Ronin Warriors: Next Generation: Part 7

Ronin Warriors: Next Generation: Part 7

Feel The Wind

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"My Lord Snow Tulpa," Boris knelt down in front of Snow Tulpa, "we've been breached! It's the Snow Twins, sire!"

"Boris, I have grown tired with you," Snow Tulpa growled, "You've failed me one too many times!!"

"Forgive me, Master!" Boris cried. "I'll stop them!"

"I will not accept failure from you, Boris," Snow Tulpa shouted. "Your armor is mine!"

"Mater, no!"

Boris and took a step back, but before he could get away, Snow Tulpa sucked in the Warlord of Revenge and the armor of the Vulture. Tulpa erupted with wicked laughter. The laughter filled the whole temple and everyone heard it.

"Snow Tulpa," Ryo muttered under his breath.

"Snow Twins, come to me, my children," he ordered.

"Yes, my lord?" Laban knelt down first, followed by Amarantha.

"Boris had just failed me," he said, "and I had to punish him by taking away his armors. We have uninvited guests, now I want you go and welcome them or I will have yours as well. If you do what I say, I will reward you, fail me, I will kill you!"

Laban and Amarantha exchanged glances as if to say 'I think he really means it'.

"Yes, Master Snow Tulpa," Laban nodded. "We will give them a fight they won't forget."

"We'll make you proud," Amarantha added, "Master."


They stood up, "Yes, Master Tulpa!" and they ran off, fearing for their lives.

"I will have your armors! Every one of them!" Snow Tulpa boomed.

"Come and take it!" Yuli shouted. His voice sounded a bit far away but still so very close.

"It's Yuli!" Ryo cried, his eyes brightening.

The wind outside the temple blew harder and it broke through the walls, taking Yuli and Gail with it.

"You made it!" Mia rejoiced.

"Sorry we're late," Gail apologized, "we kinda got lost."

"Now that we've found you," Selket said, walking out of the shadows, "we will tear you apart!" She nodded to Sebek and Calisto they circled around the Warriors. Selket advanced to Mia. Sebek to Yuli and Gail and Calisto Rose and Akira.

"I will make you pay for ruining everything for me!" Selket grumbled.

"I'm sorry, Selket, it's my job!" Mia cried, "Fire Bird Scorch!"

Selket turned her staff and it shielded the heat. "You'll have to do better than that, Mia of the Sun!"

Cale and Dais exchaned glances. "Dais, who are these people?" Cale demanded, thinking he is making an illusion.

"Leave me alone, Kale." Dais groaned, "my head still hurts." Calisto's touch of death went by them without even noticing it and it disoriented them from being still cold from their frozen prison. "What was that?!" It made them dizzy and light headed.

"Watch out!" Kento warned, taking out Dais of the way. "We'd better get you out of here."

"Get your hands off me, Hardrock!" Dais shouted.

"Nice to see you too, Dais," Kento grumbled.

"Kale, watch it!" Sage grabbed his arm and pulled him away, "Calisto's attacks will drain your strength."

"When did you get to be so smart?" Kale asked dreaily, "have you noticed how your sword looks so much like mine?" he held up his sword of darkness.

Sage made a funny face, "uh, Kale…"

"But your sword is the sword of light and mine is the sword or darkness!" Kale laughed, "isnt' that ironic, Sage of the Halo?"

"I think you need a nap," Sage told him. "A very long one."

"No, I'm fine," Kale argued, "I just had a…" he fell on Kale and Dais fell on Kento.

"Man, I'd rather be fighting them than having them fall on me!" Kento shouted.

"Sebek, you're mine!" Gail twirled her sword around and jumped to him. Sebek slowly walked to her and clashed his weapon with hers. He acted almost like he didn't' feel like fighting and Yuli noticed it.

"Huh?" Yuli mumbled, bringing his swords down. He remembered when he saw that tear in his eye. "Gail, wait."

Gail didn't listen to him and continued to fight.

"Go ahead child," he whispered, putting half of himself in his attacks, "do it if you think it will bring your parents back."

"Gnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" Gail tripped Sebek and he just laid there flat on his back. She pulled her sword strait up until the hilt was a few inches over her head. "This is for my parents!" she began to bring the sword straight down until it went down through his chest.

