TITLE: The Gamekeeper


PAIRING: G/C friendship


EMAIL: flotterbum@netscape.net

SUMMARY: My response to the CSI100 "games" challenge.


"Grissom, you're kidding right?"

He glances at her, eyebrows raised, innocent smile on his lips. "You should know I don't kid, Cath."

She rolls her eyes, aware that she's not going to win. "Remind me why we're doing this again?"

His eyes twinkle with boyish mischievousness. "Exercise."

Cath sighs. "I thought you meant go to the gym!"

He grins. "Nope."

"There's no getting out of this is there?"

Grissom hands her a racket and steps into the glass and concrete-walled court. "Nope."

"Fine," Cath growls as she follows him on to the court. "But you owe me for this one!"

~*~ Fin ~*~