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SF: Sorry I have not updated, I know you've all been waiting but my computer crashed and I was too busy trying to get all of my stuff back to have any time to write. ^_^ It's all good now. Anyway, today we are waiting for Mimiru to get back with news of Subaru's death!


Part 3 - Subaru vs. the Electric Toothbrush

Mimiru: **walks into the booth that SF stays in while torturing... er... having fun with the .hack characters**

SF: **singing at the top of her lungs, back to the door**

Mimiru: o.O... Er... Starfish?

SF: **jumps** HOLY SHIT! **turns around** God dammit, what are you doing here? o.o

Mimiru: Well, uh... I couldn't kill Subaru since I DIDN'T HAVE MY SWORD!!!! But... I brought her here so you can torture her!

SF: o.o PURE GENIUS! ^____^ OK, you leave now; bring her into "the room". **mumbles** Guess I'm gonna have to switch Sora to next time...

Readers: -_-;;;

Mimiru: **walks out**

Subaru: **walks into "the room"**

~~All the doors slam shut~~

SF: Mwahahahahahahaha... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Subaru: o.o... Where am I? **spots a lone stool in the middle of the room, something very tiny sitting on it** ...?

SF: Pick it up... You KNOW you want to...

Subaru: o.o... Er, may I ask who you are?

SF: No, you may not. God dammit... I know!

Readers: -_-

SF: Stick your head in the water!

Subaru: What? O.o Wouldn't I drown?

SF: Nuuuuuuu... **innocent look**

Subaru: -_- Yes I would.

SF: Mwahahaha... I know!

Microwave: **randomly appears on the stool**

Subaru: What the-?

SF: Now... stick the toothbrush in the microwave and... turn it on.

Subaru: OK... **looks at the microwave** Open!

Microwave: **sits there**

Subaru: Are you mocking me? I said open!

Readers: -_- God...

Subaru: OPEN!

Microwave: **doesn't open**


Subaru: **presses it**

Microwave: **opens**

Subaru: **puts the wet electric toothbrush in, that by the way is still on, and shuts the door** Now... turn on!

Everyone including the Microwave: -_-;;;; **sigh**

Mimiru: **randomly appears behind SF** Why do you want her to do this anyway?

SF: God DAMMIT, stop doing that! **sigh** So that I can first of all, confuse her, and second of all, get the microwave to explode so that it kills her!

Mimiru: ...lovely. o.o **sits down to watch**

Subaru: o.o Oh ya... must be a switch! **starts circling around the microwave looking for a switch**

Switch: **not there**

Subaru: Must be one somewhere... **walks over to the wall that the microwave is plugged in to and flips a switch that's next to it**

~~All the lights and everything in the building go off~~

SF: ... o.o ... BAKA!!!!!!!!!!!

Mimiru: Can't... see!

Subaru: Erm... That didn't quite work out the way I expected it to...

Microwave: **light coming from it**

Everyone: O.O;;;;;;

Subaru: **walks over to the microwave... looks creepy in the glow coming from it**

SF: O.O Scary...

Mimiru: Why... is it... still... on? o.o

SF: No clue. O.O

Subaru: **pokes it** Turn ON!


Subaru: I KNEW IT! **picks it up and throws it against the wall**

Microwave: o.o Ow...

Everyone: **not surprised**

SF: Hmmm... a talking microwave... that's not new. -_-

Mimiru: Nope... but, a talking pizza... now THAT'S priceless!

SF: XD Exactly!

Microwave: **turns on**

Everyone: O.O

~~Still dark~~

Subaru: **walks over to it** ^_^ I'm good, go me, go m-

Microwave: **explodes**


Mimiru: o.O

~~Dust clears~~

Subaru: **standing there, hands clenched, hair sticking straight up and dress torn, looking very mad** Gr...

SF: Meh-be we should let her go... o.o

Mimiru: O.O I agree.

SF: **slams down the button to open the doors**

Subaru: ^_^ Thank you! **walks out**

Everyone: O.O



SF: Ya, this wasn't as good as the first one. Then again... what is as good as the first one? Like in movies, the first one's usually always the best... Er... I'll go now! ^_^ R + R!

Mimiru: Er... why do people say R + R? I mean, if you got all the way down here, you've already read, haven't you? HAVEN'T YOU?!