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Past and Future –

Ginny sat quietly sipping tea on a large overstuffed armchair in a den full of book shelves lined with old tomes. Several large pieces of comfortable furniture of jewel tones were scattered around the room. A chess board sat ready on a table for two near the large bay window that looked out on rustic floral gardens and the wooded countryside beyond. Soft music played in the background adding to the relaxed atmosphere of the room. It was a late autumn day; a weak sun slipped lower into the horizon and a fire crackled in the hearth of the large stone fireplace while she stared off into the distance. The years raced by in Ginny's memory.

The summer before the start of her seventh year had been monumental to the entire wizarding world. Voldemort had been defeated. Harry, Dumbledore, the entire Weasley family, Hermoine, and numerous others willing to fight were there to witness the battle for life or death. Many fell never to rise again, mostly those on the side of darkness. It was love that brought great evil down that day. It was love that lit up the sky vanquishing evil's dark reign.

The four friends had gone to Hogsmeade with Ginny to purchase some school supplies for her final year and visit with the twins at their shop. It happened as they were walking out of a small store, death eaters swarmed and the battle began. Aurors appeared instantly, as did the Order of the Phoenix, which had grown vastly over the years with Fudge's admission of Voldemort's return. The battle was intense; curses were flying through the air at an unbelievable rate.

Ginny and Hermione stood a few feet away from Ron and Harry after being pushed aside by the two men and told to find cover. While Harry and Ron were distracted with the battle He stepped up several paces away from the women-- Lucius Malfoy the man who brought Ginny into hell her first year with the diary of Tom Riddle stood a few feet away. He sneered at them, raising his wand throwing a curse directly at Ginny. She caught a blur of movement out of the corner of her eye and felt herself being shoved into Hermione as someone ran in front of Ginny taking full in the chest the curse that was meant for her. Draco Malfoy fell at Ginny's feet convulsing in pain.

Hermione and Ginny were shocked for only an instant before both girls raised their wands, sending curses to Lucius Malfoy causing him to be thrown back several feet knocking him out. Ginny dropped to her knees beside Draco, his eyes were glazed with pain as he reached up brushing the backs of his fingers against her cheek before slipping into unconsciousness. Hermione knelt down to check and make sure he still had a pulse. "Thank you," whispered Ginny catching Draco's hand as it fell away from her face and laid it gently on his stomach. Bill and Charlie pulled the two girls back into the crowd that had begun to form behind Dumbledore and Harry a mediwitch rushed over preparing to portkey Draco to St. Mungo's as they did many others that day-- by sheer grace of the Gods he survived after several weeks in St. Mungo's Hospital.

Her memory began to blur from that moment, so much was going on through the chaotic battle. She knew of one thing without a doubt, the intense passion everyone shared at that very moment, the sheer desire to bring down Voldemort and his followers was beyond measure. All of their power channeled together combining their love and loyalty to Harry and Dumbledore is what finally felled the evil Dark Lord.

Another memory surfaced to replace that terrible but glorious day, causing Ginny to smile fondly, wrapping her fingers around the warm mug in her hands.

After Ron and Harry had finished their Auror training and had secured their positions in the Ministry, (their father had been elected Minster of Magic with the dismissal of Fudge) Ron had finally proposed to Hermione. Ginny thought about how beautiful Hermione was the day she walked down the aisle of the ancient cathedral they had chosen to be married in on a beautiful late spring evening, Ginny stood as Hermione's maid of honor watching the joy on Ron's face as his bride made her way down the aisle to his side. The ceiling was enchanted to gently rain down red rose petals that would dissipate before touching the ground. Hundreds of floating white candles softly flickered reflecting against the stained glass windows. Hermione was radiant in her strapless lace gown of white that fit snug to her form before the long train flowed out behind her. The bouquet of red roses wrapped with white satin ribbon quivered slightly in her nervous hands. Her thick mass of soft brunette curls flowed down to her shoulder blades beneath her long veil.

