Hi there!!! This is my first story that's not Anime! Well, sorta. It has a lot of Anime based stuff but oh well. YAY!!! The first time I watched this was in the middle of 'Sisters' and I immediately fell in love with Starfire and Robin as a couple. I hope you like my story and I hope I can keep updating!

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The digital clock struck 8:00 in the morning and began a shrilled ring. It was time for Robin to drag his butt out of bed. With a groan, he rolled over. . .directly out of bed. He hit the floor with a thud, pulling the sheets with him. For a moment, he lay there on the floor before the annoying sound began to be unbearable. He raised a hand and felt around, over his nightstand, searching for the source of the noise. As his hands touched nothing but air, Robin's temper grew shorter until he snapped, leaping up and slicing it in two with his Birdarang. He glared at the now silent and broken clock before spinning around and heading for his bathroom. Yes, it was going to be another normal day for the Titans, or so he thought.


Robin yawned as he entered the main room. He looked around and saw Raven by her consul, tinkering and adjusting; Cyborg playing the video game; Beast Boy scouring the kitchen and Starfire. . .wait, where was she? As Robin looked around to attempt and find her, Beast Boy noticed him and leapt at Robin, "Robin, man! Have you seen Star?! I'm starvin'!" To prove his point, he morphed into a dog and rolled over on his back, playing dead.

"Now if he would just stay that way." Raven commented from the side.

"Uhh, no sorry. I thought she was always the first one up." He shrugged and furrowed his brow curiously.

"Maybe she went out. Sometimes she likes to go out in the mornings." Cyborg called nonchalantly from his place on the sofa. Robin agreed but he couldn't shake the feeling that Cyborg was wrong.

"But what about ME!!" Beast Boy whined, "None of us can cook!!! I can't start my day without food!"

Everyone had a good chuckle from that but Robin stopped and gazed out the window, "Speaking of day, is it just my clock or is it really 8?" He asked. Outside, the city was bustling and the sky was a dim gray-blue, an odd color. The sun wasn't shining, instead a large black disc seemed to be blocking out the rays, leaving a thin rim of glowing light.

"You're clock is right and it is eight," Cyborg stated, turning around; now finished with his game, "Every hundred thousand years or so, there's a solar eclipse, which lasts a full week."

"Wow." Robin remarked, "That's pretty cool."

"Isn't it?" Raven sighed. Robin smirked, their dark friend seemed really thrilled about this. He moved to sit next to Cyborg when the door swished open behind him. He turned to see a very pale and frail Starfire. She was leaning against the doorframe to support most of her weight.

"I am sorry. I did not realize the time." Her voice was soft, almost a whisper. She pushed off from the door and walked over to the kitchen on unsteady feet. Robin frowned, in all the time he had known Starfire, she had never once been so lifeless.

"Hey, are you ok?" He asked softly, touching her shoulder. She turned around and looked up, smiling weakly. Robin had also gone through a growth spurt and now towered over the petite girl.

"I am just a little sleepy, do not worry over it." She turned back around and began to pull out a few dishes to start breakfast. Beast Boy leapt for joy while Raven let out a small groan.

As Starfire cooked breakfast, Robin eyed her wearily, noting her sluggish movements and heavy eyes. In the midst of her task, the alarms began to blare. Robin ran to the monitor as Raven punched in codes, "There's a bank robbery in the Federal bank." Raven explained as everyone leapt to action, except Starfire, whose movements were anything but fast.

As they ran to the door, Robin turned to the emerald-eyed beauty, "Why don't you sit this one out, it's nothing big and I'm sure the rest of us can handle it."

She desperately wished to say 'yes' but her honor wouldn't let her, "I will be fine, besides, we are a team." Starfire smiled brightly, the best all morning and ran past Robin. He sighed helplessly and watched her retreating form for a moment before joining the others.


The Titans were running/flying down the streets towards the bank like normal. Cyborg looked back to check that they were all close together when he noticed Starfire flying a small distance back, "Hey Star! You're lagging behind!" He called.

