Ronin Warriors: The Next Generation

Ronin Warriors: The Next Generation

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"Hi, Mia, you need some help with that?" Yuli asked, taking the bags from her.

"Thanks, Yuli," she said.

Yuli was a teenager now and a pretty tough guy. He still helped the ronin warriors fight in whichever battle they were in. He hoped that he would someday become a ronin warrior. Kento immediately went through the bags the moment Yuli put them down. Yuli chuckled to himself and crossed his arms. That Kento…I bet he'll never change.

Mia left to go to her desk and do some work. While she got lost in her research, Yuli came up and looked over her shoulder.

"Mia, I've been wondering," he began and then paused. Naw, It's stupid. He thought.

"Yes, Yuli?" Mia stopped typing and looked at him.

"This might sound silly, but you think it's possible that there's more armors out there?" he asked.

Mia cocked her head, "there were only 9 that the Ancient made from Tulpa."

"I know, Mia," he pressed, "but you think there still could be a possibility?"

"I'll check my grandfather's data, okay?" she said, picking up a disk.

"Thanks, Mia," Yuli smiled. He watched intently over Mia's shoulder. There's gotta be more, I just know it!

"Hmm, this is interesting," Mia said, scrolling down and reading the information.

"What is it?" Yuli asked.

"You're right Yuli, there are more armors. But it's strange, where did they come from?" Mia said wonderingly, turning to Yuli. "Tulpa's big, but he wasn't that big. And there was just one Tulpa and one ancient…it's not adding up."

"What kind of armors are there?" Yuli asked, "hey, what's that one? It looks a lot like the armor of wildfire!"

Mia studied it, "it's called the armor of…"

Just then, a big storm came up. The lights went out and the computer crashed.

"It's a hurricane!!!" Kento shouted.

"No it isn't, Kento," Sai muttered, "there's no hurricanes in Japan, only typhoons."

Yuli heard Whiteblaze crying outside, "it's Whiteblaze!" Yuli ran outside.

"Yuli, get back here!" Mia shouted.

But Yuli was already outside in the pouring rain and flashing lightning. Wind was going over a hundred miles an hour. "Whiteblaze!" Yuli shielded his eyes as he walked closer and closer to Whiteblaze. "I'm coming." He squinted to see if Whiteblaze was near.

Whiteblaze roared again and ran to Yuli.

"It's just a storm, Whiteblaze, let's get you inside." Yuli pet his head and Whiteblaze took Yuli's sleeve in his mouth and started walking. "Whiteblaze what's going on? You want me to follow you?" Yuli got on Whiteblaze's back and Whiteblaze took off with amazing speed. "Whoa….slow down, Whiteblaze!"

Whiteblaze came to the harbor, where the srorm was stronger. Yuli looked up in the sky. He saw a light blue ball of light. The eye of the hurricane came over Yuli and Whiteblaze and the ball of light fell down closer to Yuli. Yuli dismounted. "It's an armor! But what?"

The armor looked a little like the armor of wildfire, but had the coloring of the armor of torrent. Yuli came closer, "it's the same armor that I saw on the computer!" the ball of light disappeared and Yuli touched the armor. There was a symbol of waves of wind on the armor. It had two katanas, like the wildfire armor.

"Wow, cool," Yuli mumbled. A blue symbol shone on his forehead, honor. Suddenly, without explanation, Yuli was in the mysterious armor. "I didn't even say Tao…Tao…well, whatever…" The storm died down and Whiteblaze walked to Yuli. "Let's go back home, k?" In his hand he carried an orb-like crystal like the other Ronins had.

"Where's Yuli?" Ryo demanded.

"He ran off after Whiteblaze," Mia replied.

"At least the storm's over," Sai added. He looked out the window, "I see Whiteblaze…wait a minute, who is that with Whiteblaze?"

"He must have Yuli!" Kento yelled, jumping from the window and in front of the mysterious soldier. "Alright, pal, what have you done with Yuli?!"

"Hi Kento," Yuli muttered.

"Yuli, is that you, buddy?" Kento gasped.

