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"It's called a diamond." A voice stated calmly.

She looked up quickly to find Robin standing there, smiling, "Robin!" She exclaimed happily.

"Find anything interesting?" He asked as he looked around.

She held up the necklace, "These 'diamonds' are very pretty. I have never seen such a stone on Tamaran." Starfire looked around, "It seems that they are not common here as well."

He nodded, "Diamonds are rare here and are really expensive." He noticed the spot of red on her finger and frowned, "Did you hurt yourself?"

She shook her head, "I was looking at lipstick!" She stated proudly, before scrunching up her face, "But I do not understand why people of earth cover their faces with it."

Robin laughed, "Only girls put on makeup. They feel more secure about themselves, for some weird reason."

Starfire looked back to the lipstick, "'makeup'? Is that a type of lipstick?" All this talk about lipstick and makeup was really confusing and giving her a headache.

"Nope, here," Robin grabbed her hand and pulled her over to the counter. He looked at the things scattered over the display with wide eyes, question marks popping up everywhere.

The clerk walked over to them, "Aren't you two part of the Titans?" She asked excitedly.

Robin nodded, "We are." He replied.

The woman squealed, "I always wanted to meet you. You're such heroes." She clasped her hands together and was lost in her own world.

Both Starfire and Robin shared blank looks before Robin decided to ask for help, "Ma'am?" He asked. She snapped out of her trance and looked at them, "My friend here is from. . .way out of town and doesn't really understand. . .all this. Do you think you could help her out?"

The woman nodded heatedly, "Of course! Oh, excuse my manners, I'm Bindi!" She walked around the counted and took Starfire's arm.

"And I am Starfire." She smiled gleefully.

"Well, Starfire, let's go to work. Now run along, she's in good hands." Bindi shooed Robin away and he was forced out of the store.

"W-Wait!" Robin called. Both turned to face him as he scribbled on a sheet of paper, "Here's my number. . .in case anything comes up."

"Oh don't you worry now. Come back in an hour." She pulled Starfire with her back to the depths of the store.

"Bye Robin!" Starfire called, waving over her shoulder.

Dumbly, he waved back, 'That wasn't what I expected.' He thought. As he stared at the door, he didn't see a dark shadow moving towards him. It wasn't until it was directly on him that he realized it. He fell to the floor and looked up, ready for a fight when he only saw Beast Boy staring down at him, "Where have you been, dude?!" He exclaimed, panic lacing through his voice.

"I was with Star, is that a problem?" He asked curiously.

"YES!" Another voice shouted. He stood up to see Cyborg and Raven walking quickly to join them, "We've been looking for you for the past fifteen minutes!!" Cyborg shouted.

"What's wrong?" Robin demanded.

"The entire world's wrong!!" Cyborg ranted, throwing his arms into the air.

Robin raised an eyebrow to Raven who spoke, "What's the date today?" She asked calmly.

"Uhh, I believe it's a Saturday. . .the 20th?" He attempted to bring up the date.

Raven nodded, "Correct, and what is occurring tonight?" She asked.

He thought and thought, but couldn't think of an answer, "I don't really remember, guys what's this all about!?" He sighed, tired of the guessing game.

"Dude, tonight's the Governor's ball!!!!" Beast Boy exploded.


"How could we have forgotten?!?" Robin questioned, going into the same panic as the other two male Titans.

"I dunno man, I guess we were all caught up with watching Star and it just drifted into the back of our heads." Cyborg theorized.

As the three young men panicked and went into worry, Raven stood silent until she decided to cut in, "Enough!" All three looked to her, "What's done is done and all we can do now is go with it."

"Huh?" Cyborg asked.

Raven sighed irritably, "We go home and get ready for this stupid ball." She growled.

"Ohhh, sounds like a plan to me." Beast Boy smiled.

"Well then, let's go!" Robin began to walk towards the exit with the others when they noticed Raven standing there.

"What's up? We've gotta go!" Cyborg exclaimed.

With a reluctant blush, she looked away, "I. . .have to get a dress." She muttered. When they didn't say anything, she turned to them with a glare, "What? It's not like a own an elaborate wardrobe."

