittle guilty, but quickly laughed it off. He held her by her hair and forced her down. Misty screamed out in pain. "STOP!" He slapped her agian. KNocking ehr to the floror. "HELP!HELP!" He punched her and held his hand to her mouth. "Shut up.Your a loud one right boys?" He didnt hear an answer. "Boys?" He turned around and came into contact with a fist. A VERY hard fist.Misty watched as the man fell to the ground. The 'good guy' picked theguy up and punched him agina. Knocking him out. He then kicked him and whispered to al the guys passed out in the alley. "Sick bastards....."

He wiped his lip and turned towards the girl who was breething heavely with her eyes closed on the ground. He came towards her and smiled. "You ok?" "Yeah..I htink so.....Wait.." She knew that voice. She looked up and saw the face of..."ASH!" Ahs looked down and squinted his eyes. "Misty?" "Oh my god." She leaned back and banged her head against the wall. "M-Misty?" She didnt even have to ask she knew he wanted to know how and why she was pregnant. "Ash...." "Misty how could you?" "What...?" "How could you do this to me?" "Wait.What?" "You've only been gone for nine months and your already pregnant. Your already over me?" "...." "Ok listen just because your pregnant with osme guys kid im not going to let you die out here. Your ocming home with me." Ok Ash was way denser then she thought. "Uhh..Ok" No that she thought about it may be this was better. She took his offered hand and they began to walk.

As she wlaked into the house she heard the gaso of Ash's mom. She turned and smiled at her. "Hey...Mrs.Ketchum...." "I-I.." she then fainted. Misty felt like crying. This women who was liek a mother to her all these years probably thought she was a slut just like Ash. "Oh Shit..." she whispered Ash turned towards her and his eyes widened at the puddle under neath her. "ASH MY WATER BROKE!!!" "WHAT!" "OWWWWW...." He took her in his arms and lead her to his moms car. he sat her down and began to drive. When they got to the hospital they put her into the delivery room.

"GET ASH I WANT ASH WITH ME!!" She screamed to the doctors. Ash came walking in slowly wiht a confused look on his face. She took his hand and squeezed. "AHHH!!" He yelled as she almost and probably did break his hand. Ash just lookedat her. They looked into each others eyes. They both saw the love for each other in them. Ash quickly looked away. Misty sighed and squeezed his hand again. He just leane dhis head back and sighed. What was he going to do? He did love her, btu she obviously was over him. But what was that in her eyes? DIid she still love him. No...she couldnt. Soon they all heard the baby cry that filled the room. He turned to Misty and saw her asleep. 'Wow' he thought. She was perfect even when she was sweaty and tired. The doctor looked at him then back down at the baby then back at him. Then he smiled. "Here sir why dont you take your daughter." "Uhh...she isnt my daughter." The doctor looked at him confused. "Here." Ash took the child in his arms. He had a strange feeling about htis child. It obviously had Black hair. 'Where did she get that from?' Then she opened up her eyes and had...HIS EYES!? He turned to Mistys passed out form. Hoiw could he be so stupid? This was his child. Wow she was beauiful. "Here sir we need to take her." "S-Sure...."

It had been a few hours since the child had been born. Ash sat and watched her most of the time, but now he was back in the room with Misty. he noticed her began to move. She opened her eyes and her mouth dropped. "Misty we need to talk?"


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