Yuli smiled and took the helmet off, "I guess you couldn't recognize me, huh?"

"Where did you get that?" Kento asked.

"It was in the storm."

"Yuli, what were you doing out in the storm?!" Mia cried, "don't you know it's dangerous?!"

"I'm alright, Mia," Yuli groaned. "You sound like my mom."

The rest of the warriors came behind Kento. They were all shocked to see Yuli wearing a mysterious armor.

"Hey guys," Yuli said, "look what I've found!"


A girl with black hair and icy blue eyes wearing white and powder blue armor, holding a crossbow walked with a boy with the same hair and eyes. Her armor looked a lot like Kauyra's. He had armor that looked a bit like the armor of the Strata but it was gray and blue. His weapon looked like a two-headed scythe.

"Our Master is waiting for us, sister," the boy said.

"What does Lord Snow Tulpa ask?" she asked.

"It must be important if he sent for us," they reached a snow cave covered with stalgtites and stalagmites.

"Ahhh, Enter, Snow Children," a deep voice like Tulpa's boomed. "Enter."

They came closer. Above them was a head that looked a lot like Tulpa's, except it was gray and white. The rest of him appeared. He had gray, blue and white armor, with icicle-like armor ornaments. "Welcome, ahh, the snow twins."

"You sent for us, Lord Snow Tulpa?" the girl asked, kneeling forward. Her brother did the same.

"Yes--Laban of the Blizzard--and Amarantha of the Avalanche--my two loyal servants, I have a quest for you."

"What do you ask, Lord Snow Tulpa?" Laban asked.

"I was once very strong but someone took my power from me. Just like what happened to my older brother, Tulpa. The ancient fought him and took armor from him. Now there is a new ancient named Lady Kauyra. She made armors from me soon after Tulpa died. I want you to find Kauyra and the new armors."

"Yes, Lord Snow Tulpa," Amarantha said. "Where will we find this Lady Kauyra and the new armors? How many were there?"

"There's four in my power right now," Lord Snow Tulpa told them, "let me introduce you the new Warlords, hmm?" Snow Tulpa was a lot different than the original Tulpa. Snow Tulpa acted more kind and more patient, even for a wicked demon. Tulpa wanted everything right away, partly because he had four men that were strong warlords and he expected them all to do it right. But Amarantha and Laban were not very old. When they failed, Snow Tulpa did not punish them right away, instead, he would let them just try again and again until they did it right. Sometimes he would act a little hard on them to get his point through, but nevertheless, he never really lost his temper. If he had punished them, the children would probably run away and then Snow Tulpa would have no one to work for him. The Snow Children were his best servants and he awarded them well. He even had a sense of humor, unlike Tulpa. But Snow Tulpa was stronger, much stronger than Tulpa ever was. Tulpa gestured to three men and woman standing behind him. "Selket, War-goddess of Pain. She wears the armor of the scorpion."

(Note: It used to be Luthor, Warlord of Pain, but I found something about a scorpion goddess so I decided to make the warlord a woman.)

Selket walked forward wearing black, orange and yellow armor. She carried a weapon that looked like a scorpion's tail. The arms of the armor looked like a scorpion's claws and on the back she had eight claw-like scythes. Her helmet looked like a scorpion's head. (AN: Selket, the goddess, had a scorpion on her head and she guarded entrails of the deceased. Nasty job, but someone has to do it!) Selket's looked somewhat the same as Dais' armor of the tarantula. Luthor smiled and bowed, "Snow Twins, pleasure to work with you." Selket had an European accent.

"Boris, Warlord or Revenge. Wearer of the armor of the vulture."

Boris nodded his head. His armor was black, dark brown and gray. The helmet looked like a bill of a vulture and he carried a weapon that looked like Anubis'. "Do not cross me, children." His voice was very screechy.

Amarantha and Laban exchanged glances.

Noticing their faces, Snow Tulpa said to Boris, "You need not talk to them like that. You do that again and then I will punish you."

"Yes, master," Boris groaned.

"Do not mind them, children," Snow Tulpa told the snow twins. He gestured to a tall warlord wearing black and red armor. "This is Calisto, warlord of Death. He wears the armor of the vampire."

