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Chapter One: Discover Me

Moving silently, the tall dark haired woman ushered the child into an unused pod.

The short blonde rubbed her eyes sleepily. "What's going on?" she whimpered.

"Shh, it's alright, baby," the woman said softly. "Everything's going to be fine now. But I need you to listen to me."

The little girl nodded.

"After you land, you need to watch over your big brother. Make sure he doesn't get hurt, okay?"

"Big brother?" the young girl asked.

"Yes. Your big brother." The woman took a deep breath before shutting the pod door. "Vash."

Glory looked up at the woman as white mist came up, freezing her into place. Don't forget, the woman's voice said in her head. Closing her eyes, Glory nodded. I'll never forget. Never.


She gasped as her eyes snapped open, feeling something was wrong. She only felt this way when he was in trouble, and couldn't find a way out. She got up quickly, slinging her giant boomerang over her shoulder and beginning to run. She had to find him, and fast. His panic was rising, faster than she could ever imagine. She forced herself to run even faster, homing in on where she felt his presence. Too late, her mind said to her, and she heard the unmistakable sound of a gunshot. She was too late.

Stumbling, she fell to her knees, probing his mind to find out what happened. She saw the man, blue hair and white coat, kneeling on the ground. Eyes closed, trying to talk him into firing his gun. Two women were off to the side, tied up, with controlled villagers getting closer and closer to killing the both of them. They were crying out for someone to help, to save them. He pulled the trigger.

The blue haired man fell to the side, smile in place.

She clutched her head, seeing the vision of the man, so disturbed and creepy, now making it all worse by smiling in the face of death. Who did this guy think he was, anyway? Torturing her brother like that. How dare he?

Getting up, she heard her name called. Glory. Glory.

She closed her eyes, seeing a vision of her mother smiling at her. Help him through this, she said. You weren't able to help him this time, but now you have to help him. Don't let him die.

He could never die, she said back.

He could, and he will, if you don't help. He's willing to kill himself for this.

It wasn't his fault!!

He doesn't know that as distinctly as you do. Save him!

Glory nodded, and began running again. She reached a cliff just in time to see several villagers and those two women taking turns carrying him down the cliff, completely unconscious. He looked badly wounded, and his right sleeve was missing. It looked like it'd been torn apart. She missed the entire thing! She'd failed her own mother. But deep down, she knew that wasn't true. She would only fail if she couldn't help him now, now that he couldn't go on without her help. He really couldn't.

She sat down, watching intently as they brought him to a doctor's office, and stayed patiently as they brought him back out again, wrapped up and took him into a house. She closed her eyes, and probed through the shorter woman's mind.

I hope you make it through this, the woman thought. What was her name? Ah, yes. Meryl. Don't die on me, you goofy son of a. You'd better not die on me. You hear me, Vash? Are you listening?

Stupid woman, Glory thought, opening her eyes again. He can't die that simply. He would have to be destroyed internally first. Until then, no matter how badly battered he gets, he'll be just fine. You watch him for me, and I'll mend his mind. We'll be a team.

Lying back, Glory thought on that dead man. Someone had taken his body away, probably to be buried or dumped somewhere. A wry smile turned her lips. There is no enemy in the dead, she thought, remembering the old quote. She couldn't quite remember where she'd heard it from, but it was one of the many she'd picked up over time and used every now and again.

She had to sleep again. This way she would be entirely refreshed when he awoke, probably on the verge of screaming and after having terrible nightmares. It always hurt her to see his nightmares and hear his screams, and she remember how badly she shuddered when he'd screamed for Brad after the last of the SEEDs ships crashed after over a century. She didn't want to, but she ended up crying from his voice.

It was then that she knew who was doing this to him, and wished she had the strength to find that man and punish him for it. But she couldn't do that. She knew very well that just as Vash was her brother and charge, Knives was her brother as well. She wished it wasn't so every day of her life, wishing she wasn't related to that hateful man. But then, she knew Vash as well hated that relationship. Knives had to be the worst man she'd ever met before, even though she'd seen a lot of evil over the years.

Letting her eyes slide shut, Glory let her boomerang lie next to her, and felt the warmth of the suns start to leave. Sleep for now, a voice - undecidedly hers or someone else's - said to her. You have a lot on your hands. Get rest, and then get to work.

Yes, her mind whispered back, as she felt the world around her disappear into the grasp of the night and dream world mixed.


She was there. She saw the entire thing as it happened, wishing vainly for the truck to stop. She could just give the men the subliminal message to do so, but then she couldn't. She felt sisterly tears in her eyes when that man pulled up a gun and aimed directly at her brother. She wanted to run down there and kill him for even lifting that gun, but before she could, those two women - Milly and Meryl - were down there. She was very shocked to see that human woman walk directly into the path of the gun, telling him that no one had the right to take another's life.

She was struck with déjà vu, hearing those words from her perch on a building roof. Her hand convulsed around her boomerang, ready to throw it at the slightest sign of that human man firing. But it didn't happen. Instead, they all left, and Meryl undid the ropes binding Vash. For a long time there was no talking, but the sound of their open thoughts was deafening. All three of them wanted to say so much, and Glory heard it all. Every last breath of a thought.

And then, with surprising ease with his injuries, Vash bounded up and hugged Meryl, and Glory smiled. It was about time those two admitted their feelings. But then again, Vash could always screw things up. And sure enough, he did. He yelled and started swinging her around, and - holding back her own laughter - Glory watched with amazed eyes as Meryl clocked him and stomped off, Milly on her heels. Glory allowed herself giggles at the look on her big brother's face, but didn't exactly approve of Meryl's Vash Removal Method.


