Chapter 1 – Mr.Weasley's Promotion

To live in hearts we leave behind,
is not to die

Harry woke up covered in sweat; his heart still beating from the second nightmare in as many nights since his return to Privet drive. He searched for the lamp on his nightstand and turned it on, then rummaged around for his glasses. As the room came into focus he looked around at the clock on the wall. 2am; he had barely slept 3 hours, not much more than the night before.

The Dursleys had been incredibly nice to him since he had come back. As much as he wanted to believe that they had finally realized what a nice young man he was, he knew they were simply terrified that 'mad-eye' moody would drop by. His aunt even left him plates of leftovers in the oven, since it meant he wouldn't need to have dinner with them, an arrangement both parties were quite content with.

There was a cold fury lurking inside his mind, bubbling, waiting to be triggered into a rage. He needed a way to release it, to vent it out so he could begin grieving. What had Dumbledore said to him? The fact that he could feel pain like this was his greatest strength. Strength. That's what he would need to defeat Voldemort. Not for justice, not to fulfill the stupid prophecy, but for revenge.

The rage bubbled inside him again, he was angry at himself for wasting the last 5 years of his life. Practicing quidditch or trying to impress Cho Chang; it all seemed so unimportant now, so trivial. With new found determination he got the book that Sirius and Lupin had bought him last Christmas out of his trunk. "Practical defensive magic and its use against the dark arts". Every reminder of Sirius only served to motivate him further. By the end of the summer he would be more proficient in all the subjects he needed to be an auror.

He woke up abruptly, had he heard some kind of tapping? He didn't even remember falling asleep; he only remembered studying for over 10 hours and must have dozed off from exhaustion. On his window sill was Pigwidgeon, Ron's owl, with a letter attached around her leg. He quickly untied it from her leg and read it.

Dear Harry,

I hope your stay with the Dursleys hasn't been too awful so far. After the look on your uncle's face I bet he'll be a lot nicer. I sure wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of old Mad Eye. I talked to Dad and he said Dumbledore wants you to stay there at least until mid August, but you can come and stay with us for the end of August! I've been practicing my quidditch moves with Fred, George, and Ginny, and you'll be surprised how much I've improved. I sent Hermione an owl too, we'll have a blast.



p.s. I wonder who the new DADA teacher is going to be. Can't imagine who would want to take that job.

'Hang on Pig, I'll be right back'. He ran downstairs and found his Uncle in the living room watching the news. For almost 4 days straight he had locked himself in his room, coming out only to shower and eat. Since the 'warning' however, they were very careful not to do anything that would be deemed 'mistreatment'.

'Uncle Vernon?'

'Oh it's you. Come out of your room have you? You'd better not be doing any magic in this house boy!'

'I'm not uncle Vernon; I'm just studying out of books.'

His uncle gave him a suspicious stare, but decided not to pursue the matter.

'Well what is it then? Out with it.'

'Well my friend Ron asked if I could go and stay with him for the last two weeks of August.'

His Uncle looked at him for a moment with a suspicious stare and then said

'Yes, by all means, get out of our hair. I suppose you want me to drive you somewhere? I don't want these freaky people showing up at our doorstep, is that understood?'

'Yes Uncle. Thank you.' He grinned and ran back upstairs to scribble a quick reply.

Dear Ron,

My uncle says I can come and stay! He even says he'll drive me somewhere if I need to. I can't decide if he's happy to get me out of the house or whether he's afraid your dad will blow up the living room again. Say hello to everyone else for me.


He thanked Pigwidgeon and then set out to work again. It was nice to hear from his friends, but he didn't really feel like talking to anyone. Not yet, not while the wounds were still fresh; it just didn't feel right for him to be enjoying himself. After getting himself a sandwich downstairs he quickly forced himself back to work. His anger had become a very motivating attribute; he had already covered far more of the book in the last two days than he would have spending several weeks at school. Hermione would be proud he thought to himself.

