Hey everyone this is just a prologue to my new fic. Hope you like! ~~

So this is how it ends, this is how it began: the Prologue

It took me a while, for it to sink in. I mean, its not like she was some stranger, she was.my best friend. You can't just forget like that, well some people can.I am not one of them. I am not going tell you about her, make you really love her, get to know her. Because she is dead now, I just don't want to admit.I just can't believe.or accept.until now.

They said it was during the car accident, just a little bit of ice. A truck swerved to the lane she was facing. It hit her head on, there was no way to survive.but I did. I was in the passenger seat, laughing along with her, she was teasing me about a boy who likes me. I remember her saying "It's about time you got a boyfriend!" We were going Christmas shopping, in 3 weeks it will be Christmas. They said if only she had time to move but an inch, fling herself onto me. Well if she did there would have been a possibility that she would have survived.

Everyone is grieving, but they didn't see it. I saw her face crash in with the window shield. She was wearing her fricking seat belt! They say she is somewhere special now, with God protecting her. That she is happier there, how can anyone be happier without their best friend?

She told me she loved me, that we would be friends forever.that was in the 3rd grade.The 3rd grade! And she still remembered it! Everything I ever knew was shattered, broken..

.I am left alone to deal. .I am left.

~~ Ok everyone, how did you like it? It is a fic that I really hope to come out good. Tell me what you think please, r &r. alright and until next chapter.Chapter 1: I'm not listening.