"Go on," Sebek said to her. He didn't blink or turn his head away.

"Gail, stop!" Yuli cried, stepping to the side.

"Don't try to stop me, Yuli!" She seemed be doing it in slow motion. Her sword was just a few inches from his chest and then she coudlnt' move it any more. "Huh?" she mumbled. "I can't move!"

"You don't really need ot kill him, Gail," Yuli said.

"Yes I do!" she argued, "he killed our parents!"

"He didn't' mean it."

She looked at her top left and saw Lady Kayura standing with the ancient's staff. It was the staff that kept Gail from running Sebek through. "Stop it, Lady Kayura, let me do it!"

Yuli took Gail's sword away. "Gail, look at him," Yuli said. He wrapped his arm around her and pulled her back.

Sebek stood up, "you didn't do it."

"Only because Lady Kayura wouldn't let me," Gail snarled.

"You upset me, Sebek!" Snow Tulpa boomed. His voice echoed from inside the temple.

"You will pay with your armor!"

"No Master!" Sebek cried, "Don't!"

Selket stopped fighting Mia and jumped in front of Sebek, "Please Master, don't take his armor away!" she shouted, "take mine instead!"

"No, Selket," Sebek whispered to her.

"I should take both of yours for disobeying me!" Snow Tulpa shouted.

Calisto stood still, "Master, why? Why would you take our armors away from us after we serve you?"

"It's not your service I need, Calisto," Snow Tulpa said, "it's your armors!"

Calisto, Sebek and Selket screamed as they were drained from their powers and armors. They disapeared right in front of the Ronin Warriors.

"And you, Ronin Warriors, are next!"


"Ugnnn," Sekhmet groaned. "What did Selket do to me?" he pulled himself up, "I know we fought a bit together but this is ridiculous." Then he heard Snow Tulpa laughing. "No, I can only think what that could mean."

Before he would take the Ronin's Armors, he thought he would take the armors from Sekhmet, Dais and Kale. He went to the room, "time for you to serve your dark purpose!" but something was different about them. "What?" He reached his hand toward them and it went straight through Dais and the illusion disapeared. "AAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH! You three will pay!"

His scream served as energy for Sekhmet and he ran out of the temple. "We are in trouble!" Sekhmet shouted.

"Snow Tulpa just took all of his warlord's armors!" Mia cried.

"Oh no, my cousin," he moaned.


Sekhmet walked to the delusional Dais and Kale. "I really hate your illusions, Dais," Kale mumbled thoughtlessly.

"What brought that on?" he asked.

"Oh, I-don't-know." Kale mumbled, trying to pronounce each word. He like he was stoned and drunk.

Sage and Kento exchanged glances like, I like them better when they're trying to kill us!

"Kale, Dais, we've got a problem!" Sekhmet cried.

"Hi Sekhmet!" Kale muttered, "what brings you here?"

"Snow Tulpa knows we're gone! He's going to take our armors away!"

"Impossible," Dais blurted, "we're still there! I made an illusion so he thinks we're still there."

"Wow, you're so smart, Dais!" Kale murmured.

Sekhmet groaned like he was about to get sick, "Well, the illusion is gone now!"

"Dais, I really hate your illusions," Kale mumbled again. (I'm sorry, I apologize that I'm making Dais and Kale sound like two drunks in a bar, but that's what Calisto does to you! Besides, you all think this is funny, don't you? Come on, you're all cracking up right now, I know you are!)

"You just said you thought I was smart!" Dais cried, "that hurt my feelings! I think I'll go hide in the shadows for a few hours!"

"Dais, shut up, please!" Kento groaned, "I can't take it anymore!"

Sekhmet punched the two warlords to bring them their senses, "do you hear me? Snow Tulpa is going to destroy us all!"

Dais and Kale blinked, "WWWWWWWWHAAAAAAAT!?"

"Thanks, Sekhmet, they needed that." Sage said.

"We did not, Halo!" Kale growled.

"Trust me, you did."

"We got to do something!" Sekhmet said.

"Are you trying to replace Anubis?" Kale questioned.

"What?" Sekhmet mumbled.

"Oh, be quiet!" Dais shouted. "Anubis was the best of all of us! If it wasn't' for him everyone will be dead!"