His work was interrupted again a few hours later as another owl arrived, this time he saw that it was Hermione's owl;

Dear Harry,

I hope you're doing ok. Are you following the news? You know you can always owl me if you need to talk about something. I got an invitation from Ron to go and stay with them during August, but I'm afraid my family and I are going on vacation to Spain so I won't be there. I hope the Dursleys are treating you ok. Write back soon!


He thanked the owl and told it he would reply later on using his own owl. It gave him an expression of indifference and flew off. He wondered what she meant by the news; had he missed something? He took his owl out of her cage and gave her some money.

'Can you get me a subscription to the daily prophet Hedwig?'

The owl hooted its understanding and flew out of the window. He stared out the window after the owl a moment and then sat back at his desk and started studying again.

The Fog of War Spell

This Jinx will surround the caster's area with an obscuring mist. This spell works both outdoors and indoors, though it will disperse more rapidly in the open air. It is very useful for both quick escapes out of sticky situations and as a defense against line-of-sight spells. To cast this spell, please note the up-down flicking movement of your wand and say the word "Caligo".

"Caligo" he thought to himself. He quickly memorized the spell and its wand movement and moved on.

The Spider Web Spell.

This Jinx will create a spider web that will trap anyone who runs into it. It is most effective when cast in small openings such as doorways or windows. When a creature or person runs into the web he will become completely entangled by it. To cast this spell you must say the word "Aranea" and perform a 'X" shaped wand movement as shown on the right of this page.

After 6 more hours of intense study he found himself losing concentration. 'Time for a break' he muttered to himself. It was already 11pm, his Aunt and Uncle had probably gone to bed already so it was safe to go downstairs. He doubted very much they would harass him, but he just wanted to avoid them anyways.

He went down to the kitchen late at night to get some food, and was surprised to find his Aunt sitting at the kitchen table. Her eyes were red; it was obvious she had been crying. 'Sorry Aunt Petunia, I didn't mean to disturb you, I just wanted to get some food.'

She looked at Harry a moment and then said 'there are some leftovers in the fridge, you can sit down with me and eat them'. He sat down across from her, and kept his eyes on his plate.

'Harry … how can that murderer, Voldemort, have returned? I mean, he was killed wasn't he?'

Harry was shocked, he looked up at his aunt and saw that his aunt's eyes were not their usual beady self; instead she looked sad and scared.

'It's hard to explain aunt Petunia' he said cautiously, 'he's not really -'

'Just tell me boy, there's no use pretending there's no magic'

He looked at his aunt, nodded, and continued.

'Well Voldemort was a very evil wizard, and he sank so deep into dark magic that he became partially immortal. When he was killed it was only his body that was destroyed, he was still alive as some form of spirit. But a year ago he came back; one of his followers helped him restore his body.'

He had expected his aunt to not understand what he had said, but she only looked at him with sadness in her eyes.

'So he's back, and he's killing again?'

'Yes, he's gathering an army as we speak. That's why I've been studying so hard, I want to stop him'

His aunt looked at him and for a moment he thought he saw a smile, but she quickly recovered herself and had a stern look on her face again.

'Don't be silly, you're better off without all this nonsense!' she said as she got up, 'and don't forget to clean up after yourself'. She quickly left the room and went upstairs, leaving Harry to wonder what had just transpired.

After cleaning up he went back upstairs to his room and saw two owls sitting on his window sill. The first was Hedwig who had the daily prophet with her, the second he didn't recognize and quickly took the letter of its leg.

Dear Mr. Potter

Please find enclosed the results of your O.W.L tests. Congratulations on your outstanding mark in defense against the dark arts. You were the only one to achieve it.

I must also remind you that school starts on September 1st. Please find enclosed a list of the textbooks you will need.

I hope you haven't forgotten my promise Mr. Potter. I intend to help you become an auror if it's the last thing I do.  I will discuss it further with you when you arrive at Hogwarts.

Professor Mcgonagall

Deputy headmistress

Overall his marks were not too bad. He had achieved an outstanding in DADA. He had also achieved an "exceeds expectations" in transfiguration and charms. Unfortunately he had only achieved an "acceptable" in potions. This meant that Snape wouldn't accept him in his N.E.W.T level potions class, something he needed to become an auror. He decided not to worry about it at the moment and instead took the daily prophet.


