Mr. Coulson was standing in front of her, wearing his hot latte that she made him accidently spilled.

"I'm sorry. Here let me go get you a napkin."

Starting to walk toward the bathroom when he grabbed her arm.

"that's ok Josie. I don't need a napkin it just got on my luckily waterproof and apparently latte proof jacket."

"but still you should still wipe it off." Starting to walk away

"are you trying to just get away from me like the plague?"

"no I was just going to get you a napkin than be on my way. I just came by to say hi to let me how did you put it oh yeah my lying brother who only was trying to help his lying conceiving sister."

"Josie sorry. I was mad and hurt I didn't mean it."

"Sure sure you didn't. You know what get your own napkin"

"Josie Wait please."


"I want I mean I need to talk to you."


"About you, me, everything that happened."

"As far as I, I mean as far as Chicago knows nothing happened."Josie said with a stone face.

"About that, Josie Im sorry."

"Sorry for what? Publicly humiliating me? Falling for me in the first place? What?"

"no not that at all. I mean not for falling for you. Im sorry about not going to the game."

"why didn't you?" "I don't know. I was mad I guess."

"I understand."

"no Josie you don't. I was mad, yes, but mad at myself. For not letting you explain and I didn't see your article until later much later."


"I didn't see it until the next day at school when Coach Romano pratically smothered me with it. See I was busy packing to go move in with my best friend and take care of his house while he and his wife moved to France for two years. I didn't read the paper that I was busy wrapping my hockey trophys in cuz I was in a hurry cuz the movers were coming. "


"I tried to call you but I couldn't get though."

"probably cuz every paper in town wanted an interview. I had to change my number."

"oh sorry. Well I tried to talk to Aldy but she just gave me the cold shoulder and wouldn't talk to me but she did talk about me and lets just say what I heard wasn't friendly. In fact I think she said she thought I was a pedophile because I didn't like you after I found out the truth so she thought I only liked you because you were 17."

"oh Mr. Coulson. Im so sorry."

"Don't apoligize. Im the one who was stupid and hurt you. I let my pride and procrastination get in the way and I let you down."

"Its ok. Truce?"


They walked down the hallway until Josie remembered why she was there, to see Rob. They walked to the gym and knocked on the door, Rob opened and was shocked to see Coulson and Josie together.

'What will happen next? you will have to wait and see and sorry for the long wait but i been on brain freeze about this story and working on other stories so sorry.'