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Chapter 1: I'm in Hell

'Finally, seventh year has arrived. I can't believe it, I'm Head Girl and everything. Nothing can spoil this year for me, I'm sure whoever the Head Boy is is going to be someone I get along with already. I'm fully ready to tackle N.E.W.T's and I am ready to become a grown witch after the year is over and help with the upcoming war in anyway I can. I'm ready for everything, I'm ready to begin my last year, I'm ready to take my final tests and I'm ready to fight and die if I must…nothing will ruin what I have worked so hard for. There's Ron and Harry!'

Hermione broke out of her thoughts as she saw her two best friends Harry and Ron come through the invisible entrance into platform 9 ¾ along with Ginny.

"Enjoy this moment everyone, this'll be the last time we come to King's Cross as Hogwarts students." Ron said as he looked around the station as if for the first time.

Hermione and Harry took in the moment when the train whistle blew, they waved goodbye to Mr. And Mrs. Weasely and then sat into their little room.

'I made it, I'm Head Boy. After this I shall leave this miserable school for good and do what I was born to do, take down every witch and wizard that dare oppose Lord Voldemort. I am ready to fight after this year is over in the war and I am ready to kill all mudbloods that get in my way…hope Granger decides to get in my way so I can be rid of her filthy and vile presence forever. Nothing can spoil my future plans that I have worked hard to reach, nothing!'


Eventually the Hogwarts express came into Hogsmeade station and Hermione as Head Girl headed to her carriage that was strictly meant only for the Head Girl and Boy. It was their jobs to be the first ones there to lead everyone to the Great Hall without problems. She reached the carriage first and waited slightly curious as to who the Head Boy would be. Suddenly she felt the carriage move slightly as the Head Boy entered the carriage, 'Platinum blonde hair!? No, it can't be!?'

He looked over as he sat down across from Hermione and for the first time looked at her…and they both could clearly see who the person in front of them was.

"Malfoy/Granger!?" They said each one saying the others name in utter shock and horror!

The door immediately closed after that, Hermione pulled at the door struggling to get it open, "No! This can't be! There's some sort of mistake!"

Draco glanced at Hermione struggling to get the door free, he didn't bother making it obvious that she wouldn't open the door for he was simply to upset.

'The mudblood is Head Girl! This is ridiculous! No, the world has gone mad!' He thought as he leaned his head against the wall and closed his eyes wishing the world away in horror.

'No this can't be! How could Dumbledore make Malfoy Head Boy? What on earth was he thinking! It was bad enough he was a prefect, but Head Boy now too! I won't stand for this!'

Draco got annoyed as he heard Hermione struggling to open the door, "Will you come off it! It won't bloody open till we get to Hogwarts!" he shouted in irritation.

Hermione stopped and glared at him with fiery eyes, "Don't tell me what to do Malfoy! I'd rather fall out of the carriage then ride in it with you!"

Draco glared at her, "Well since we both want the same thing I'll gladly shove you out the window!"

"God I hate you!" She shouted throwing a left over chocolate frog at Draco he ducked just in time.

"Not as much as I hate you mudblood!" He shouted back.

Suddenly the carriage stopped for they had already arrived in front of Hogwarts, the door swung open and Hermione and Draco both raced to get out, they got stuck trying to both squeeze through the door.

"Get away ferret!" Hermione shouted as she hit Draco's back hard enough that he fell out of the door and onto the ground. Hermione smirked and gracefully got out of the carriage.

Draco got up and spun around at her in fury holding his wand out at her, Hermione already had hers pointed at him as well, "You'll regret that mudblood!"

"Just try and curse me Malfoy, I dare say I'll get you before you get me!"

"Silence!" A voice thundered, Hermione and Draco froze as they saw Dumbledore walk gently over to them, "Is there a problem?"

Draco and Hermione glared at each other fiercely and then slowly put their wands down and away.

"No sir, no trouble." Hermione said with much effort as she looked away from Draco and towards Dumbledore.

"Good to hear, for as Head Boy and Girl you two should be setting examples for everyone else." He said softly looking back and forth from Draco to Hermione.

"Yes, sir." They both said looking at the ground.

"Your things have been brought to your room, so you need not worry about them. Simply proceed to the Great Hall." He said brightly.

'Did he say room, or rooms? Hermione thought suddenly.

What the bloody hell did that old git say? Room was it? Or rooms?' Draco thought angrily, hoping things wouldn't go from bad to worse.

"Headmaster, I'm sorry but did you say room or rooms?" Hermione asked slightly worried, hoping against everything that she had heard wrong.

Dimbledore smiled, "I said room, apparently we had a small accident in the Head Girl's room at the end of last year and the room is still being repaired. So the two of you shall share a room. As Head Boy and Girl I'm sure the two of you are more then mature and responsible enough to handle the situation."

'WHAT!?' They thought.

'Has the whole universe gone bloody mad! Me, share a room with the mudblood!? I'd rather share my room with a mountain troll!' Draco thought with a mortified expression.

'Share a room with Malfoy!?!?!?!?!?!? Noooo! I'd rather share my room with a mountain troll!!!!'

"Professor surely there are other rooms!" Draco insisted.

Dumbledore shook his head, "Afraid not Mr. Malfoy, you and Ms. Granger must share a room, I doubt it should be difficult even with only one bed."

Hermione and Draco did not know what to say as their looks of mortification increased and their faces grew pale, 'I'm in hell, with only one bed in it!'


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