Calisto smiled sinisterly but a bit pleasantly at the same time, "I am charmed, children." He bowed. He even had the voice of a vampire. The shoulder blades of his armor looked like a bats' wings. He had fang-like ornaments on the faceplate of his helmet and bat ear-like shaped horns on his helmet. He had a claw-like weapon attached to his hand and had a weapon that resembled a scythe.

"And last, but not least, Sebek Warlord of Carnage, wearer of the armor of the Shark." (Author's note, in Egyptian Mythology, Sebek is the Egyptian crocodile god, but we'll just stick with the armor of the shark because Sharks have more teeth. Couldn't find a shark god anywhere…)

Sebek stepped forward wearing black, dark blue and white armor. He had a very fierce looking weapon that looked like it had teeth. It was a staff of some kind with chains and hooks. It was used to grab Sebek's enemy and shake them, like a shark would do to its prey. Sebek's armor was very shark-like. There was a very sharp dorsal fin like piece between his shoulder blades to stab through his enemies from behind. He also had a jagged-looking sword, like the teeth of a shark. His faceplate was pointed, like the snout of the shark with teeth. Sebek greeted him with a nod instead of words. Unlike the others, Sebek was very quiet. Sometimes they thought he was mute, but he could talk when only he really wanted to.

"Now, warlords, snow children, find the rest of the armors and bring them back to me!" Snow Tulpa ordered, "if you succeeded, you will be rewarded well, if you fail, then you shall be punished!"

The snow children gasped.

"Except you, snow children. I will let you try again."

The warlords groaned.

"Remember," Lord Snow Tulpa said, "if you were to run into the new warriors, bring them to me alive. I'd like to have a few words with them."

"Yes, Master Snow Tulpa," Laban said, kneeling and bringing his arm across his chest. "We won't fail." The snow children turned and left, followed by the warlords.


A girl by the name Gail was casually swimming at the swimming pool with some of her friends.

"Gail, doesn't it look like it's going to rain?" a friend asked.

Gail looked up a the clouds forming in the sky. Gail loved rain, "yeah, so what if it is? Paula, you're terrified of the rain, aren't you?!" Gail had chin-length black hair with blue highlights and blue eyes. She wore a purple bikini and had a mighty good tan.

"It will probably be a hurricane," Paula added.

"Well, good. I like hurricanes."

Stella laughed, "Gail, you're nuts! You know how fast wind is in hurricanes? And how hard the rain falls?"

"The clouds are forming closer to the beach," Paula noted.

"Then let's go there.

"What, Gail! Are you crazy?!" Paula and Stella cried at once.

"Fine," Gail got out of the pool, "if you chickens don't wanna come then I'll go there myself!" Gail quickly ran into the dressing room to change into a pair of blue jeans cut-offs and a pink wrap shirt.

"She wouldn't…" Paula muttered.

Gail left the dressing room and headed for the beach, "she would," Stella said.

Gail rode her bicycle as fast as she could to the beach. She could feel the wind getting stronger. She sat down and waited for the hurricane to come over the water. People started leaving the beach and a lifeguard warned her about the storm but Gail would not leave until the storm was over. Gail was an adventurous, even crazy and risk-taking kind of girl. Gail leaned back and waited for the storm like she was basking in the sun. The storm came in a matter of minutes, first the wind, then the rain and the hail but Gail stayed. To prevent from flying away, she hugged a pillar on the beach. She saw a large ball from the sky and next to her feet.

"That's the weirdest rock of hail I've ever seen," Gail said, picking it up. The ball had a purple kanji symbol called courage. Then the storm died down, leaving Gail drenched. Gail went back home and while she was sleeping, she had the strangest dream. She dreamed that everything she knew was a lie and that she belonged somewhere else. Gail woke up and looked out the window. Gail reached for the ball again. She saw a strange light in the distance, "what is that light?" she asked. Without wasting another moment, she sneaked out of the window and followed the light. She looked up in the sky to see a strange looking boat floating above her.

"What the heck?"

