Sesshomaru Get's Fucked Part 1 Summary: Everyone's favorite dog youkai is in heat and Inuyasha and Miroku have gone after Naraku Sango's injured and Kagome's unarmed. What happens when Sesshomaru stumbles across the helpless pair? IF YOUR THAT DENSE GO BACK TO PRESCHOOL!!!!

Warning: Contains Adult Material Not Suitable For Those Who Can't Read, Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha (Damnit all to Hell!)


Sesshomaru awoke with a start covered in sweat and panting heavily. He knew at once that he was in heat and needed to leave quickly (youkai become increasingly violent during their mating process). He pulled open the door to the hut and dashed into the surrounding forest desperately trying to loose himself in the thick foliage. He had to go for Rin and Jakken's safety Not that he cared he reminded himself.
The sharp branches tore at his clothes and skin but hed didn't seem to notice as he flew through the feudal forest becoming hopelessly lost in the tangle of trees that seemed to streach on indefinately.
He kept up the pace for hours until he was too tired to take another step and collapsed against the trunk of a tree. It was then that he began to pick up soft voices coming from somewhere close by at first he thought it the effect of his exaustion. Then as the voices grew louder he became fully aware of the fact that there were others nearby.
They were the voices of humans females if he was not mistaken, he wanted to know who the voices belonged to. Out of sheer curiosity the tired youkai stood and began to drag himself toward the source of the voices.
He stepped through a tangled mass of brush and found himself standing in the middle of a small campsite. Against the wishes of his ragged body he willed himself toward the tent from which the voices originated.
"hold still we have to get your wounds bandaged properly you'll never heal" The first voice chidded,"but it hurts so bad" the second groaned,"hold on I need to get more herbs I'll be right back" just then the tentflap opened up and a young girl with black hair stepped out he recognised her instantly his brother's traveling companion his whole body snaped into readiness searching for any sign of his brother. Then she saw him her face went white as she stared in terror at the full grown male youkai she fell to the ground her eyes wide in fear. At that moment her female companion who he knew as Sango the Demon-Slayer emerged holding her right arm gingerly as though it were broken.
"Get away from her, demon!" shouted the ex demon slayer with more courage than she felt. Sesshomau aproched the duo slowly almost cautious, and Sango knew from the glow in his eyes that they were in trouble. There they were to helpless women in th middle of nowhere in the presence of an adult male youkai in heat and Inuyasha's brother no less