The ministry of magic announced yesterday that it had found the body of the infamous Durmstrang ex-headmaster Igor Karkaroff. Karkaroff, who was a death eater and sent to Azkaban, was eventually released for betraying some of his former colleagues. He mysteriously disappeared last June after the Triwizard tournament and was reported to be in hiding from you-know-who. …

He scanned further down the page for anything else of interest


Dolores Umbridge, the former deputy minister of magic will stand trial this week on charges ranging from attempted murder to abuse of power. The daily prophet will report any further changes to the case. …

Harry smiled, finally some good news. He finished the article and then got back to his studies.

A week later, Harry finished the book that Sirius and Lupin had given him, mostly because he had been reading day and night memorizing the various techniques. He decided to order some more books in advance and started writing a letter

Dear Flourish and Botts,

I was interested in ordering the following books from you. Please charge my Gringotts account for all costs and my owl can bring them to me.

Thanks in advance,

Harry potter

The standard book of spells, grade 6 by Miranda Goshawk

N.E.W.T. level transfiguration by Emetic Switch

N.E.W.T. level potions and magical drafts by Arsenius Jigger

'Thanks Hedwig.' His owl gave him an affectionate nip on the hand and flew off with his letter. As Soon as she had flown out the window another owl arrived with the next copy of the daily prophet.


Dolores Umbridge was found guilty of conspiracy to murder and sentenced to no less than ten years today. The evidence shows that she sent several dementors after the boy-who-lived, and also threatened to use the cruciatus curse on several of her students. No connection has been made with you-know-who, and the ministry has denied all prior knowledge of her actions.

In other news Arthur Weasley, formerly the head of the misuse of muggle artifacts department was promoted to the vacant position today. Mr.Weasley was quoted as saying that his main goals are to fight he-who-must-not-be-named and to protect and to bring about new laws protecting muggles. 'it's amazing really, some of the stuff they've invented' an excited Mr.Weasley was quoted as saying; 'they even have these containers that store eckeltricity you know, I believe they call them barreties …'

Harry couldn't believe his eyes; Ron's dad was the deputy minister of magic! Not only was he happy for the Weasley's, who deserved this more than anyone else, but it meant that there was finally someone competent in power at the ministry. He felt an upsurge of hope, and with new found energy he tackled his homework for the summer.

The next day the books he had ordered arrived. He felt thoroughly guilty for making Hedwig carry such a heavy load, and made sure that she knew how much he appreciated it. He decided to start with the standard book of spells first, and quickly immersed himself in it.

The Feather Fall Spell.

The Feather Fall spell is very useful both when cast on a person or an object. It makes an object or a person fall like a feather so that when they impact the ground they will not be injured. The charm lasts a short amount of time, depending on the caster's magical abilities. To cast this charm observe the wand movement on the right of the page and say the word "Pennaccido"

'That sounds useful' he muttered to himself, if I ever fall of my broom I can just float to the ground. He said the incantation to himself a few times and memorized the wand movement before moving on.

The Water Walk Spell.

The Water Walk Spell can allow you to cover great distances across water. Instead of swimming through the water, you can simply cast this charm and you will not sink into the water. It can also be used on quicksand, marsh, or deep mud pools. To cast this charm observe the wand movement on the right of the page and say the word "Aquambulo"

He found that the work kept his mind off other things, and therefore his progress was very rapid. There were no distractions, as his aunt and uncle and even Dudley ignored his existence for the most part, and his thirst to improve didn't seem to be running out. Before he knew it he had finished both the standard spell book and the transfiguration book, and had already covered a third of his potions book. Before he knew it July had passed and August had reached its halfway point, and he was woken up by a loud knocking on the door.

'Harry Potter! We're leaving in half an hour; I don't want you to be late meeting your freaky friends because you're not coming back here!' his uncle's voice bellowed. He jumped out of bed and smiled, he was finally getting out of privet drive! He grinned and quickly started packing his trunk.