"Dais is right," Sekhmet agreed. "He was the best of all of us."

"Snow Tulpa is stronger than Tulpa was," Kale said.

"What do we do?" Dais asked.

Lady Kayura walked to the warlords. "He's much stronger now that he has four of the armors in his control. We must stop him now, before it's too late."

"But it is!" Snow Tulpa appeared, breaking through the temple. "I will have all of your armors! Snow Children, bring them to me!"

"Yes, Master Snow Tulpa." Laban said, "Blizzard Fury!" Snow and Wind went toward the ronins.

"Hurricane Flare!" a gust of wind pushed Laban's attack away. Yuli nodded to Ryo, "you have to change into the armor of inferno, Ryo."

"I can't, the guys," Ryo argued.

"They'll be fine. There's no other way to get the armor of inferno anyhow," Yuli said. "Hurry up, Ryo!"

The powers from the four Ronins went to Ryo as he called upon the armor of inferno.

"The armor of inferno!" Snow Tulpa murmured, "Hariel's white armor, I must have it!"

"Rage of Inferno!" the hot heat went passed Laban and Amarantha. It didn't even phase Snow Tulpa. "You can't destroy me, Ryo of the Wildfire. You're too weak!"

Ryo muttered a few cusswords under his breath. Then he remembered what Hariel had said. He needed to have faith in Yuli. Yuli was able to help him somehow. He looked at him, "I'll need your help, Yuli."

"Sure," Yuli nodded, "Storm up now!" the jewel of life around his neck started glowing. (In part 3 he lost it but got it back in part 4. I just forgot to say that.)

Within Snow Tulpa, Boris, Calisto, Selket and Sebek held Snow Tulpa back and was unable to move. Ryo was reminded of the time when the other warriors did the same when he was fighting tulpa.

Their kanjis showed up on their forheads. Boris, mercy. Calisto, patience. Sebek, humility, Selket, devotion.

"They're holding him for us!" Mia cried.

"You may have our armors, Snow Tulpa," Calisto cried inside of him, "but you don't have us!"

Snow Tulpa laughed. "You fools, you can't destroy me or control me! Don't you see, I've been controlling you forever!"

Yuli looked at the jewel of life. It was swinging around by itself and it kept glowing, "what's up with the jewel?" Yuli asked. The power from Akira's armor, Laban's armor, Boris' armor, Calisto's and Sebek's armor infused together and it flew toward Yuli. "What the heck?!" Yuli's armor of Hurricane changed and a gust of wind pushed at him like the fire that pushed against Ryo when he put ono the armor of Inferno. Then Yuli was wearing white armor that looked a lot like the armor of inferno but instead of gold horns, it had silver and the red symbol on the forehead of the helmet of Inferno (Is it red or blue) was blue. His two swords were longer and like the armor of inferno, two symbols were on the front with the symbol of Hurricane. But there were two different sumbols One was the symbol of hurricane, gusts of wind and a whirlwind on the other.

"Yuli, you're wearing the---" Ryo said then stopped. He wasn't sure what it was.

Yuli heard a voice in his head, "the armor of Tornado." It said. Yuli looked at Ryo, "it's called the armor of Tornado."

When a hurricane becomes stronger and excedes from the

ocean and into land

A tornado forms.

Turning and churning with powerful winds.

Powerful enough to tear houses off of the earth and

toss them away like nothing.

Ryo remembered what Hariel had said, power like a tornado of fire. He smiled at how brilliant the armor looked on Yuli.

"Why, the armor of Tornado!" Snow Tulpa laughed, "I've heard of this armor. There isn't only one white armor, you know."

"What are you talking about?" Ryo demanded.

"Let me tell you a story of the great warrior Hariel. Did you know he had a brother?"

that explains why there's another white armor, Ryo thought.

"Harie's brother was called Luthor. Luther had a twin sister, Edith. Edith and Luther were the first storm twins and Edith was the first female warrior!" (In my dictionary, the meaning of Luther means "famous warrior" and Edith means "prosperous in war" if you ask me, it's a perfect fit!) "You cannot defeat me with your pathetic new armors! You can't have one storm armor without the other!"

Gail smiled and looked at Yuli, "then I get a new armor too!"

"Foolish girl," Snow Tulpa growled, "the only thing you will get is a long and painful death!"

