A/n thanks to everyone who reviewed my other stories. I know this chapter is short. I just had to get Conner into Sanctuary. I promise the next chapter will be up soon, and will be longer and better. Hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1

"Brennan!" Jesse called out to get his friends attention.


"Call coming in for you."

"Thanks," Brennan said as he sat in front of the screen and took the call.

Becky's face appeared. "Hi!"

"Hi, yourself. What's going on? Are you guys OK?"

"We're doing really well actually. That's sort of why I called. I'm working for an Insurance Company now. Investigating fraud. Who better to recognize a con than a con?"

"I guess so," agreed Brennan with a chuckle. "That's good news. How's Connor?"

"He's good. He misses you."

"Well, I miss him too." Brennan saw the relief in Becky's eye's as he said this.

"Then you may like the reason I called. I need to go away on a week or two as part of an investigation I'm doing. When I told Connor, he asked if he could stay with you while I'm gone. What do you think? Would that be OK?"

Brennan's face lit up. "OK?! That would be great. Give us a chance to spend some real time together, without having to worry about being chased. You don't mind?"

"No. I'd rather he stay with you than anyone else. And he needs a man in his life. Some time with you would be good for him I think. You're sure it won't be a problem?"

Seeing Adam walk in Brennan asked him, "It's OK if Connor comes to stay for a week or two? Right?"

Adam smiled at the excitement he heard in the younger mans voice and the happiness in his expression. "I don't see why not. Things are fairly quiet."

"Thanks Adam!" Brennan said before looking back to Becky. "So where exactly are you going? And when are you leaving?"

"I'll be in New York. I'm supposed to leave on the red eye flight tonight. I know it's short notice, but. . . "

"That's fine." "Why don't you meet us for dinner?"

"Sounds like a plan."

They worked out the details of dinner and ended the call.