Title: Out of the Darkness (1/?)

Author: Sandi Bebop

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Summary: Post OotP..Uncle Vernon has changed, and not for the better.

Spoilers: SS, CoS, PoA, GoF

Rating: R for angst, child abuse, and mentions of rape.

Warnings: Slash, Harry angst, abuse, and rape.

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Out of the Darkness

Chapter 1

Harry sat on the bare floor of his cupboard; it was three weeks into July with his sixteenth birthday in a week. Arrival 'home' to Number Four Privet Drive had been most devastating for the young man now imprisoned under the stairs. After the threat he had received from the group of wizards at Kings Cross, Vernon Dursley had suppressed his rage until he returned home, then all hell broke loose.

In a fit of rage at being told what to do with his nephew by a bunch of freaks, Vernon drug Harry into the house by his unruly raven-colored hair and threw him onto the staircase. The first thing that Harry noticed was the unusual silence in the house, then it dawned on him that all photos of Aunt Petunia and Dudley were missing as well as other memorabilia's of them. Uncle Vernon had stomped off to the kitchen, warning Harry to stay where he was unless he wished to be beaten within an inch of his life. Knowing better then to test his uncle's patience, Harry sat on the bottom step.

It was then that he noticed an open vanilla envelope in the corner. He looked around to confirm Uncle Vernon was elsewhere, then grabbed the envelope and read the letter inside.

Dear Vernon,

Ever since Grunnings went out of business, you have been neglecting Dudley and I. You can no longer properly provide for us, so we are leaving you. I've already called Marge and she is more then willing to allow us to stay with her as long as we like. If you can get back on your feet again, give us a call and we can talk about it. Until then.

Petunia Evans

Harry reread the letter, eyes open in shock. He knew his aunt was selfish, hell they all were, but he couldn't believe she had left him because he didn't have enough money anymore. Before he could begin to contemplate how shallow his aunt was, Harry heard a roar of anger come from the doorway of the kitchen.

Vernon was standing in the doorway with a near empty bottle of whiskey in his hand. His face was ruddy from pinkish, and his eyes flashed with anger when he realized what Harry was reading. He ran over to Harry with a speed one would think unlikely for a man of his stature, screaming at him.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING, FREAK?!" he grabbed Harry by the neck with one hand and lifted him off the ground, slamming him against the wall. "HAVING A LAUGH AT YOUR UNCLE, EH? COME ON BOY, YOU'RE COMMING WITH ME!" Vernon hiccoughed then gave an evil laugh at the site of terror in his nephew's face.

He drug the boy up the stairs, swaggering slightly until they reached the master bedroom once inhabited by himself and Petunia.

Vernon turned to Harry with dropping eyes and whispered in his ear, "Since Petunia left in November, I've been extremely... frustrated." he laughed insanely, watching the word turn over in Harry's head until he understood what he meant. "Don't try to struggle, boy." he whispered, dragging the flailing body to the bed then turning to lock the door, "There's no fun in a struggle." Harry searched for an exit, finding nothing that could help him. No, this couldn't be happening. His uncle hated him, but surely he wouldn't... he couldn't...

Harry struggled to get off the bed, but found himself pinned by Vernon in a split second. He began binding his nephew's hands with a belt and tying it to the headboard.

Vernon ran a hand over the young man's face, grinning as his flinched at the touch. Denying that this was happening, Harry slammed his eyes shut and shook his head slightly when his uncle began undressing him roughly. He felt a gag being forced into his mouth as his shirt was removed.

Chuckling insanely, watching the boy's denial. The pain in his nephew's face and actions were arousing Vernon, so he wasted no time in relieving Harry of the other clothes he wore. Soon, his nephew lay on the bed with nothing to cover his chaste body. Vernon's clothes were gone except for a pair of plaid boxers.

He climbed on the bed and bent over Harry, who blanched at the smell of liquor on his breath. There was no way this could be happening...

Breathing heavily, Vernon asked, "Are you a virgin, boy?" he laughed loudly as the boy shrunk beneath him, "I thought so. Don't be too disappointed, I can show you things no teenage girl could do for you."

Harry was shaking his head more violently, refusing to open his eyes. His uncle would snap out of this soon enough and lock him in the cupboard. Gods, how he wished he could be in the cupboard now. He shuddered and cringed when Vernon put his hand on Harry's most intimate place. No, No, this couldn't be happening.

He began to scream for help through the gag, but Vernon wouldn't have anyone hearing the boy and come for him. He raised a lamp from the bed-side table and brought it down on Harry's face, knocking him unconscious; but also breaking his glasses and sending shards of the clear splinters straight into the young man's eyes. Vernon laughed like a man gone mad as he continued to violate his nephew's body.


Harry awoke the next day, locked in his cupboard. He was wearing nothing, save his boxers. When he tried to sit up, he was aware of a pain in his lower back. Eyes open wide in shock and fear, Harry began to hyperventilate, remembering what had happened.

"Oh gods," he whispered, "No, he couldn't have." but Harry knew it was useless denying what had happened. His wrists were raw and scabbing from the binds, he could feel cuts and bruises all over his body, and he realized that everything was dark.

Normally, his eyes would adjust to the lack of light in the cupboard, but even as he moved his hands in front of his face he saw no movement at all. Harry brought his fingers to his eyes and flinched in pain when he touched them, feeling liquid n his fingers. He could smell the blood as the realization hit him: he couldn't see, he was blind.


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