"No!" she backed away, behind Yuli. Yuli held his arm back toward her protectively.

"Don't even touch her, Snow Tulpa!" Yuli threatened.

Snow Tulpa reached past Yuli and grabbed Gail. He began to squeeze her and she couldn't move.

"Let her go!" Yuli cried.

No one is born a real nobleman or noblewoman

No matter the means of their lineage

There are many steps and ranks in nobility.

They must stay pure, high-minded and kind

And their nobility will be as a rose in full bloom

Smelling sweet and pure

And erupt like a volcano

Flowing down, straight and true.

Rose reached into the quiver of rose arrows that rested behind her right hip and pulled out three. The rose arrows were nothing like real arrows or real roses. They were golden arrows and it had curved spikes that turned around the arrow head. There was spikes down the stem. When fired, it could burrow inside skin, or armor. (Can you say "OWIE!?) "Let her go!" Rose cried. She pulled out another rose, "Flaming Rose Scorch!"

A bird of fire will always sing

A bird of fire can not be caged

The sun cannot be blocked from the sky

It's generous warm glow will shine to all for all time

Mia tightened her fingers around her Pheonix Sun Swords. "Sun Sword Banish!"

Just like the sun,

The stars will continue to shine brightly

The stars burn with gas far away

They are beautiful and entirely unselfish.

They glow because that is their purpose

Beautiful and Selfless the stars will remain

Lady Kayura bit her lip and breathed in the nasty stench of blood and fear. She took the ancient's hat of and threw it down at her feet.

"Lady Kayura, are you alright?" Kale asked.

"Get behind me, gentlemen and take the ancient's staff." She handed it to Kale and threw off her robe to reveal her armor of stars. The armor she wore now wasn't like the armor she wore then. It covered her whole body, like Selket's. It was silver, black and white. She held out her hand and a helmet appeared in her hand. It had a silver star on the front and she placed it on her head. She reached to her back and pulled out her Starlight Swords.

"We'd better get back," Kale said.

Lady Kayura jumped up, "Star Sword Scream!"

Amarantha stood and watched as Kayura, Mia and Rose fought to try to free Gail from Snow Tulpa's grasp. A tear fell from her eye and froze as it slid down her cheek. The tear drop of ice fell into the snow. She couldn't help but watch. She was frozen, like her heart that beat inside her chest.

Feeling of anger and carelessness

Can be as cold as snow and ice.

But a heart of ice can melt

When the heart turns benevolent.

And a soul desires to do good

Instead of evil,

The soul is cold and dark no more.

Benevolence can melt any cold heart

"I have a riddle for you, ladies," Snow Tulpa said. "What happens when three week women try to fight an invincible emperor?"

"I hate riddles!" Amarantha snarled. Stepping toward Snow Tulpa.

"What? My child, stay where you are!"

"I'm not your child!" she snapped, "I'm a Ronin Warrior!"

"You know the penalty for betrayal, young one!" Snow Tulpa growled, "I will take you and your armor!"

"See if I care!" she reached for her sword and carved a line in the ground, "Buried Alive!" Snow surged from the line and toward Snow Tulpa he dropped Gail and Kayura caught her.

"Will she be okay?" Rose asked.

"Yes," Kayura whispered. "We must give her our powers show she could wear the new armor."

A great storm like a hurricane or typhoon

Can not be a storm with wind or rain alone.

You cannot have one without the other.

The wind needs the rain

As much as the rain needs the wind

Just like two twins from the same parents

Two twins who have only each other.

Yuli ran to Gail and pulled her in his arms, "Gail are you alright?" he asked. Nothing can happen to her, she's all I've got!

Gail opened her eyes and pulled herself up. The clouds over head became darker and greyer. Lightning crashed and thunder boomed. First a light shower began to fall from the sky and down to only Gail, giving her power.

"Now I've got a riddle for you, Snow Tulpa," she muttered, "what happens when it rains,"

The rail fell a little harder and it got wider.

"And it rains,"

The rain grew more, harder, faster and wider.

"And it rains?"

It was pouring and rain was falling from everywhere.