Ginny remembered the smile shared between her brother and his love as Ron raised the veil over Hermione's head before Ginny's eyes locked with that of Ron's best man, Harry. He stood proudly in his black dress robes watching his two best friends become one that evening. Ginny saw Harry run an appraising eye over her slender frame, enjoying the way the thin satin dress of garnet fell over her curves before spilling out onto the floor, how the thick straps lay over her shoulders and the plunging neckline showed off the swell of her breasts, his eyes pausing to stare at pendant she always wore on a gold chain-- a sixteenth birthday present from Harry, smooth cut stone of topaz above a larger smooth cut ruby were encased by a thin band of gold creating a figure eight pattern-- as it rested just above her cleavage. Her silken light auburn hair was wore up in a simple french twist, showing off her graceful neck. Ginny waited for his emerald eyes to travel again to her face before giving him a slight wink then turning her attention back to the ceremony.

It was a large wedding party with each of the Weasley brothers to stand up along side their youngest on his wedding day. Since Hermione had such a small muggle family, many of the Weasley men's significant others stood up happily as Hermione's bridal party. Fleur smiled lovingly over at her husband Bill as she ran a slender hand over her swollen stomach heavy with pregnancy of their first child. Charlie beamed happily at his wife Melody before the two of them glanced out at the rows of guests, to where 2 1/2 year old Marewin sat in front on her grandpa Arthur's lap while Molly held baby Darin sleeping in her arms.

Percy stood tall and proud, smiling over at his wife Penelope as Ron and Hermione exchanged vows. The ever troublesome twins, George and Fred, were under the strong watchful eyes of their long time girlfriends Katie and Angelina, both women holding their wands at ready beneath their bridesmaid's bouquet of white roses, vowing that if either of the twins did anything during the ceremony they would have hell to pay later. Of course they failed to add the reception to that threat so many guests turned into bright yellow canaries later that night.

Ginny caught Harry's eye giving him a soft loving smile that he returned as Ron leaned down to kiss his new bride for the very first time.

Ginny sighed taking another sip of tea; she remembered dancing late into the night in Harry's arms at the reception. Most of the celebrating guests remained until the sun began to peek over the horizon and the happy newlyweds finally departed on an extended honeymoon.

Ginny snuggled down deeper into the armchair, straightening out the lap blanket over her legs that were tucked beneath her. Ginny's golden hazel eyes roamed across the mantel over the fire at the photos sitting all along it. She paused looking at an 8x10 framed photo of her wedding day.

Less than a year and a half after Ron and Hermione's wedding family and friends joined again for a private ceremony in the orchard of the Burrow. The trees were a blaze of vivid autumn colors-- bright orange, soft yellow and red leaves fluttered to the ground, a gentle breeze brought with it the crisp scents of early fall. The sky lit up in hues to match that of the falling leaves as the sun began it's decent into the western horizon, making a beautiful backdrop for the couple to exchange their vows. Hundreds of pixies fluttered aimlessly in the air mixing with the falling leaves to softly illuminate the area. Large lanterns were scattered about to help provide light for the dying sky. Soft instrumental music, mystical and sweet in sound, played gently in the background adding to the beauty of the enchanted evening.

Ginny recalled linking her arm with her father's as he led her down a path of white rose petals up to an ancient stone alter where Harry stood with Ron, both looking dashing in their robes of darkest red. Hermione smiled brightly, standing across from Harry waiting as matron of honor in a golden gown with long bell sleeves and a squared neckline, the soft silk material clung to her curves as it trailed down to a hem that brushed the ground long strands of her loose hair were moved with the gentle breeze. Ginny thought her new sister in law couldn't have looked any lovelier.

She turned her eyes to her one and only love, who stared at her in awe as did everyone else present for one of the most memorable moments in wizarding history. Ginny radiated timeless beauty and grace. Pixies fluttered around her as she slowly walked arm in arm with her father.

