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Just a day, just an ordinary day. No good science experiments, no more lab rats, and no more testing of the outer being. Ever since his lab was destroyed by the public and by the FBI, the great scientist known as the wonder of many discoveries was out of business. He needed a new "experiment" to continue his wonderful studies. He needed someone or something to "experiment" and he would be known for his wonderful studies. Sadly though, this great scientist died before he would know the great world of the planet Earth and the saiyans that protected it. But not all stories have a sad ending like that.

He had a son and his son would follow his footsteps. Still on the search for an "experiment", the son of the scientist would fulfill his father's dream. He watched every person, every animal and every living thing on the entire planet looking for that right "experiment" to test on. He finally found the right lab rat, just getting to it would be easier said than done. He needed more information before he chose his rat. The only way to get the information he needed was to ask around.and to follow the person, or thing, and capture it with his two hands.


"And that's what you get for trying to steal jewelry on a Sunday," Great Saiyaman said handing the burglar to the cops. "Now I must be off to stop wrong and make it right, to make evil beings nicer, and to stop people like your from ever doing something like this again. I am the right of the wrong, leader of the innocent, proctor of the people, champion of justice, watcher of the town, solver of the crimes, quick moves to save-"

"Saiyaman," Saiyaman 2 shouted. "Make it short. We have to get back!"

"I'm almost done," Saiyaman said with a whine. "I was about to do the best part!"

"Then finish it!"

"I was going to. Now where did I leave off, oh yeah! I am the Great Saiyaman!"

With a few Ginyu poses and Sailor Moon twirls, Saiyaman flew off with his partner flying close behind him. Saiyaman 2 sighed as she flew behind Saiyaman and hit the watch on her wrist.

"Ever here of short and sweet Gohan," Videl shouted trying to catch up with him. "Do you always have to makes your entrance and exiting a long speech to bore the dead?"

"I'm just trying new things," Gohan said hitting his watch and going back to his normal school clothing attire. "You know, something to entertain the people."

"How about stopping the crime and then fly away when you're done?"

"Now who wants that kind of boring stuff? People like to be entertained."

"Not by your boring speeches Saiyaman," Videl shouted finally catching up with Gohan.

"You don't have to be mean Videl," Gohan said a bit upset. He stuck his nose up in the air. "You're just jealous because I can do many things that you can't do!"

"Apparently speeches are one thing that I can do that you can't do."

"I have my low points!"

"And I have my high points."


The two continued their talking and landed on the school roof. They quickly made it down the steps and to their class in bit of a hurry. Videl went in the class first followed by Gohan. Both made it in their seats before the bell rung to start the new class. Sharpener rolled his eyes and Erasea laughed with Videl about something. Gohan pulled out his book and was ready for class.


School ended and Gohan flew back home on Nimbus. He was reading a book and trusted Nimbus to fly him straight home. Nimbus landed in front of the lawn but Gohan did not get off. He was still into the book and didn't realize that he was home or that the Nimbus stopped for that matter.

Chi-Chi stopped doing her laundry and looked at her son. Goku and Goten were hanging up clothes and also spotted Gohan with his nose in the book. The only movement that Gohan made was when he turned the page in his book.

"And I wanted to be like him when I grow up," Goten said as he stuck out his tongue. "Reading is for sissies. How can Gohan enjoy that stuff?"

"Well when you first learned how to talk then reading was fun," Goku said hanging up a sheet. "Gohan always enjoyed reading just like you enjoy training. Reading is good for you anyway. My favorite book will always be The Call of the Wild."

"You actually read," Chi-Chi asked as a sheet fell out of her hands. "When did you read that?"

"Gohan let me read it."

"Gohan let you read?"

"Chi-Chi, I'm not that brain dead. I know my ABC's and 123's. I'm old enough to read a novel with big words and sentences that I may not understand."

"The dog was not a cartoon character," Gohan said walking up to his family. Nimbus flew away and Gohan had his book under his arm. "They say that stories can take you places that you have never gone before. It's true."