Shaking out of their trances, Robin pointed to the store that he just came from, "Starfire's in there with a whacko woman, checking out 'new things'. Go in there, and get her to help you two get ready. We'll come back in a few hours so we can all go together."

Without a word, she stalked off into the brightly colored store, leaving the boys with nervous looks, "Ya think it's ok to leave Raven alone in a store like that?" Cyborg wondered aloud.

As they turned away, Beast Boy smiled, "I think she'll be alright."


The bloody sky had dimmed to a dark blue and the mall was beginning to close up. Robin, Cyborg and Beast Boy were standing at the doors to the building, each in matching black tuxedos. Robin still wore his trustworthy mask and neither Robin nor Beast Boy had the will to tame their wild hair. At the moment, Beast Boy was leaning against the wall with a frown and his arms crossed, "I am going crazy just waiting here!!" He finally exploded.

"Take it easy, they should be out any moment now." Robin stated calmly.

Cyborg sat down on the hood of the T-plane, which was their means of transportation for the evening, "I didn't think the rumors were true, about girls taking so long to get ready."

"Which are completely not true." A new voice said. The three boys turned to see Raven standing there with her arms crossed. The sight brought a long trail of drool to Beast Boy's mouth. The dark physic was wearing a long black, dress that fell to her ankles. The dress hugged her curves all the way down to the bottom where there was a slit running up to mid-thigh. The sleeves also came down to her wrists and held close to her skin while it cut off just short of her shoulders. Around her waist was her traditional gold belt and black heels with straps around her ankles adorned her feet. Her hair was pulled back by chopsticks except for two strands that framed her face, which was decorated a very thin amount of make-up. She took a few steps forward and glared at Cyborg, "At least, I think so."

He laughed nervously and backed away, "O-Of course, Raven. Totally and completely not true."

Beast Boy stepped towards her, "You look really nice." It was shy, almost meekly spoken.

Much to his surprise, she smiled, very thinly, "Thank you. You don't look half bad either." She forced out. The animorph sighed in relief and just as he was about to make a stupid comment, Robin cut in.

"Where's Star?" He asked eagerly.

She turned to him, "She decided to help that crazy woman close up her store." She paused and her calm face turned slightly sour, "Which reminds me that you were the one who sent me there."

Chuckling, Robin pulled on his collar and before he could defend himself, the doors to the mall swished open and he turned, shock apparent on his features. Before him stood a glowing Starfire, though it was probably the faint lights behind her. Her dress was a faded yellow, sleeveless one that hugged her chest to her hips before cascading to the floor in soft waves. Her shoes were simple high heels that matched the dress and a yellow shall draping over her arms. Her hair was up in a french twist with small strands expertly freed from it, handing down in curls. Her lips were painted a light pink and a gentle yellow glitter was spread above her eyes. All in all, Starfire was a vision of beauty, shining in the dark.

From behind, the old woman placed a hand on her shoulder and smiled, "Don't these two look lovely?" She asked.

All three young men couldn't find it within in them to say it out loud, but Starfire saved them, "Thank you very much. It was a most enjoyable evening."

She waved her hand as she began walking to her car in the parking lot, "No trouble at all. Now you have a wonderful evening." With that, she disappeared into the night and the Titans were left alone.

Cyborg was the first to speak up, "Let's get going!" He whined like a small child, "I don't think I can wait any longer to get at that tasty food." He grinned and ran to the ship, beast boy hot on his tail.

"Hey! Wait for me!" He exclaimed, disappearing into the ship.

Raven sighed and slowly followed them, "Morons." She muttered going up the ramp.

Robin was left staring at Starfire, who was still glowing even after the lights dimmed, "Um, Star?" He asked nervously.

She turned her emerald gaze to him and smiled, "Yes Robin?"

With a few uncertain steps he came closer to her and pulled out a black box from within his jacket, "I picked this up for you earlier, I thought you might like it." He gulped and practically shoved it into her hands.

Carefully, she opened the box and gasped. Inside was a diamond necklace, almost identical to the one she was looking at earlier, "This is. . .for me?" She asked incredulously.

He nodded sheepishly, "I just thought that you should have something to remember earth by, y'know just in case you have to leave." Just those words formed a knot in his heart.