A woman with long black hair leaned down, "I've been looking for you."

"What?" Gail muttered.

The woman jumped down, "you must come with me."

"Who are you?" Gail demanded.

"My name is Lady Kauyra. Kauyra of the stars." She replied. "And you are needed to bring down the evil dynasty."

Gail broke out in laugher, "What?!"

Kauyra pointed to the ball she was holding, "do you know what that is?" she asked.

"It fell from the sky."

"It also holds great powers. It can transform you into a warrior."

"Why would I want to do that?"

"Because when you use it, you wear the armor of the Typhoon and you can control the rain." Kauyra explained. "It is very strong and it is even stronger when paired with the armor of the hurricane."

"I must be dreaming," Gail mumbled, "please, someone pinch me!"

"You must believe me, Gail."

"How did you know my name?" Gail demanded hotly.

"I know everything about you. I watched you since the day you were born. You and your brother were separated at birth."

"I have a brother?" Gail gasped.

"A twin brother," Kauyra confirmed, "he controls the wind and he is the wearer of the armor of hurricane. Unless you find him and the other ronin warriors, Snow Tulpa will destroy everything."

"I don't believe this," Gail muttered.

Kauyra stepped closer, "you must go to Japan and search for your brother Yuli."

"How will I know when I see him?" Gail asked.

"Trust me, you'll know." Kauyra went back to her boat and went away.

"Man, this is nuts," Gail groaned, "that's it…I'm never going to be outside in a storm again." But the more she thought about it, what was there for Gail to lose? She looked down and saw a picture of a boy with dark brown hair and blue eyes and a very cute smile. She turned the picture over and it said Yuli and the back of it. When Gail saw the face, she had the weirdest feeling come over, like she's supposed to know him. "Could this…could this be my twin brother?"

Ronin's Home

While everyone was asleep, Yuli researched the other armors. He wanted to know everything about them. He read everything about his armor of the hurricane and then he came across something new. There was an armor like his, but called the armor of typhoon. It will come to the person in a hurricane, just as the armor of the hurricane came to Yuli in a typhoon. When these two armors are found, both warriors can control the rain and the wind.

"Wow," Yuli leaned back, "there's an armor like mine out there. I wonder who it belongs to."

He read on and looked at the picture of the armor of the typhoon. "It looks like a girl's armor. Then, there must be girl ronin warriors out there too!" Yuli stood up, "I wonder where they are."

"Yuli, go to sleep!" Kento shouted from up stairs, "I can hear you from all the way up here."

"Oh, sorry, Kento," Yuli yelled back.

The Next Day…

Yuli went back to the harbor where he found his armor. The others decided to go with him and help him out. "Yuli, are you sure that there's more armors out there?" Ryo asked.

"Of course, Ryo. This is where I found mine." Yuli said, "right here."

"If there's other Ronin Warriors, then maybe Tulpa came back." Rowen said.

"Yeah and the warlords too," Sage added.

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm starving!" Kento grunted.

Sai laughed, "we just ate, Kento."

After hearing Kento complain, they finally gave in and went to a restaurant next to the airport.

"Hey, Yuli, that girl's staring right at you," Kento said, leaning over to point at a girl with long bluish black hair. He winked at Yuli.

"Now she isn't," Yuli mumbled, blushing and looking at the floor.

"Actually, she is," Sage confirmed.

"Maybe you should go and talk to her," Kento said, nudging him.

"Kento, knock it off!" Yuli muttered lowly, but Kento pushed him out of the booth. Yuli stood right up and wiped the dust off his clothes.

The girl was staring right at Yuli. She stood up too. Yuli walked up to the girl and she walked to him, "Hi," Yuli began, "my name's…"

"Is your name Yuli?!" the girl shouted.


The girl pulled a photo out of her backup, "this is you, right?"

"Well, yeah…"

"This might be kind of strange, but try not to be shocked."


"Yuli, I'm your sister."

Kento had to move fast to keep Yuli from passing out and hitting his head on a table. "I told you she was looking right at you," Kento said before Yuli went out of consciousness.

To Be Continued…