"Books are for nerds," Goten said hanging up a pair of boxers.

"I read books. Does that mean I'm a nerd?"



"It's okay Mom," Gohan said with a smile on his face. "Goten would learn that terminology will materialize more on his studies than on television and that the humanity is like a proposition and the answers are inflexible so when he tries to ascertain verve then the answers are never in attendance. It's exceptional to distinguish comprehension and you can seize the answers without looking it up in a lexicon."

"You're too smart for your own good," Goku said with a laugh. "But one day Goten will embrace on the information that your mother has eligible on you."

Gohan, Goten and Chi-Chi blinked. Chi-Chi put her hand on his forehead and studied his face.

"My husband does not know those words," she said putting her hand to the side. "Where is my husband?"

"Come on Chi-Chi. With all the studying that you put Gohan through I had to catch up on a few words that you taught him. I may not know what they mean, but they are fun to say."

"Enough with the big words that I do not understand," Goten said holding his head. "I'm getting a headache and my stomach is growling."

Everyone laughed at Goten's comment and actions. They all went into the house when the laundry was done and hanging up. Goku looked out the window and squinted. A shadow quickly disappeared and Goku looked once again. He shrugged his shoulders and assumed that it was an animal or something related to that. But with that big of a shadow?

"I'll be back," Goku said opening the door. "I think I left something outside while doing some laundry."

"Don't use that excuse," Chi-Chi said waving a spatula in her hand. "You want to see your animal friends and have a baby!"

"You caught me," Goku said with a smile. "I'll be back before dinner."

"That's the only time that you're not late Goku."

"Can we come," Gohan asked.

"You have studying," Chi-Chi said putting the spatula in Gohan's face. She lowered it down to Goten. "And you have to get washed up and help me set the table."

Yes ma'am," the two said. Goku gave a smile to his sons and headed out to where he saw the shadow. He looked around the trees and behind the bushes. The person couldn't be too far since Goku saw him about two minutes ago.

Goku was about to give up hope but he saw a shadow around a tree. Afraid what the person may do to his family, Goku stepped up to the shadow and spoke.

"Who are you," Goku asked, as his voice was serious. "And what are you doing hanging around here?"

The shadow only moved an inch.

"Just looking." The voice was harsh and cold. The figure was small in height but wide around the edges. Goku couldn't see a face since the shadows were hiding it.

"Looking for what," Goku finally asked. "If you're looking for a town then it's over there in the south. It's about a mile away but if you take a short cut that way then it will take less time."

Goku pointed past the stranger but the shadow didn't move. Goku put his hand down and tried his best to get a better look at the shadow.

"Tell me," the harsh voice said. "What's one part of life that's precious to you and what would you do if it was gone?"

"Stay away from my family!"

"You are not human and nor are your sons. They are, as you call them, half breeds."

"What do you want with my sons," Goku growled. He made a fist in his hand. "Stay away from my sons and my wife! You have no business here!"

"I have business," the shadow said with a whisper. "What power do you hold to save the world and how does it affect the people around you? Are you really powerful to protect the ones you love?"

"The power I hold is to protect the ones I love."

"To protect them, what do you do?"

"I do whatever I can," Goku answered relaxing for a bit. "Anymore questions or do I have to ask them?"

"To protect the ones you love you do whatever you can to save them, even if it means your life. But does losing your life really protect the ones you love?"

Goku stood there confused. He didn't understand what the person was saying.

"Even dead I still protect the ones I love close to me," Goku said. "Now I have a question to ask you. Who are you?"

"Answer one more question and I'll tell you who I am."

"That's not fair."

"Life's not fair saiyan," the stranger hissed. " Now, answer my question."

"Then speak your question."

"Who did you hurt?"

"What do you mean," Goku asked. "I don't know what you're talking about."

"A warning saiyan."

And the shadow disappeared. Goku tried to grab the stranger but grabbed a tree branch instead. Who did he hurt and what did he mean by a warning? Still confused of what just happened, Goku walked back home with the questions still in his head.

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