Shock was evident on her face and she clutched the box closer to her chest, "Robin," She paused and waited for him to meet her gaze, "Words can not describe my happiness." She whispered, "Not even the poem of gratitude."

A grin broke out on Robin's face and he reached out, taking the necklace form the box and gently clasping it around her neck. When he moved away, she touched the gem in awe and held in gingerly in her fingers. Their eyes met and Starfire opened her mouth to speak when Cyborg stuck his head out of the ship, "Hey! Let's go!!" Chuckling, Robin took Starfire's hand and led her into the ship.


Cyborg had left the ship a distance away from City hall for there was no where to land it, so the Titans walked down the last few blocks. As they came to the block that the building was on, none of them could withhold their surprise. The tall building loomed over the rest of the city, beautiful glass windows sparkling in the city lights. Two large spotlights had been placed at the front entrance, which shone up in the clear night sky until they were no longer visible. A long red carpet was rolled out and down the stairs for all those welcome to step upon. Cyborg and Beast Boy's eyes lit up like stars, "Can you imagine the food in there?" Beast Boy asked excitedly.

"I can only dream." Raven muttered sarcastically.

"Well let's not dream any longer!" Cyborg exclaimed and began walking with Beast Boy at his side, the two scheming over their plan of action. Raven followed blankly while Starfire and Robin laughed quietly to themselves. When they came to the doorway, there was no need for an invitation, everyone automatically knew who they were and ushered them in quickly.

As they came to the grand ballroom, Robin paused and held his arm out to Starfire, "Shall we?" He asked coyly. She stared at in confusion for a brief moment before recalling this on one of the old-fashioned movies she saw on TV. Shyly, she looped her arm in his and smiled behind a blush.

Beast Boy, not wanting to be left out, quickly stood proud and curved his arm for Raven to take with a gleaming smile. She looked at him with a raised eyebrow before looking away. Defeated, he lowered his arms and sighed when he suddenly felt a slender arm wrap around his. He looked up to see Raven smiling slightly at him, "I'm not that mean."

"Or course not." He stated as if he knew all along, but deep inside, his heart was thudding against his chest painfully.

Cyborg bluntly walked into the room with the others following closely. He smiled at those who acknowledged him but made a short beeline for the food table. About half way there, he was stopped by a tall, graying man. The Titans all stared at him as he smiled kindly and stuck his hand out, "I'm honored that you came tonight, thank you."

Robin took the man's hand with a grin, "It was an honor to be invited, Governor."

Starfire dipped her dress slightly, "Thank you for showing such kind hospitality to us."

The Governor turned his smile to the Tamaranian, "It is I who should be thanking you all. If it weren't for you, our city would be in ruins by now." Before he could speak again, a teenage, blonde haired girl popped up at his side. She seemed to be the Titans age and extremely dressed up.

"Daddy, this party is soo boring." She whined when suddenly, her eyes caught the sight of the Teen Titans and she squealed, "I don't believe it!! You're the Teen Titans!" She scanned them until she came across Cyborg and heart began throbbing in her eyes, "And you're. . .you're Cyborg." She swooned, leaving the Governor's side and appearing before him.

The elderly man sighed, "This is Clarissa, my daughter. Forgive her, she's a big fin of yours."

"I don't mind at all. Clarissa, eh? Such a lovely name." Cyborg smiled charmingly at the girl, food momentarily forgotten.

"You're such a charmer." She sighed dreamily and looped her arm around his, "Would you like to escort me to the buffet table? I'm getting hungry from all this excitement."

The humanoid young man lit up, "Clarissa, you're a gal after my own heart."

As the two walked away, the Governor chuckled while Beast Boy, Starfire and Robin all snickered at their love-struck friend, "Please, enjoy yourselves tonight and if there is anything I can do for you, just tell me." With that, the man disappeared into the crowd to attend to more guests. Beast Boy quickly whispered something into Raven's ear before joining Cyborg's rain of terror on the buffet table. The physic blushed a deep scarlet before retreating to the shadows, leaving Robin and Starfire alone.