Gail clenched her teeth, "it begins to floooooooooooood!" she threw her arms up and just like the fire that swallowed Ryo and the wind that swallowed Ryo, water consumed Gail. Her armor changed and a white armor like the Tornado and the Inferno replaced what she wore. Her boots were light blue and looked like the fins of a mermaid. The top of her armor was scaley like a fish's tail. She wore a helmet like the two other white armors. The horns were down and to the side and a copper color. Her chin length blackish blue hair was drenched and sparkling with rain drops. Her sword also changed. It was longer and broader. The hilt was scaley too. Her face was speckled with glitter. She stood between Ryo and Yuli. She heard a woman's voice. The voice of Edith.

You wear my white armor of Flood, dear Gail. It will protect you well.

"Your reign of agony is over, Snow Tulpa!" Yuli, Ryo and Gail cried.

"Rage of Inferno!"

"Storm of Tornado!" The hot fire merged with the Tornado and it churned toward Snow Tulpa. It melted the icicle ornaments off of his armor.

"Overflow of Flood!"

Virtue, like a raging inferno

Honor, like a storming tornado

Courage, like an over flowing flood

Together, they can stop the evil of all evil

right in its tracks.


Snow Tulpa began to scream and his armor began to break away piece by piece. He was gone forever.

"What about the others?" Sekhet asked. "Selket, where are you?"

"Right here, cousin!" Selket laughed.


"Cousin?" Dais and Kale chimed.

"He's gone," Gail said, "he's gone."

"Yes, but the netherworld is still covered in snow." Yuli commented.

"I can fix that," Mia reached for her Phenoix Sunswords. "I'll bring out the sun and melt all the snow."

"You can do that?" Gail asked.

"Sure I can!" she laughed and held her swords out, "Phoenix Sun Rise!"

The sun started to come behind the clouds and melt all the snow. Mia was weak after giving her power to Gail and her legs nearly gave out. Gail wrapped her arm around her and pulled her sword out. A light came from Gail's sword and into the clouds. She smiled at Mia and Mia smiled right back.

"Rainbow Rejuvenation!"

A rainbow formed across the sky. Flowers grew out of the ground and the water in the rivers began to flow freely.

"Thank you, Gail," Mia said.

"You're welcome."

Rose shook an unconscious Akira, "Akira, are you alright?"

"Just give me two more minutes," he groaned.

She laughed and kissed his lips. Akira eyes opened wide and smiled, "okay, I'm up, I'm up!"

Yuli's arm was wrapped against Ryo's neck. "You did a good job, Yuli," Ryo said, "you made me proud."

"I did?" Yuli mumbled.

"Yeah. You make our team complete, even when you were a little kid."

"Aw, thanks, Ryo," Yuli whispered.

"Yuli?" Amarantha whispered behind him. He turned around.

"Amarantha, thank you for saving my sister back there," Yuli thanked. "What made you save her?"

"I decided to join you," she told him.


Her mouth curled into a huge smile and she jumped and threw her arms around his neck. "Thank you." She leaned back, smiled and kissed Yuli.

Laban took off his helmet and looked at his reflection. He felt something back there. The power of his armor didn't leave him and go to Yuli by itself, Laban did it on his own. He wanted to see what that new armor looked like and he knew that it belonged to Yuli and not to Snow Tulpa. Be grateful that you're alive, Laban. Be grateful you were able to do something. He was laying on the grass. Gail began to walk toward him. Her sword remained pointed to the ground as she walked closer to him.

"Gail," he murmured.

Gail reached down and pulled the boy up by the chest plates of his armor. She smiled and kissed him intensely. She pushed him back to see the surprised look on his face. "Good job, Laban. I knew you would make the right choice."

He nodded, "I couldn't let Snow Tulpa destroy everyone. I would never be able to forgive myself."

Mia raised her arms and smiled as she felt the warm sun on her face. It seemed like ages since she saw the sun. She felt an armored hand on her shoulder that turned her around. "Ryo," she murmured.

"We never would have made it if it weren't for you, Mia," Ryo said.

"What are you talking about?" she asked, "It was you, Yuli and Gail who stopped Snow Tulpa."

"No, it was all of us. And you were the one who got me and the other four Ronins together. If it weren't' for you, we wouldn't have gotten this far. You're a very wonderful person."

