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Chapter 20: Ring around the Office

Lavender walked slowly through the corridor towards Dumbledore's office. She had remembered his explicit instructions, "as for you Ms. Brown…if you encounter anything strange or unusual or if you see or feel anything odd, please, let me know at once."

Well unusual would definitely describe a bit of what had just recently happened. She saw the future, Ginny's future. She had finally made it up to Dumbledore's office, but she did not know the password.

"Dammit, what was the password," she said absently as she placed a hand on the stone phoenix that lead the way up to his office. As her skin touched the cold stone of the phoenix she saw a vision in her head of Dumbledore saying the password, "Pumpkin pastry?" she repeated.

With that the spiral staircase began to move and Lavender jumped onto the staircase. Dumbledore was in the middle of retracting a memory from his mind and dipping it into his pensieve when Lavender entered.

Lavender seemed to have a semi surprised look upon her face as she slowly entered the office, "Ah Ms. Brown."

"Good evening Professor, I'm sorry to be coming here so late but you did say that if I ever felt or saw anything unusual that I should come see you."

"Of course, please, have a seat." Dumbledore said motioning to the seat in front of his desk as he took a seat behind his desk.

Lavender sat down feeling a bit uneasy, she didn't understand why she could suddenly do all these strange things she could never do before. One minute she was normal, or as normal as being a witch can dictate. Now, she felt slightly past that perception of normal.

"Professor," Lavender began hesitantly, "Tonight, while I was talking with Ginny Weasely…I saw the future."

Dumbledore's face did not give away any reaction, he remained completely blank, "By all means Ms. Brown, please explain."

"We were talking and Ginny she was comforting me, I was feeling tired and worn, she placed a comforting hand on mine and then it happened, I saw the future. Her future."

Dumbledore placed his fingertips together and leaned back in his seat, gazing intently at Lavender through his half-moon spectacles, he had been hoping this would happen. Seems as though so far, his plan was working, "What did you see in her future?"

Dumbledore was taken aback the minute he saw Lavender begin to cry. Lavender tried to stop, but the tears kept coming, she finally managed the strength to speak, "I saw, so many things, but it was the last thing I saw that was truly horrible."

Dumbledore didn't know what to say as Lavender began to cry again, she tried to make it a silent cry, she tried to wipe the oncoming tears, but more just kept coming. Lavender couldn't even look at Dumbledore straight in the eye anymore, "What was it? What was the last thing you saw Ms. Brown?"

Lavender sniffled, "Ginny…He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named…he…he killed her."

"Ms. Brown, are you absolutely certain that is what you saw?"

Lavender nodded as she grabbed a tissue from Dumbledore's desk, "He killed her to get Harry to face him, used her as bait I suppose."

"Why would Voldemort think Ginny would be good bait to lure Harry to him? Why not Ms. Granger or Mr. Weasely?" Dumbledore began as he proceeded to concentrate, he then looked back up, "Ms. Brown, do you know if Ms. Weasely and Mr. Potter care for one another?"

Lavender frowned as if trying to remember was almost difficult, "He did ask Ginny to go to the ball with him. They seemed to have had a really good time there together."

"Do you know anything else?"

Lavender shook her head, "No professor. I do believe however that they do like each other, it is a bit obvious in some ways."

"I must ask you to not tell anyone else about what you saw until the time is right Ms. Brown it is very important."

"Alright professor. But I must ask you, why is this happening to me? Why can I see these things?" Lavender asked drying her eyes.

"What else have you seen?" he asked.

"I saw the past I think as well."

Dumbledore nodded lightly, "That's how you managed to get into my office without me having told you the password."

Lavender raised a quizzical brow up at him, "You knew?"

Dumbledore sighed, "I imagined this might happen, yes."


"Your dream. Whatever it is you dreamed, unlocked your hidden power. You have the gift of premonition and foresight. I knew it was no coincidence that you loved Divination class so much." Dumbledore said with a chuckle.

"But my dream was-"

Dumbledore quickly raised a hand up to silence her, "Do not tell me. What you dreamt was for your knowledge alone. If others were meant to know, you would've shared the dream with them. The important thing to know is, what the end result was…you my dear are a Seer."

Lavender could almost not believe her own ears. She was a Seer. She had always wished she could be one and now, now she finally was one. But did she want to be one anymore? If being a Seer meant that she would see her friends being killed…then maybe it wouldn't be such a good thing.

"Professor, what about Ginny? Since it hasn't happened yet, we must try to stop it."