Suddenly, Robin felt Starfire's arm leave his and he looked around, she had disappeared, "Starfire?" He called, not loud but enough to draw a few people's attention. Quickly, he began walking around in search of the girl. It didn't take long to notice her fiery red hair standing by the window, looking out in wonder. With a sigh of relief, he quickly wove through the crowds to get to her side, "Excuse me, pardon me, sorry sir." Were his apologies to various guests as he briefly lost sight of Starfire. A moment later, he caught sight of her again, but this time, she wasn't alone. There was a man standing behind her, 'Who's he?' Robin wondered, 'Could he be one of the men who tried to abduct Star? He was so fast, I lost sight of her for a moment.' He wondered, stepping up his pace.

Meanwhile, Starfire has begun looking around when she caught sight of a large window. Unknown to her, she lost her grip on Robin and moved mechanically to the window. The stars were so beautiful, she had to get a closer look. When she came to the window, she pressed a hand to the cool glass and sighed, "The stars are so beautiful." She stated softly.

"Not as beautiful as you." A voice stated suavely from behind.

Shock overcame her senses and she spun around to see a strange man with blonde hair and green eyes smiling cheekily down at her. He was tall, lean and well built but Starfire had never seen him before in her life, "I have never met you before." She stated bluntly, but in her own innocent way.

He laughed, "And it's a darn shame." The mysterious man held out a hand, "Would you like to dance with me?"

She stared at his hand with a nervous face, 'Where is Robin? I do not know this person and he is asking me to dance? How strange.' She thought to herself. Thankfully, a familiar voice cut through her thoughts, 'I don't think she want's to dance with you." It was Robin, although Starfire couldn't see him for he was hidden from behind the stranger.

The young man rolled his eyes, "I'm not threatening her so there's no need to play herooo. . ." He trailed off as he turned around to see Robin's angry glare.

Robin's glare turned into a look of shock, "No, no way!" He exclaimed, seething, "You can't be here, you're supposed to be in old Gotham." He groaned as the older man broke out in a wide grin, "Why are you here, Wally?"

"Hey! It's Timothy!!" He laughed and patted Robin on the back heartily, while he glared hatefully.

Starfire tilted her head in curiosity, "Who is Timothy?" She asked.

Wally turned his sights back to Starfire, "Ahh, so who are you?"

Robin walked over and stood before Starfire in a protective manner, "I am Starfire, and who are you, Wally? How do you know Robin? Why did you call him Timothy?" She asked as Robin sweatdropped as did Wally.

"You're full of questions." He smiled and shoved his hands in his pockets.

"Star, this is Wally West, or as most people know him, the Flash." Robin grumbled.

Starfire lit up, "Oh! From the Justice League. Your tales of heroism have been told throughout the universe." She exclaimed happily.

Wally laughed, "That famous huh? Well don't say it too loud or someone might find out my secret." He winked and Starfire blushed, causing Robin to growl.

It was then that another thought hit him, "If you're here, then that means that-"

He was cut off by a new voice, "If it isn't our favorite protégé." Robin and Starfire turned to see a group of men and women standing there, tall and proud. Before them was the Justice League, all decked out in tuxedos and dresses, not battle attire. The voice who spoke belonged to Shayera Hol, or Hawkgirl who was wearing a tight, sexy black dress and her midnight wings were folded neatly against her back. The other members of the team were formed neatly around her to hide the appearance of her wings for the moment.

Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, John Stewart, and another man who could only be J'Onn J'Onzz in disguise were all wearing ebony tuxedos, fit to perfection. Diana was wearing a short, sparkling red dress with her hair up in a fancy bun. All of the adults were smiling down at Robin who seemed to be fuming in his own little world, "Tim-" Bruce began when Robin leapt into action and cut him off loudly.

"It's not Timothy!" He exclaimed, "It's Robin." He muttered.

He chuckled, "Alright, Robin. How are you? We had heard rumors about a man named Slade who-" He began when Robin cut him off.

"Not important." He snapped coldly, old memories of his betrayal arising from within.

Surprised by the Boy Wonder's cold attitude, the Justice League could find nothing to say. Thankfully, Starfire was present and came to the rescue. She grasped one of his clenched fists and gently squeezed it, causing it to loosen and entwine with hers. She smiled towards the adults, "Forgive us, it is a tale that brings us many unhappy memories."

