TITLE: A Popular Sense

AUTHOR: Parisindy

DISCLAIMER: No money was received or exchanged. We do not own Andromeda or any of its Characters. This is purely for fun.


SUMMARY: A short Fic in response to that dratted Nureek's challenge

Plot kitten from Nureek "All My Sins Be Remembered"


1.We know Harper hates Bobby, but he never really gets to tell us why.

2. When we first see Harper, he's all battered and bruised. No explanation is given.

"If you think of yourselves as helpless and ineffectual, it is certain that you will create a despotic government to be your master. The wise despot, therefore, maintains among his subjects a popular sense that they are helpless and ineffectual."

-Frank Herbert


Harper heard the foot falls on the floor. Slow, determined and unrelenting. He was back and he didn't know where Beka was. His heart thudded loudly in his chest. He was hiding in the corridor between engineering and Cargo storage. Bobby knew this ship nearly as well as he did, it was just a matter of time.

Bobby Jensen, Beka's ex boyfriend, paused and let out a low whistle. "Here little mudfoot. Come out and play."

To him Harper was no more then a vermin.a plague that he believed he could rectify.

Harper closed his eyes tightly. It had all started less then an hour ago. It seemed like centuries.

They had spent a great weekend Ottawa Drift. They had spent way too much money on booze and gambling. But, they had let off a lot steam. Everyone had taken his or her own vacations. Rev was visiting the local monastery, There just happened to be a small out reach on the drift and he had wanted to show his support. Who the hell knew where Vex Pag was! He was always his own man and often very secretive. Beka and Harper decided to stick it out together and see where the night took them.

Harper and Beka had just spent their last chip at a local casino and decided it was time to go home. Harper had just said something funny and Beka had been wiping tears of laughter from her eyes as they approached the Maru.

Standing right by their Airlock was the last person either of them had ever wanted to see again.

Beka froze and stiffened beside him. Harper hadn't seen him since Beka kicked him off the ship for lying to her. Bobby had tried to kill him. Bobby let a slow icy smile cover his face.

"Hello, kids. Just the people I was looking for."

"What the hell do you want!" snarled Beka.

"Come on Beka. I know we parted on bad terms But, I was walking by the Maru and got nostalgic.can't we talk?"

Neither Harper nor Beka trusted his motives. But, Harper also knew that Beka had been awful lonely since they broke up. "No, boss!" He whispered. "Don't trust him."

"Harper I'm not stupid." She hissed back. "But, I'm curious what does he really want?" she then turned to Bobby. "Five minutes nothing more."

"Five minutes is all I need."

Beka pushed Bobby aside and activated the airlock release code. Once open she took a step forward. Bobby followed her and Harper trailed behind warily. In the split second that Beka had let down her guard to open the airlock Bobby reacted. He kicked back with his leg knocking Harper down the small ramp. All the air squelched from the engineer's lungs. He couldn't even warn Beka as Bobby raised a metal bar and slammed it against Beka's back.

With one quick smile Bobby slammed the door shut and sealed it, cutting Harper off from Beka. Finding his air Harper let out a bellow of denial. Harper clawed at the air lock but it was useless. He glanced up desperately. There was an access portal in to the Cargo pod on the very top. There were very few handholds. It would be a tricky climb. Harper kicked of his boots and socks. Bare feet would insure a better grip.

He scrambled up the side of the Maru as quick has he dare. He never allowed himself a look down. His feet were bloody by the time he reached the top. Cut on loose metal paneling and sharp edged bolts. Next chance he got he was going to weld a ladder on to the side of the beloved old ship.

He crept in as quietly as he could but unfortunately some time had passed and Bobby knew the ship almost as well as he did. Harper tripped an alarm as he jumped down in to the empty cargo bay. He swore under his breath. That alarm was never on. Bobby had really thought this out.

Harper wasn't about to give the over grown goon any more chances. He had a plan.if he could only get to engineering. He padded down the corridor leaving bloody footprints in his wake.

He heard a noise behind him. It was Bobby he was sure of it. Bobby was never quiet. He was forced to duck in to a near by conduit. The Maru's conduits were old and rusty nearly to small for even him but he managed to squeeze in.

How could he save Beka from this guy? Beka's ex was enormous! He was just a undernourished mudfoot what could he do? He took a deep breath. Stupid Stupid! He had gotten him self cornered. He had forgotten the conduit was a dead end. No what? He started to panic.

The footsteps stopped right out side the entrance to the conduit.

He tried to calm his breath but it didn't work.

'Aww, come on!' He wanted to groaned there are dozen's of conduits. 'Pick another one' he willed.

As always the Divine wasn't on his side.

The conduit cover began to creak open.

No time left to think. He did the only thing he could. He screamed a war cry born from the very battlefields of earth and catapulted himself at his enemy.