Dumbledore nodded, "We will do our best to do so. You Ms. Brown have a very special gift. There are not that many Seers in the world, you will be a very great help. You can save many lives and ultimately help determine the outcome of the war. Who will win and who will die."

Lavender swallowed the massive lump that had formed in her throat, "I'm scared professor, I don't think I can do this."

"You can do this and you will do everything you can to save your friends when the time comes. Fear can be controlled and easily overpowered if you face it head on with the right intentions."

Lavender took a deep breath and nodded, "I will do my best to save my friends."

"I know," Dumbledore said as he then headed over to his pensieve and began retracting another memory, after dipping it into the silver swirls he said, "Go to bed Ms. Brown and remember all we have said, you mustn't tell anyone you are a Seer for their sakes and your own. If word got out that we have a gifted Seer in Hogwarts, Voldemort will try to find you."

Lavender felt herself grow pale, "Would he try to kill me?"

Dumbledore sighed, "Forgive me. I know this must be a lot of information to take in all at once but knowing Voldemort, he may either kill you, or keep you for his own personal use. The advantage he would gain over us if he had a Seer on his side, would mean almost certain death for us."

"He has no Seer?" she asked fearfully.

"I told you Ms. Brown, Seers are very rare and ones that remember everything they see like yourself are even rarer still. Tell no one what you are."

Lavender nodded, "I won't tell a soul Professor."

Dumbledore nodded, "Off to bed now and thank you for letting me know what has happened. If you see anything else inform me immediately."

Harry was furious. The dream he had was infuriating. He couldn't sleep, he had to go see Dumbledore. He had to understand why he had that dream and why once he had made a decision in his head his dream ended. He didn't even get to see what his decision would have resulted in.

So Harry made his way towards Dumbledore's office. On his way there he saw Lavender, her eyes were pink and moist and she looked pale.

"Lavender, you alright?" he asked as he put a comforting hand on her shoulder.

Lavender nodded, "I'm fine Harry," she began as she quickly sniffled, "what are you doing here?"

Harry looked around, "I'm going to see Dumbledore. I need to ask him something? So what are you doing out here?"

Lavender almost couldn't think up something to say, "Had to stop over at the Hospital wing. I had a splitting headache."

"You well now? You look like you had more happen to you than a headache."

Lavender shook her head, "No no, I'm fine, promise."

"Alright then, see you later, you sure you're fine?"

"Yes Harry, I'm fine, see you tomorrow." Lavender said quickly as she scurried down the hall towards Gryffindor Tower, "Oh and the password is Pumpkin Pastry!" she hollered from down the hall.

Harry entered Dumbledore's office and took a seat, "Ah, Harry, how may I help you?"

"I think you already know Professor. You know what I dreamt about don't you."

"I assure you Harry, I know nothing about your dream and I must insist you do not tell me."

Harry's brow furrowed, "Why not?"

"What you and your friends dreamt about is completely private. You mustn't tell anyone, not even me."

"But I don't understand it, it was horrible."

"But you dreamt it for a reason Harry, something will come from it and in time you will know why."

"Why is this happening Professor?" Harry asked with a defeated sigh.

"Time will tell of that I have no doubt."

"I want to know now!" Harry shouted and with that everything in the room flew off into a dozen directions and crashed into the walls.

Dumbledore was needless to say a bit shocked, "Harry?"

Harry was breathing heavy as he looked around wide-eyed at what he had just unknowingly done, "Did I just do that?"

"It would seem so Harry."

"But I didn't use my wand."

"No, you used something far more powerful than a wand Harry, you used your emotions." Dumbledore replied.

"I don't understand. How can this be?" Harry asked sternly.

"Perhaps that dream you had-"

"That test? You called it a test, that dream was a test of what exactly?" Harry asked.

"A test to see if you could unlock your hidden gifts. The gifts that are locked away deep within all of us. Only a rare few can tap into that power. Your dream showed you the barrier you needed to breach in order to claim your powers. You succeeded."

"I jumped," Harry began as he starred off into nothing, "Voldemort went to kill my mother and my baby self again. I couldn't see it happen again, so I jumped in the way. The Killing Curse hit me instead and I awoke."

"I told you not to tell me Harry."

"I-I couldn't keep it a secret, it was awful."

"Well, Harry, make sure you tell no one about your dream or your new power. Keep it secret for as long as you can. When the time comes all will be revealed for the better." Dumbledore said with a reassuring glance.

Harry nodded.

"Now go to bed Harry, you need rest."

With that Harry left Dumbledore's office and headed back to his room.