"I don't think I remember you from the last time we saw the Titans." John scratched his chin thoughtfully.

She seemed helpless to come up with an answer when this time, Robin came to the rescue, "This is Starfire. We found her a few months after your last visit."

Starfire beamed and did a slight curtsy, still holding Robin's hand, "It is an honor to meet you all. . .though I do not know who you are."

Diana scoffed and folded her arms, "We're Robin's family and mentors. We are the Justice League." Some of the team looked at her with puzzled faces, but said nothing of it.

"Truly!? It has been a dream of mine to meet you all!" She exclaimed happily.

"Really?" Diana asked, bemused.

Before she was about to continue, Clark cut in, "So Starfire, where did you come from?" He asked gently, "Where's your home?"

"My home?" She asked more to herself than him. It took a moment before she answered, "My home is with Robin and the others. They are my family."

Surprised, Robin turned to her, "We are?"

She faced him, suddenly worried, "Was that an unacceptable answer? Does it displease you?"

Smiling, he shook his head, "No, Star, it's just fine."

At that moment, Cyborg came trotting over, "Hey y'all!" He greeted with a wave to the Justice League. Quickly he turned his attention to Robin and Starfire, "You guys gotta see this! Beast Boy got Raven to dance!" He pointed to the dance floor where, at the moment the music was extremely upbeat for a ball, and in the center was Beast Boy dancing like a fool with Raven blushing, swaying evenly with the beat. "Apparently Clarissa got her father to bring a band instead of an orchestra to the party."

"Glorious! Raven is enjoying herself." Starfire clapped in glee.

"C'mon, this is not a time to be wasting precious dancing with talk." He snatched the two by their wrists and dragged them to the dance floor where the others were.

"Kids." Bruce laughed and moved to sit at a table with the other men. Meanwhile, Shayera and Diana stood back in the corner, away from the action.

Shayera folder her arms and immediately sent Diana a strange look, "Alright, what was that, back there? You've never been the snappy type."

She sighed, "I'm not completely sure. I just saw the way she was standing with Robin and I had this feeling that I had to protect Robin from her."

Shayera laughed and shook her head, "It's gotta be motherly instincts. Robin's always been our family and we all want what's best for him."

"Well I don't believe that girl could be it. She has no brains and just by looking at her physique she doesn't look like much of a fighter." Diana huffed, glaring at Starfire across the room.

"Don't judge her too suddenly. Robin's a smart kid and he knows who is the right girl for him." Shayera placed a gentle hand on her friend's should.

"Only after I see her in battle will I make a decision." Was her final answer.

Back on the dance floor, the upbeat song ended and a slower pace moved in. Couples began showing up, swaying together happily. Cyborg and Clarissa were immediately drawn to each other while Beast Boy pulled Raven to him without her consent, but at the same time, she put up no resistance. Bashfully, Starfire and Robin approached each other and wrapped their arms around each other. Starfire put most of her weight on leaning into Robin and rested her head on his chest. He stared down at her worriedly, "Are you ok?"

She lifted her head, "I am just a little sleepy. There is no need for worry."

"It's been a long day, and you're still sick." He responded gently.

"But tomorrow is the last day of the eclipse is, correct?" She asked, "I shall no longer be useless in battle."

Robin sighed and pulled her closer, "For the last time, you're not useless. You can't stop the eclipse or prevent it from ever happening."

"You are right, but I still feel. . .bad for not aiding in the correction of wrongdoings." Starfire stated and Robin knew he couldn't change Starfire's feelings so he remained quiet.

As the listened to the music, Robin felt a rush of boldness and spoke on it, "Starfire?" He asked quietly. She raised her head to meet his face, "There's something I need to tell you." His voice was deep and sincere, something that she rarely heard.

"Yes, Robin?" She asked hopefully.

"Star, I-" Just as he was about to say some of the most important words in his life, the room rocked from an explosion. The shock wave sent people flying in every direction and Robin pulled Starfire to the ground, covering her body with his. Debris was falling everywhere and people were screaming and running for cover, but no one was able to see what had caused the explosion. As the chaos subsided, Robin sat up and looked around while Starfire also sat up and put a hand to her head. He turned to her, "Are you ok?" He asked urgently.