"Ryo," she whispered, she tried to tell him to quit flattering her and he pulled her roughly against him and he kissed her forehead, cheeks and lips while her deep brown-reddish hair tangled around his fingers. Whiteblaze and Whiterain rubbed their heads together and Yuli looked at the two tigers.

"Hey, let's go home," Yuli said.

"Yeah," Gail agreed. "Let's go home!"


Sekhmet and Kale wrapped their arms around Lady Kayura. Dais stood to the side with folded arms.

"We did it gentlemen," Kayura said, "we just saved the world. We made these new armors and now they will be safe from Snow Tulpa forever."

"Who made who's?" Sekhmet asked.

Lady Kayura smiled, "you should know which armors you made."

"Lady Kayura, we were frozen statues for a long time!" Kale muttered, "I don't recall making any armors."

"Sure we did," Dais said, "now that I think of it, we fought Snow Tulpa and we chopped off some parts of his body. I made some armors from one of his legs."

"I made some from the other leg," Sekhmet said.

"I from one arm," Kale recalled.

"and I from the other," Kayura finished. She smiled, "I didn't make them all myself."

The four started to walk away and then Lady Kayura heard a noise. "Did you two hear that?"

"No," Kale murmured.

Lady Kayura walked to the noise. It sounded like a child crying. She found a young boy with greenish-blue eyes and reddish brown hair.

"What's the matter, young one?" she asked, kneeling in front of the boy. She looked into the eyes and was certain she saw them before.

"I'm lost." He answered.

"You can come with us," she held out her hand. The other warlords walked up behind her. They gasped.

"That boy," Kale mumbled, "reminds me of someone."

"You mean it?" the boy asked.

"Yes," Dais answered. "We'll take care of you."

"What's your name, boy?" Kale asked.

"Anubis," the boy answered. "I'll be your most loyal friend."

Sekhmet smiled, "I'm sure you will."

A loyal friend can't always be found around the corner,

Or maybe it can.

No one wants to remain a cruel ogre,

Nor a tricky spider.

Nor a venomous cobra

Nor a corruptive jackal

Nor a greedy witch.

No, nobody wants to be like that forever.

Cruelty can be turned into loyalty,

Illusion to serenity.

Venom to piety

Corruption to obedience

Greediness to selflessness.

When given the chance.

Loyalty, Piety, Serenity, Obedience, Selflessness. These kind of things can make all the difference in the world.


Gail cradled the white ball of fur in her arms as she looked at the sunrise. "You know what, Whitefrost?" she whispered to the young white tiger cub, "you're very lucky you've still got your parents." She looked down at her parent's graves.

They white cub yawned. Gail laughed and smoothed the tiger's fur.

"I thought I'd might find you here," Yuli said, carrying another white tiger cub. He stood next to Gail, "You know Gail, you're not supposed to separate the cubs when they're young. They need to be together all the time. That's what good siblings do, you know." He held the white ball of fur up across his face, "isn't that right, Whitewind?" (I'm sorry that I'm putting 'white' in front of the white tiger's names. But they're white tigers and that's 'white' is in "Whiteblaze" I thought it would be cute!)

"I miss them," Gail mumbled.

"Yeah, me too. But they're watching us, Gail." Yuli said, "and they're proud of us."

"Seriously?" she asked.

"Yeah, I mean, we found each other, didn't we?" Yuli said, "and we are the great Storm Twins, are we not?"

"Yes, we are the Mighty Storm Twins, yes we are!" she looked at her cub and talked in cute animal talk, "yes we are, yes we are!"

"I'll make you a promise," Yuli said, putting his hand on her shoulder, "if we keep the cubs together and don't separate them, they'll become as strong as we are. But we have to remember to stick together too, Gail."

"Yuli, where would I go?" Gail asked, "our parents are dead. You're my twin brother. You're all I have left. Of course I'm staying here. Twins are supposed to be inseparable."

"Come on Gail," Yuli said, "I think this little guy is getting hungry."

Gail laughed, "are you talking about the cub or yourself?"

He laughed back and turned around, his hand still on her shoulder. "Both. Now come on, Gail of the Typhoon, now let's get going."

"Right behind ya, Yuli of Hurricane!"

A storm cannot be powerful with wind or rain alone.

It needs both to be a storm.

Like two twins who need each other.

They are only twins when they are together.

They should never be alone.


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