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After a few days of bed rest, and a week off of school, Gohan was close to normal as he could possibly be. He was still shaking at times and attacking Goku because he would chase Gohan with needles. Vegeta started it and Goku thought it would be fun. The fun stopped when Gohan grabbed the needle and aimed it for Goku's neck. Goku stopped chasing Gohan after that.

Saiyaman was back in crime fighting and Gohan went back to school. He was not happy about school and when he came home he had lots of homework to make up. He got it done within a few days and turned it in. He was happy he was no longer going through what he was going through before and Videl was a big support. Gohan came home late one night and answered no questions. Goku knew what he did and so did Chi-Chi but that's going too far in the story.

Bulma was a bit unsure of Gohan's condition and knew that there were some traces of unwanted fluid in Gohan's body. Like mentioned before, he would still shake and get a bit delusional. Seeing spots in the classroom wasn't exactly healthy and passing out at the dinner table wasn't good either.

"In good time, he will heal," Bulma said to Goku. "It's still in his veins and who knows how long it may still be in there. Just be careful around him and stop chasing him with needles. He's a nervous wreck already and you chasing him with needles is not working."

"I stopped," Goku said putting his hands up for defense. "He tried to kill me with a needle and so I stopped. I know it wasn't a good idea but Vegeta made it fun."

"Vegeta I understand but Gohan's your own son! Why are you chasing him with things that you are afraid of yourself?"

"It looked fun."

"It wasn't fun," Gohan said rubbing his arm. "I thought maybe if I stabbed you with a needle then maybe you'll stop chasing me. I aimed for the neck so then maybe you won't be able to speak."

"Thanks Gohan," Goku mumbled.

"You should have aimed for the brain," Bulma said. "He has extra room for anything. He never uses his brain anyway."

"You would be a bad experiment in Dr. Igiegakie's eyes," Gohan said still rubbing his arm. "I can still feel the needles going through my skin. Not a great feeling."

"Well Dr. Igiegakie is dead now," Goku said stretching his arms. "We don't have to worry about him anymore. What was it like Gohan?"

Gohan remained silent.

"Goku, you know Gohan doesn't like talking about it," Bulma said. "Whatever happened to him wasn't good. He's better now and that's all that really matters. When Gohan's ready to tell his story then he'll tell it."

"I guess," Goku said with a sigh. "I'm just so curious. I wanna know what happened!"

"You really don't want to know," Gohan said rubbing his arm. "It's better off if you never knew. Just trust me on that, okay."

"It can't be that bad," Bulma said. "You're a saiyan for Kami sake! Your blood can protect you from the deadliest diseases known to man."

"They're not diseases Bulma."

"Then what is it?"

"It's testing," Gohan said as he grasped his arm tight. "Dr. Igiegakie tested my strength and wanted to see how my human and saiyan blood fight against things that went into my body. Sometimes they couldn't fight it because it was too strong for both kinds of blood. One would be used to it and the other wouldn't. Dr. Igiegakie noted that theory and tried to find something both of the bloods can agree on."

"Did he find anything," Bulma asked.

"No, but he did like to use Extiuion a lot."

"Goku mentioned that to me before. What is it?"

"What it does is shock my nerves and shut them down. It then sends its own nerves into my body and burns it inside. It attacks everywhere and too much at one time can drive anyone insane. Dr. Igiegakie made my body numb but the nerves in the Extiuion still had effect."

"So you were just lying there taking in the pain," Goku asked with concern. "How did he do that to you?"

"Pinned me down. I couldn't escape and the needles kept on coming." Gohan rubbed his arm. "But it wasn't needles he was using on me. He shocked me with lightening to see how my body can protect itself from the shock. I was still strong but my body soon grew weak. I didn't care what was going through my body and I let the needles pierce through my skin. I can't remember what they did to my body but I do remember one.

"He called it Theory of a Deadman, like the band. It was made from his own father's blood. He mixed it up with Extiuion and something called Monteriousios. It instantly killed rats and other animals he used it on. He was afraid to use it on me because I could have died just as fast. He wanted to keep me just a bit longer but he was so desperate to use it. It drove me crazy.

"My body was in pain and I felt so sick to my stomach. My head was pounding and blood came pouring out of my mouth. The blood wasn't red; it was green just like Dr. Igiegakie's blood. I could taste the rotting blood from his father and the pain from the Extiuion wasn't making me feel any better. The Monteriousios made me want to kill something or someone. I was tempted to kill myself but I had nothing to use against myself. Dr. Igiegakie saw my urge to kill and made me kill some of his rats and other animals. I couldn't control myself but killing felt so good in my hands. He used it once again when I turned into that monster. That urge to kill was flowing through my veins and I wanted to kill Dr. Igiegakie like he killed his other subjects. I didn't want to but it felt so good to kill him with my bare hands. I can still feel it in my blood."

"The saiyan blood must love it," Bulma said slowly backing away. "Do you still feel like you want to kill?"

"Not any more," Gohan said. "The saiyan blood and human blood fought it and it disappeared within my body. It's probably out by now."

"So you won't go out and kill, will you," Goku asked.

"No," Gohan said with a sigh. "I should be fine now. If not now, then I will one day. It takes time to heal and I still need to heal. I'll be okay, you'll see."

I bet most of you are thinking, will there be a squeal? I can't answer that now. I lost someone very close to me and this is the first time I lost someone that I loved so dearly. You can bet that there will be an angst fic out soon. Well anyways, please review and make me happy.