She nodded and winced, "I believe I sustained the explosion with minor damages." He sighed in relief and scanned for any sign of his friends, "Robin, where are the others?"

As if she had spoken the magic words, Cyborg burst from under a pile of rubble and helped Clarissa to her feet. A short distance away, Raven's black telepathy magic bubble faded and there sat Beast Boy and Raven, "Everyone alright?" Cyborg called.

"I think so, but what caused that?" Robin wondered aloud as he helped Starfire stand.

"How 'bout that!" Beast Boy pointed to the east wall, or where it used to be. In its place was a large, gaping hole and in the center was a giant robot, painted bright red.

Starfire gasped and shrunk back behind Robin, "Merrick has come." She whimpered.

He looked at her before glaring at the robot, "I won't let him take you." He whispered warmly. As they prepared themselves for a fight, the Justice League appeared suddenly, all charging the metallic monster at once.

It simply studied them all before sending out a large, blue shock wave. Unprepared and too close to deflect it, they were all sent flying back, into the walls, briefly knocked out. When the people in the room all watched as the League was thrown back, they went into a panicked frenzy, fleeing for the doors. Oddly enough, the robot made no move to stop the people, it just seemed to be waiting for something.

"Well, it looks like it's our turn." Cyborg grinned and prepared his blaster on his arm. Robin checked as his team readied themselves when he noticed Starfire tying her shawl around her waist like a sash and going into a fighting stance.

He touched her arm, "Starfire, I want you to take Clarissa and lead her out of here, then find a safe place to hide."

"But I-" She began to argue.

"No, don't argue with me on this. I need you to stay as far away as possible." He stated firmly. Robin's eyes softened, "Please?"

With a reluctant sigh, she nodded, "But please do not damage yourself."

He laughed, "Promise, now go." He gave her a light nudge, urging her to go. With one last look, she took Clarissa's hand and took off running. Once she was out of site, he put on his battle face, "Titans, GO!" He exclaimed and they charged the robot.

Its scanners noticed them and sent out another shock wave but they were prepared. Raven formed a black bubble to protect herself and Beast Boy while Robin and Cyborg countered the wave with their own blasts; Cyborg with his arm blaster and Robin with one of his explosives. They continued their charge and attacked. They did all they could to the machine, but it seemed to be doing minimal damage.

Meanwhile, the Justice League was coming around and saw the battle before them, "C'mon, let's help them out." Flash shouted, zipping to his feet.

"Wait!" Wonder Woman called, halting him, "Let's see what they can do, first." Reluctantly, they stood back, eagerly awaiting the results of this round.

Hawkgirl flew over to her female friend and landed with a blank face, "You just want to see what Starfire can do." She stated bluntly.

"She's not here. She couldn't have run away." Wonder Woman refused to believe that the girl would chicken out on a battle.

"Who knows." Hawkgirl shrugged, still trying to figure out why her good friend had to be so hostile to this young girl who held Robin's heart in her hands.

As the Teen Titans fought the robot, one blast was deflected, but ended up striking the Green Lantern, "John!" Shayera exclaimed and quickly flew to his side.

"I'm ok." He assured, but winced.

The Titans watched this in anger and increased their attacks, seemingly doing more damage. Robin's attacks were the most forced, he refused to let this servant of the man who wanted Starfire, get near her. He lunged for another attack, but in the process, grew careless and forgot about deflecting an oncoming energy disc. It was like slow motion for all those who watched. He was sent soaring through the air and his suit was burnt, being cut through and down to his skin, where it pierced the flesh and blood began soaking his clothes. His mask was ripped off as the disc sliced his face, laving a thin cut across his cheek.

Everyone watched in horror as he hit the ground with a thud and skidded across the marble surface where he stopped and lay, unmoving. Fed up with the boys' attacks, the robot reached out with one wired arm with the intentions of picking him up when a sudden cry froze all activity, "ROBIN!!" They all turned to see Starfire standing in the doorway, fear brimming in her eyes as she watched the scene before her, 'So she didn't run away.' Wonder Woman thought from he position, a mere twenty feet from the girl.