She snapped out of a seeming daze and nodded, "Right." Forcing herself to go faster, she brought herself to the back of the group.

It wasn't long before they reached the bank and came to the front entrance, blown open and leaving a big, gaping hole. Robin, being the leader, charged in first. He analyzed the situation and found it wasn't all that hard. There were five robbers in all; three watching the hostages and two loading the money. As the others gathered behind him, he called to the men, "I actually thought there would be a challenge here."

They all spun around and aimed their guns at the newcomers, "Hold it right there!" One commanded, obviously the ringleader.

Cyborg laughed, "Guns? I haven't seen a criminal with a gun in a long time."

"Shut up!" One shouted and fired at him.

The bullet bounced right off his metal body and fell harmlessly to the ground, "Titans, spread out!!" Robin ordered as they split and each went for a thug. Surprisingly, they needed to be more cautious than they originally thought. Though the men were slow and stupid, they were great shots. The teens were still far superior to them, but none the less, had to be wearier. As Robin avoided another bullet, he groaned, "This is ridiculous, Star! Can you melt their guns?" He called over, dodging another bullet meant for him.

She nodded from the air and held her hands out, concentrating, "I. . .will. . .try." She murmured and called upon all her strength. Her brow knitted as the guns grew warm and out of surprise, the men dropped them, but they didn't melt. In fact, they did just the opposite; after heating up a few degrees, they cooled down to their normal temperature.

Robin stared at the guns in confusion before turning his sights up to Starfire. Surprise overcame him as he watched her eyes roll back in her head and she began to fall, "Starfire!!" He shouted in horror. With a burst of speed, he ran towards her, leaping into the air and catching her unmoving form. He landed with ease into a crouching position and stared down at the Tamaranian. She was unconscious but her normally calm face was scrunched up in pain and sweating. As he looked to the others for help, he realized they had beaten down the five robbers in a matter of moments.

Once Cyborg had them all tied up and called for the police to move in, everyone crowded around Robin and Starfire, "What happened?" Beast Boy asked softly as Robin stood.

"I dunno, she just started falling." He replied.

"Let's go. It won't do us any good to sit around here." Raven stated and began to hover, "Here." She held out her arms to take Starfire, but Robin shifted her in his arms.

"I've got her."

"Whatever." She turned around but a small smirk appeared on her lips.


Left. . .right. . .left. . .right

Beast Boy's eyes moved back and forth, following Robin's movements. As the lead Titan paced across the room, Beast Boy watched until he was fed up, "STOP!!" He shouted. Robin, startled out of his trance, looked over to his companion with confusion, "You're giving me a headache and making me dizzy."

"What's with the pacing anyway?" Cyborg asked.

"Sorry, I'm just-" He was cut off when the door slid open and Raven stepped in. Robin immediately leapt at her, "Well, what's wrong?!" He demanded.

She glared at him and walked around the black haired teen, "Star is sleeping. She's very weak and needs rest."

"That doesn't tell me what's wrong with her." Robin growled and crossed his arms.

Raven moved to the kitchen and began to pull out an ice pack, "She's sick." She said simply.

"How sick?" Cyborg asked worriedly.

"Sick as in 'can't use her powers sick'." Raven snapped and grabbed a towel to wrap around the ice pack.

"Star can't be sick!" Beast Boy screeched, "She never gets sick and how can she not use her powers?!" He morphed into a chipmunk and began running around in a panic.

As he ran past Raven she kicked him and sent the green boy flying. When he landed he was back to normal, but extremely dizzy, "Use your brain, idiot and look outside."

They all looked out the window to the eclipsed sky and back to Raven with confused faces, "Yeah, so?" Robin asked with a raised eyebrow.

She growled in frustration, attempting to hold back her anger, "Star draws her power from the sun. Since there is no sun to draw from, that means no powers. It makes her weak."

"OHHHH!!!" Cyborg and Beast Boy breathed in realization.

"Morons." Raven muttered.


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