"Geez, it got nasty out!" Rory Gilmore exclaimed as she rushed into Luke's Diner. Glancing up Jess Mariano laughed, "You know normal people either drive, carry an umbrella, or stay in doors when its down pouring." Rolling her eyes Rory gave him a duh look, "it wasn't raining when I left the house." She then started pulling her sweatshirt over her head. "Uh, Rory, I know you can't resist me but this is not the time or place for that, Luke could come back at anytime," Jess said with his usual smirk. Tossing her sweatshirt over a nearby chair Rory stood shivering in a drenched tank top and jeans, "Oh the rain soaked through! Can I borrow something and put this stuff in the dryer? And then you can give me some coffee, for that comment you just made." Giving Rory an appreciative once over Jess started upstairs glancing back to make sure Rory was following. Once upstairs Jess disappeared into his room and came out holding a pair of sweatpants and a Metallica t-shirt. "Why don't you jump in the shower to get th chill out of you," Jess said handing Rory his clothes. "Oh, good idea," Rory replied grabbing the clothes and heading for the bathroom.

Twenty minutes later Rory finally emerged from the bathroom. In order to successfully walk she had had to roll the waistband of Jess' sweatpants up a few times. "Where should I put my wet clothes?" Rory asked startling Jess who had been watching television. Pointing towards the kitchen Jess replied, "Dryers in there," without glancing up from the television. After throwing her clothes in the dryer Rory came back and sat in the recliner glancing at Jess. "What are you watching?" "Ummm..we've got a problem. Luke called, appearantly a tornado is coming so he's stuck at the Inn with your mom and your stuck here." Jess answered distracted as he watched the weather report. "What do you mean a tornado?" Rory exclaimed moving to get a better look at the newscast. "Oh my god," she whispered watching the storm rip through Hartford. "Okay first we need to get candles and flashlights, from the looks of it the brunt of the storm is heading in our direction," Jess said as he went to the kitchen and started looking through drawers. "Rory, why don't you go downstairs to the diner and see what you can find there." Tearing her eyes away form the television Rory looked up at Jess' calm face. "Okay, I'll be back," she said making her way downstairs.

As soon as Rory stepped out of sight Jess' calm exterior faded, mumbling to himself as he opened drawer after drawer, "A tornado, a frickin tornado. That's great, just great. Cuz I know what to do when a tornados on the way," just as he was going to collect what he could in Luke's room Jess heard the sound of glass breaking and Rory scream. Dashing downstairs he found rain pouring in through a broken window and Rory huddled behind the counter. Quickly shielding himself from flying objects he ran to Rory, "Are you okay?" Checking her as best he could Jess seemed satisfied that she wasn't hurt. "Come on we've gotta get upstairs before something else breaks a window." Helping Rory up they ran to the stairs just as a chair toppled into the wall.

As soon as they had entered the apartment the lights went out. Due to the lack of windows in the living room and kitchen the place was completely dark. "Jess?" Rory asked timidly. "I'm right here," Jess answered from behind her. Grabbing her hand Jess pulled her towards the kitchen. "I left the flashlight and candles in the kitchen," he said as he felt his way towards the kitchen.