The arm moved away from Robin as he stirred, "Star. . .fire." He whispered and pulled himself up on shaky feet. He saw her standing there and his gentle blue eyes met with her emerald green ones for the first time. It was brief for he noticed the robot moving towards the Tamaranian. His eyes widened in shock, "Run, RUN STAR!!" He shouted, clutching one arm with the other, stumbling to reach her.

But she was frozen with fear as it loomed before her, "I. . .I cannot." She stuttered.

Robin swore under his breath, knowing he wouldn't make it in time and anyone else was too far away to help. That's when he noticed the raven haired woman standing closer than any of them, "Wonder Woman! Help her; get Starfire away from here!" Robin shouted.

The warrior princess was too mesmerized by waiting for Starfire to react to the threat, that she paid no mind to Robin's words. When, to her disappointment, she realized the girl wasn't going to do anything, she was about to move forward and save her, but the hand was quicker than the eye and before she knew it, the robin held Starfire in its large hand. She screamed and the Teen Titans all stared in horror, "NO!" Raven exclaimed and sent her own shock wave at the creature, but it seemed to have changed tactics and formed a protective shell around itself and Starfire.

"Starfire!!" Robin called and ran forward, adrenaline pumping through his veins. When he reached the invisible barrier, he attempted to push through it, but instead, was thrown back once more.

"No, Robin!!" She cried tears forming in her eyes. The Justice League and the Teen Titans all attempted to push past the wall, but all attempts were failures. The robot scanned the room once more before the rockets on its back powered up. Slowly, it hovered off the ground, "ROBIN!" Starfire screamed, reaching her hand out as if trying to reach Robin. But she was slowly disappearing until both Starfire and the robot had vanished into the night's sky.

"STARFIRE!!!!!!!!" Robin cried out as he fell to his knees.

The dust in the room settled as no one spoke. Raven felt a tear forming in one eye but roughly pushed it away while Cyborg was busy punching the wall out in anger. Beast Boy sat down in shock, staring at the place the robot once was and the Justice League bowed their heads in regret. Robin had hunched forwards and was punching the ground, tears falling furiously from his eyes.

Finally, Batman stepped forwards and touched Robin's shoulder. As if his hand burned, He shrugged it off violently and stumbled to his feet, sending daggers at the dark knight. His blue eyes turned to Wonder Woman who was standing in the back with Flash close by, "How could you?!" He roared.

She looked up defiantly, "She should have protected herself. She should have fought beside you." She stated simply. Everyone sent her appalled looks while Robin's anger grew.

"Starfire couldn't fight back! She couldn't do anything!! And now, because of you, she's been kidnapped." He snapped harshly and began walking out of the room slowly.

"Where are you going?" Wonder Woman called.

Without stopped or turning around he said, "To find Starfire." And soon, he was gone. Cyborg and Beast Boy followed him quickly, sending glares towards the warrior.

"She so naïve, she should have known to fight." Wonder Woman muttered beneath her breath, just as Raven stalked by. She picked up the comment and stopped, turning to the older woman and walking up to her.


Raven's hand had struck her across the cheek, but she dared not whip her head or raise a hand to her cheek, "It's you who's naïve." Raven hissed, "There are many things you don't know about Starfire that you judged wrongly. One; Starfire draws her power from the sun and with this eclipse we've had, she hasn't been able to use her powers for a week. Two; The lack of her power has drained her completely and it's a shock she's even survived it all. Three; she's from a distant planet and knows nothing about earth or its customs. Imagine living in a foreign society with no knowledge of what to do or say." She spun on her heel, but paused, "I believe you should rethink your judgment on Starfire before you accuse her of anything."

As she walked out, she noticed Beast Boy waiting for her with his mouth agape, "You really do care for us?" He asked softly as they left.

"Of course." She mumbled, almost inaudible.

Back with the Justice League, they all looked at each other, "Let's go help them out, it's only fair." J'Onn stated and everyone agreed. They all left the destroyed building, saying nothing to Wonder Woman.

She now stood there alone, surprise written all over her face, "What have I done?" She whispered.


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