Glory watched confusedly as Vash came back after a long disappearance with Knives slung over his shoulder, his red coat missing. True enough, she'd heard his thought of always looking up to and believing in Rem, but looking to his own words for guidance, but she hadn't thought he'd just throw away his coat. That thing looked amazingly good on him, and Meryl - she knew - rather liked it.

Smiling again, Glory turned around and leaned against the stout wall on the roof, thinking that after this she could finally stop hiding behind cheap tricks and dumb luck. She could finally show her twin brothers that they weren't alone on this dusty planet. She could finally tell them all the truth, about their mother and their birth, and why she hadn't been allowed - in all this time - to be with either of them freely.

And once that was off her chest, she could hug the both of them, glad to have her family back. She was still a little surprised at how well of a recovery Vash had after the death of that man - what was his name? She never learned it. Oh, well - but she was sure it was mostly the doing of that woman, Meryl.

That woman that she was heavily jealous of, because she could be with Vash at any time, whereas Glory had to hide in the shadows and give him pushes when he wasn't paying any attention.

Thinking back, Glory looked at her boomerang, lying beside her and having several chips over years of being thrown and caught to help out her big brother. The first time was July, when she headed to Vash's need and saved each and every person in that town from being killed. It wasn't easy, and she ended up badly injured, but she did what she was supposed to. She helped him.

It was hard after that, constantly having trouble keeping up with him, and she completely lost him when he was taken to that ship. She could only get as close as directly under the ship, and kept checking on him to make sure nothing happened to him while he was up there. Her own relief was so great it was painful when he came down, perfectly fine and - in fact - in a nice new coat and with a new arm. Ever since then, however, she got daily shocks of how well known his name was and how many people were after him.

It became like a game after that, trying to keep up with him and keep bounty hunters away at the same time. The first really big hit came from that giant of a man with that big metal boomerang. She watched carefully the entire time, waiting to see if she would be needed this time around. She hardly ever was unless she felt his need for aid. Not for the first time, she wasn't needed.

She could still remember the town that chased him shortly after, and how she always gave fake directions and deterred attacks so he'd make it out without a scratch. But while she was pointing some other, more dangerous looking men in the opposite direction, she felt him get caught - by a passel of women. She was on her way to help him when she stopped dead, seeing two of the Nebraska family on their way to that particular spot.

She used her boomerang to slightly alter the course of that giant's fist, and wasn't at all surprised when she saw Vash emerge from the rubble, carrying a woman. She was surprised, however, when he tossed a marker into the air. He'd drawn on the fist. The second time he used his fist, Glory wasn't needed. Although, on the third time, she knew for a fact that five bullets wouldn't help much, and through her boomerang. It hit at the same time his fifth bullet did, and she caught it quickly and hid.

He never knew she helped him, in that time or any before or after. But soon enough, she'd tell him. All she had to do now was wait, and that was the easiest part. Well. . .wait and make sure none of the townsfolk decided to boot him out too soon.

Smiling softly, Glory whispered the words to the song that kept up Vash for so long. "So. . .On the first night, a pebble falls to the earth from somewhere. So. . .On the second night, the pebble's children hold hands and sketch a waltz. Sound life. So. . .One the third night, the children of the waltz cause ripples on the face of the earth. So. . .On the forth night, the children of the wave spray the shore. Sound life. So. . .On the fifth night, those shards strike the face of the earth over and over. So. . . On the sixth night, those signals bring travelers together. Sound life. So. . .On the seventh night, a weightless ship races to the sky. So. . .On the eighth morning, a song from somewhere reaches my ears. Sound life. Well, then. . .A song that has recorded everything reaches the new sky."

She, herself, never heard the song sung by Rem before, but she'd heard Vash enough times to know how it goes. She'd been watching from outside as his dreams played that song, over and over again. You'd half think that after a century that song would become boring, but then again, Glory herself was a changer. Every week something about her changed. Her earrings, her nails, her boots, the color of her lips; something about her was always changing.

Besides that, one had to admit that "Sound Life" was a very hard song to grow weary of. She knew other songs, touching ones that made you feel better and called men to you as though you were a siren.

Siren. . .Some part of her reminded her of exactly what that was, from some knowledge that the word was based on a Greek legend. The Sirens are women who lure sailors to their death through singing. Her mind gave her synonyms for the word, her expressed vocabulary showing itself off in her own mind.

That was another thing about her. Even though most of the time she did not realize it, she often showed off to the people that saw her. A trick with her boomerang, some random knowledge that stunned other people, an analyzation of someone's feelings so they could understand what they were feeling. Other things like that. But then, she knew that at times Vash was the same way. Although he was more of the type to do a silly pose that would make a teenager's heart pound.

Unfortunately for him, all the women he posed for were smarter than that, and about ten years older. And without even realizing it, he manages to impress most people. He'd do something like dodge a bullet without any of them seeing it, or do a flip while jumping off a building, or figure out the answer to an attack no one could ever get, and then the women would end up willing to be putty in his hands, and he'd never even notice. Or he'd be gone by then.

The idiot could have had so many woman willing to follow him into hell, and he couldn't even see it. Or he chose not to. She knew, after all, that he was embarrassed about his physical looks, and that he'd never let a woman fall in love with him. After all, he wasn't a human like every other woman on this planet. And the last thing he needed was to lose another woman he cared about.

Sighing, Glory laid out straight on the roof, and reached over to lightly hold her necklace, a necklace that she'd awoken with so many years ago. It was a locket, silver, holding two pictures on the inside. On the left side, her mother. On the right, Vash and Knives, fighting over who gets which spot in the picture.

She sighed again, and focused on the light of the suns beaming against her closed lids as she let herself drift into her own dream world, where she, Vash and Knives all lived happily together with their mother. It was a very lovely place. In fact, it was the only place they could all be a family. In her world, they laughed, they played, and they loved each other. Now, all she had to do was make that happen in the living world.


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