Lily and James Story

It was a very hot night on July 31st and James Potter was having a nightmare.

 He was in a very dark room under his invisibility cloak. Across the room from him stood a cowering girl with her hands over her face.  Men wearing masks surrounded her and she was screaming, "No! Please! Don't hurt me! Please! HELP ME!" James desperately wanted to go to her and help but found himself rooted to the floor. The girl continued to scream until one of the men wearing masks said to her, "You might as well give up, Mudblood! No one can hear you scream!" But the girl continued to whimper until another man said, "Do it." The girls piercing scream sent shivers down James's spine. The man moved to the side and James caught a glimpse of the girl's face. It was Lily Evans…

James awoke with a start and sprang up quickly in his bed. "It was just a dream." He thought, breathing heavily. "There's no way that would happen.", he muttered to himself. Lily's pretty face clouded his mind and he smiled and rumpled his messy, jet black hair. He rolled over and drifted back into an uneasy, restless sleep.

He woke up at nine o'clock the next morning. He changed into his summer robes and went downstairs to join his mother and father at the breakfast table. His mother, Mary, and his father, Thomas, were already sitting at the table and were reading the Daily Prophet.

"Good morning, James, dear!" his mother said lovingly. "Good morning, Mum." James replied. "So James, Sirius is coming today to spend the rest of the holiday, right?" his father asked.

"Yeah, said he'd be here around noon."

"Now James, I want your word that you two won't go trotting round the neighborhood causing trouble now that you're of age and can do magic outside school," his mother said reprovingly.

"Yes Mum, you have my word that we'll be good little boys." James said sweetly.

"Good. Now get out of here and clean your room." She said with a smile.

He spent the next few hours awaiting Sirius's arrival. Sirius arrived promptly at noon and when he saw James, he lit up with a smile.

"Prongs! How have you been?"

"I'm great, my fellow Marauder. It's just a shame that Moony and Wormtail can't join us!" James said with a maniac gleam in his hazel eyes.

The full moon was due tomorrow and Peter's mother hardly let him out of the house. 

"Poor Remus. It's too bad we can't be there with him during the full moon But, really, who cares about Peter? All he does is sit around and stuff himself with food and whine about classes," Sirius said.

"Yeah," James agreed.

There was several, short, loud taps on James's bedroom window. He walked over and let his eagle owl, Phelps, in. Clutched in his beak was a letter. James took it and opened it. It was the usual Hogwarts letter. But there was an extra bit to it. "Congradulations on being chosen Head Boy! On the train ride to school you will need to find the Head Girl and give instructions to the prefects. Your badge is enclosed." James sucked in a breath.

"Head Boy?? This could be bad……but……very good,"  he thought with a smirk on his face. "I can take points and give detentions to the Slytherins!" 

Sirius looked over his shoulder to read the letter and when he read the part about James being Head Boy, he doubled over with fits of laughter.

"You?" he said incredulously in between laughs. "I don't believe it! Dumbledore must be off his rocker! I would've thought it would be Moony for Head Boy. He was the prefect after all. But……Prongs! This could be the best thing that ever happened to the Marauders! Imagine! We'll have loads of power!

"Padfoot, being Head Boy doesn't mean I can just go around and dock points and give detentions and abuse my privileges!" James said with sincerity. " I have responsibilities now!"

Sirius looked as though James had just told him that Christmas had been cancelled. But James broke into a wide grin and cried "Honestly Padfoot, did you think I was being serious?  Come on, lets go get some lunch." With that, they went downstairs where they met James's mother in the kitchen, preparing food. She broke into a huge smile.

"Why Sirius! It's absolutely lovely to see you! How have you been, dear?"

"I've been doing all right, Mrs. Potter. How are you?" Sirius said politely.

"Oh, You know how it is around here with this one," She jerked her head in James's direction. She winked at the both of them.

"Here boys, I've made sandwiches for you." She put a plate of them on the table in front of them.

"Look Mum, I've been made Head Boy at school," he told her excitedly, handing her his letter.

She snatched it up and read it. She let out a loud squeal.

"Oh Jamie! This is absolutely wonderful! My little boy, Head Boy at Hogwarts," She said proudly. "I can't believe it! Your father will be so proud of you!"

She reached across the table and pulled him towards her, covering his face with kisses. Sirius started to cough uncontrollably. It sounded a lot like laughing to James.

"Ok, Mum. I know you're happy but can you please get off?" He asked with a smile.

"Oh, of course James. Sorry about that. Got a little carried away."  She removed her arms from him at once, not wanting to embarrass him in front of Sirius as she already undoubtedly had.  "We'll have to go to Diagon Alley tomorrow to get your new things and we'll get you a new broomstick as a present. Would you like that?" she asked.

James smiled and said, "That'd be great, Mum, thanks."

After they ate their lunch, James and Sirius went outside to play Quidditch. Sirius played Keeper while James played Chaser. They played for a few hours then flew back down to the ground and started chatting.

"The letter didn't say who the Head Girl was. I wonder who it is," James said.

"It's probably Lily Evans. She is good at every subject and never gets into trouble." Sirius stated. "Either her or that stupid prat, Margie Woller, from Ravenclaw. Always running around, telling on every little thing you do." He said with disgust.

"You play one little joke on her in 5th year and she turns into your worst enemy." James said with dismay.

"Well it was your idea to turn her hair green, James!"

"Yeah, well it turned back to normal, didn't it? Anyway, back to Lily. I hope she changes her mind this year, and decides to go out with me. If she's Head Girl, we'll get to share a whole tower!" he said with hope.

"Hmmmm. Nothing like a little alone time with Lily, right, James?" he said with a smirk.

"Oh, shut it, Padfoot! This year I'm not gonna chase after her. Maybe if I back off a little, she'll change her mind." He said.

"Yeah, maybe." Sirius said. "Well, come on, lets go back outside."