Her allcolade gown was of the finest softest ivory silk, her long flowing sleeves almost brushed the ground. Elaborate gold lace-work edged the plunging neckline matched the A-line belt that adorned her slender waist, draping down the front of the full skirt which gracefully trailed out and behind her. Her hair had been charmed to lay in a mass of tiny ringlet curls down her back; ivory seed pearls had been woven into the curls along with bits of baby's breath and heather. Ginny's only jewelry was her ever- present pendant resting just above her breasts, sparkling in the dying light of the sun. In her free hand she carried a single fiery red and gold phoenix feather, a wedding present she'd received a week before from Fawkes via Dumbledore.

Her eyes scanned the crowd of people sitting on benches that were draped along the backs with ivory and gold blended silk with dark red ribbon woven through the material. Her ever-growing family smiled back at their baby sister as she slowly passed them. Bill sat beside his wife Fleur, holding baby Min up in his arms to face him. The beautiful baby girl with Fleur's hair and delicate features and Bill's royal blue eyes was trying to reach out and pull at her father's mouth with her tiny chubby fingers. Ginny's mother, Molly Weasley, sat in front of them, her light hazel eyes bright with unshed tears, a silk handkerchief clutched in her hand, beaming at her beautiful daughter.

Ginny smiled adoringly down at her mother, tears of happiness threatening to spill as she mouthed the words, ' I love you Mummy.' Her mother smiled back raising her hand to kiss her fingertips, then pulling them away to send a kiss to her only daughter. Finally they reached the altar. Ginny turned to her father, looking up at him. Everyone watched as gentle, wise, sometimes eccentric Arthur Weasley smiled down at his one and only daughter with a mixture of joy and sadness in the tears threatened his royal blue eyes, those same eyes each of the Weasley men had been blessed with.

He was thrilled for her and knew she'd chosen a wonderful mate, but his heart broke that he'd now be giving her up. Arthur reached up, brushing back a strand of hair off of his daughter's shoulder trying to prolong the moment, "You'll always be my little girl," he said barely over a whisper. "Oh daddy," Ginny softly whispered as a tear slipped down her cheek. She wrapped her arms around her father in a warm embrace, "I love you daddy," she whispered into his ear. "I love you too sweetheart," Arthur said in a hoarse voice. Giving his daughter one final squeeze he stepped back and turned to Harry thrusting his hand out. Neither man spoke as they shook hands looking one another level in the eye communicating silently. Both men nodded slightly before smiling broadly at one another. Arthur took the hand of his daughter which had just moments before clung to him as he led her to her future, her destiny, and placed that hand into Harry's. Smiling fondly at the two of them, he looked up at the crowd who had been quietly watching the touching moment, several sniffing back tears.

Clearing his throat once he began, "Right then, shall we?" smiling at the crowd. He walked around the altar taking his place as officiator of the ceremony. Harry leaned in nuzzling her neck inhaling her unique essence which reminded him of warmth, vanilla and musk, "You smell wonderful," he whispered in her ear before turning to face the alter. Ginny grinned up at him, never tiring of hearing him say that.

As the sun finally laid to rest that night Harry and Ginny repeated vows that had been used for centuries by nobles and peasants alike, promises of life and love until the end of time and beyond, before the sacred stone altar and their loved ones. The entire time each never took their eyes off the other. This moment was what Ginny had dreamed of since she had first been told the tale of the boy who lived, since the moment she saw the shy uncertain little boy alone on platform 9 3/4, the young hero who saved her from the memory of Tom Riddle and the Chamber, the man who stole her heart time and again holding her late into the night possessively as if afraid to let her go. Staring into those emerald orbs, those same eyes she'd seen in such range of emotion; fear, uncertainty, anger, rage, excitement, happiness, embarrassment, desire, passion and, at the moment, intense joy. Ginny looked down as Harry took her hand, slipping onto the ring finger of her left hand a thick gold band. There were etchings on the ring-- ancient symbols representing Ginny and Harry's names along with two symbols between them at each end, one being eternity the other destiny. Inside the band was written, 'My life, my soul, my passion - always, Harry and Ginny' The band felt cool against her skin, her only chosen piece of wedding jewelry that would match Harry's. She stared for a moment at the ring on her finger, all it symbolized and all it meant between the both of them. She looked back up at him taking his left hand into her own, slipping her ring's mate onto his finger, whispering an eternal vow, promises she knew she'd have no trouble keeping forever.

