Acid Pops

Wow, I just had this talk with Mel about what we wanted to be when we grow up and she said she wanted to do something like her mom and I didn't know what her mother does, so I asked.
Mel's mum helped Dumbledore fight Grindelwald! Can you believe that? And now she's a homemaker. It's absolute insanity. Mel laughed when I said that. I mean, she said Dumbledore was the one who defeated him, but they were part of some sort of Order thing that he unofficially organized. It's just too cool.
But then Mel got kind of quiet so I started asking her about how her mum wound up a homemaker and she said it was because her mum fell in love with her dad and he's a Muggle… so since Mrs. Denezyuk never even told her husband until Melissa got her letter from Hogwarts, her mum couldn't do much of anything in the magical world.
Then she said that since her dad knows now and doesn't really care, her mum looked into getting more involved and told me that Dumbledore approached her about doing a bit of looking into this whole Voldemort thing.
Then Mel just shrugged and said it worries her a bit and then grinned and shrugged again.
So now I know why she's been all weird lately. And I wish I didn't, because I know she thinks about the McGonagall's a lot and worries that some Professor is going to pull her out of class someday. I wish there was some way I could make her not worry.


If there was a way to adequate transcribe maniacal laughter to paper, I'd be doing that now. I'm in the Hospital Wing. THE HOSPITAL WING!! And you want to know why? Two words. James. Potter. Apparently he didn't take kindly to the inflation of his head… who'da thunk, eh? Anyway, the great prat decided he needed revenge, so he turned my hair green! And then purple! That would've been bad enough until he did the unthinkable. He messed with my homework. He could've turned my head into a pumpkin and I wouldn't have held a grudge but my Charms homework?!?! Oh no, that's when I decided that he was going down! He turned it into Swahili before I tuned it in. Swahili! I don't speak Swahili! To put the finally nail in his coffin, he flipped me upside down in the Common Room and I wound up displaying my knickers to everyone!
Oh, I did little things in retaliation, but tonight was the night of the final battle. I've been working on transfiguring my desk for ages now, because I thought it was so cool, but it wound up being useful, too. With a little help from Mel (since she was kind enough to help without all the meddlesome questions I would've gotten from the others) I turned my desk into a decent sized kimono dragon and set off to find James.
I never thought the sodding git would've had a similar idea. I found him on the landing at the top of the Stairs heading down to the Great Hall, holding a large iguana. As though an iguana would be any match for a kimono dragon. So, I yelled 'sic, James, dragon' (I really wasn't sure how to get it to bite him), when that didn't work, I hit it with a hex and it got mad and started to run at James. His iguana attacked me, my kimono dragon attacked him, hexes and curses flew everywhere… until they hit Professor McGonagall.
Anyway, ten minutes or so, countless hexes, one broken desk, one hurt teacher, two hurt and angry students, and one dead iguana later, here we are, in the Hospital Wing. Professor McGonagall just came in and lectures me and James. She took one hundred points from our House, so we're probably out of the running for the House Cup. Argh.
This is all Potter's fault.
Now I need a new desk.
Love from,


I'm going to snap. This is the most boring Transfiguration lesson in the history of magic. –R


Thank Merlin, I thought neither of you would think to take out your diaries. Although I suspect Lily's lost hers again. –A

Again? –R

Yes, she lost it for a bit back earlier in the term, but didn't want to tell either of us. She felt bad, I think. –A

How stupid. We could help her look for it. –R

Well, that's Lily. –A

Becca? –A

Sorry, trying to think of something to write about. Er… how's Frank? –R

He's your brother. –A

Just trying to make conversation. Although, on that note, perhaps I'd rather not know exactly how Frank is. –R