Hermione and Draco laid together feeling something neither of them had ever felt before. Everything they just shared was even better than before and was definitely not a dream.

"I'm afraid if I close my eyes I'll wake up to find this all a dream," Hermione said snuggling closer into Draco's embrace.

Draco sighed, "This was definitely not a dream."

Hermione glanced up at him, "No one can know, can they?"

Draco shook his head, "No one must know, ever."

"This is unfair."

"I told you this from the beginning. We cannot change our destiny, yes I…"

"Love me?" Hermione finished.

Draco smirked, "I still have trouble saying it…eventually I'll be able to say it, trust me."

"I know. Hopefully you can say it before one of us dies."

They were silent.

I wish things could be different. That we could love each other without consequence. To not have to answer to anyone, but who are we to be able to change the way things are? We were born into this mess. Draco thought.

I don't believe in Destiny. I believe if you want something bad enough…you try everything in your power to get it and keep it. Hermione replied through her thoughts.

It exists. Destiny, fate, it all exists. I tried to fight you, but something greater than you or me made damn sure that we joined together. Draco thought.

"We can walk away. Try to leave something we either want or don't want behind because we feel we have to. The reality of it is, whatever you try to walk away from, if it is meant for you it will find you again. Some things that make no sense to us, make perfect sense to destiny and to fate." Draco said.

"I didn't know you felt that way. So here we are, we thought we were never supposed to love each other, I guess destiny or fate or both disagreed with us. I wonder why." Hermione said solemnly.

"As do I. I would've turned my back on you if you would've let me. However, I am glad you did not." Draco said as he laid a gentle kiss on Hermione's forehead.

"Tomorrow, we have to go start pretending now. To hate each other," Hermione said sounding a tiny bit sad.

Draco shrugged, "We have to. Let's just take this, for whatever it is…our days we will spend hating each other but our nights…now that's a very different scenario," Draco said as he positioned himself above Hermione.

Hermione giggled, "The night isn't over yet is it?"

Draco glanced over at the window, "Not till I say it is," he said as he leaned down and gave Hermione a kiss that brought with it all the feelings Draco carried inside him. All the love he had for her was unleashed in that kiss. Hermione's heart was pounding and full of a love she never knew she'd ever feel.

The next morning Draco and Hermione exited their room. They'd agreed to continue to have things be as they were before they gave in to each other. They knew for both their sakes no one could know about their love, the consequences were to unclear and would most likely be very dangerous for at least Draco.

Last night was amazing, I want every night to be like that. Hermione thought trying to a hide a smirk.

No no, the nights will only get better from here, trust me on that. He replied through his thoughts.

Just then Professor McGonagall approached the two lovers, "Good morning you two. Mr. Malfoy, your father is here to see you. He's waiting for you in Professor Dumbledore's office."

Draco's brow furrowed, "My father? For what Professor?"

"I don't know exactly. You best go and see for yourself." She replied as she motioned for him to be on his way.

"See you later Granger," he replied nonchalantly as he and McGonagall walked towards Professor Dumbledore's office.

Hermione bit her lip nervously, "Please let everything be alright," she said to herself in a voice just above a whisper.

Draco entered Dumbledore's office and saw his father standing by Dumbledore's desk black cane in hand like always.

"Mr. Malfoy. Your father would like a word with you. Excuse me," Dumbledore said as he exited his office leaving Draco and Lucius alone.

Draco looked at his father with a blank stare, "This is a surprise."

Lucius smirked, but his face quickly changed to a angry expression, "Indeed, surprises are following me around everywhere too."

Draco had a confused look on his face. He had no idea what his father could've been talking about, "I don't understand."

"Did you or did you not attack Blaise Zabini?"

Draco's stomach rose up into his throat, but he refused to show fear, Blaise got exactly what he deserved. Unfortunately he could never tell his father as to why.

"If I did?" Draco replied cooly.

Lucius shook his head, "You idiot," Lucius said as he gave Draco a punch to the face, "You want to risk your reputation with the Dark Lord?"

Draco hadn't even been knocked down by the blow, but it had hurt like a bitch. He turned his head slowly to face his father, he did not say a word.

"Why did you attack him Draco? What made you do it?" Lucius asked venomously.

Draco's eyes must have burned with rage for his father seemed to be taken aback by the stare for a second, "He tried to be better than me. He insulted my name."

Lucius raised a curious brow, "How so?"

Draco couldn't think. Blaise tried to give Draco credit for him being able to rape Hermione. It infuriated him beyond reason, now more so than ever, but his father could not be told the truth. What lie was there to tell?

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