Becca! –A

That was not what I meant. –R

How's Alan? –A

How did you know about that? –R

I didn't until just now. –A

Is that a wicked grin I see on your face. Hag. –R

Now, now, Becca, that's not very ladylike. And I didn't know until just now. –A

You know, sometimes I hate you. –R

I'll live. –A

So…? –A

So nothing. What're you doing for the summer? –R

We've still got a week of May left! I'm not really worried about summer yet. –A

So you've no idea? –R

I'll probably baby sit. –A

You baby sit? –R

Yea, mum's friend's have got two kids. I think I mentioned them once. They've got two sons. –A

You mentioned them? –R

Yea, we went to the ballet with them. The Weasleys. –A

How old are the kids? –R

Why? –A

Cause I'm bored and I've got nothing better to talk about. –R

Right, well Bill is, let's see… four? Maybe… or five. No, I think he's five. And that would make Charlie three. Or two. They're two years apart, I think. Mrs. Weasley is pretty cool anyway. So what are you going to do? –A

No idea. –R

Well that's fun. –A

Yup. Does Melody baby sit? –R

No, she doesn't really have the patience. –A


They took you again! Someday I'll get back at those boys. They still haven't managed my password. How dense are they? Really.
Well that's actually good for me.
Well, only two weeks left of school.
Professor McGonagall confiscated Becca and Alice's diaries since they were using them to chat during her lecture a few weeks ago.
I don't think I really want to go back to the Muggle world, I mean… I just fit in this one so much better.
Anyway, I'd best go study. Finals start tomorrow! Wish me luck, diary.
Love from,


Yes! I'm top girl of our year! And I beat out that blasted Potter for all around top of Charms. That stupid git has no idea what he's up against.
We leave tomorrow after breakfast. I don't know how I'm going to stand it being away from everyone all summer. The others have such fun plans. Alice is going to be babysitting two little wizards all summer. Isn't that the oddest idea? I mean, what do little wizards do? I've never met a magical family with little kids that they know are magical? Do their stuffed bears talk? Do they have toy broomstick or something? How bizarre.
Becca and Frank are spending part of the summer in America visiting relatives and Melissa and Cortessa live right next door to one another. This is just going to be the most dreadful summer ever. No magic, no friends and far too much Petunia. Hopefully sometime during it we can all visit one another. Well, I'll see you in September Hogwarts.
Love from,


Oh man. Mum sent an owl to me and Frank to tell us we're going to visit Minnatricia in New Jersey for most of the summer. Kill me. Kill me now, seriously Avada Kedavra my butt into oblivion. Anything is more pleasant than a summer of Minnie. "Becca, this dress would look just darling on you." "Becca, you really should do something about that hair of yours." "Becca, you know, if you just tried a bit, you could be kind of pretty." "Becca!" "Becca!" "Becca!" I'm going to be completely nutters before we even get back to school. And what's worse is that my mum just loves Minnie and her favorite phrase is always, "Why can't you be more like Minnie?"
My mum is mentally disturbed.
Anyway, it's the last evening at Hogwarts. Lily and Alice are playing Wizard Chess and Alice is kicking her butt. Lily just doesn't know when to give up sometimes. Mel is reading some magazine and Tessa and some Second Year are talking over in the corner, I suppose he's possible boyfriend material for her next term.
McGonagall finally gave this dumb old diary back to me after the Transfiguration final. And then she lectured me. I hate lectures. And then when Alice and I (she was there picking up hers too, they got confiscated the same day a little over a month ago) walked out of the classroom, Lily started in on us. Ugh. I love her, but sometimes she just needs to shut up. Heh, speaking of which, Alice just won that chess match.
Oi, Frank just decided we need some 'twin time'… that's rarely ever good. I'll try to update you from the Hogwarts Express, if that doesn't work, I'll write again when it's officially summer vacation.

Acid Pops

Well, we're nearly to London. I'm actually rather sad about that. I mean, I'm sure the summer will go quickly enough, but I'll miss everyone (especially the other Gryffindor Five and Frank) and the castle. I'll even miss the random tricks of the Marauders.
I think I'm going to go find Frank and say good-bye now. When I open you again, I'll be home… how odd.

The End