Tears of joy slipped down her cheeks while she stroked her thumb over Harry's wedding band now snug on his finger. It was as if they were the only two on the planet at that moment, both smiling at the other, hearts skipping beats with happiness. Somewhere in the distance Ginny heard someone say that Harry could kiss his bride. Harry smiled down at her even bigger than before as he took a step forward, lowering his head towards her's. Ginny's eyes closed slowly the closer Harry got, his lips brushed hers gently in a chaste kiss that sent a rush of tingling through out her entire body before returning a second time, engulfing her in a deep passionate kiss. Harry's arms wrapped around her body tipping her back slightly, Ginny held onto the front of his robes with her free hand, wrapping the hand that held onto the phoenix feather around his neck. She heard a roar of noise coming from a distance as she drowned in Harry's kiss; the noise became louder and she recognized it as thunderous applause and cheering. Harry pulled away slowly, both coming back to their senses and smiled down at his bride, his life as he stood them both up straight again. "I love you," he said with all his heart. Ginny couldn't have smiled more if she tried, "I love you," she answered just as passionately.

They turned to the crowd of cheering family and friends and Arthur announced, "May I introduce to you for the very first time, Mr. and Mrs. Harry James Potter!" Harry turned to Ron and they shook hands before pulling each other into a strong hug, pounding each other on the backs. Ginny turned to Hermione who threw her arms around her best friend, "I'm so happy for you!" Hermione, exclaimed, squeezing Ginny. "Thank you," said Ginny, holding her tight. The bridal party turned then to the fast approaching crowd of well wishers.

It would be a good while before they had thanked everyone and made their way over to the tents set up for the reception. "Ginny lass!" Seamus Finnigan said pushing his way up through the crowd, "I see you decided to make an honest man out of the ruddy bloke," he said giving her a wink before giving her a fierce hug. "And do I get to kiss the bride?" he said grinning at her before leaning down and stealing a kiss on her cheek. "Hey! hey! keep to yourself Finnigan, that's my wife you're trying to steal kisses from," Harry said laughing from where he stood beside Ginny as Angelina gave him a hug of congratulations. "Aww, Harry you take all the fun out of it," Seamus pouted, "Save me a dance?" he asked turning back to Ginny. "Of course," Ginny smiled patting his back one last time before he released her.

Seamus was unceremoniously shoved aside by two towering redheads with identical expressions, "Make way Finnigan, make way very important older brothers coming through," Fred shouted. Seamus laughed before moving on to talk to other guests. "Harry mate, so you've married our sister," George said shaking his head in disbelief. Fred pulled Ginny into a tight embrace, "Lucky you, now you can suffer her wrath when she's angry and not the rest of us!" he said ticking her side lightly as he hugged her. Ginny laughed out loud, "Yes, let's see how long it will be before ickle Harry comes calling on us looking for shelter from Hurricane Ginny on the war path," George said taking his turn hugging Ginny as Fred released her and moved to shake hands with Harry. George leaned down giving her a large zerbert on the cheek. "Gee you make it sound like being married to me will be a constant war," Ginny teased. "Ever tried to battle with her over the bathroom in the morning Harry?" Fred asked raising his eyebrows a bit as if trying to give him fair warning. "You two!" Ginny cried out pinching them both on the cheek. "Ack!" they said in unison rubbing their respected cheeks. "Well mate," said Fred. "Don't say we didn't warn you," finished George before they moved on.

The reception was a great success full of food and laughter, wine and great music. Ron's toast had left many chuckling with his story of how long it took for Harry to finally see Ginny as more than a 'little sister'. He in turn also had many eyes brimming with tears with his words of love and happiness at being able to finally with great honor call Harry his brother. Late into the reception Ginny was standing off to the side talking with her long time friends Colin Creevey and Ginger LeMange. They had just shown Ginny their engagement ring, at which Ginny squealed and hugged them both at the same time. They were talking about the plans they were making when Ginny felt a tap on her shoulder. "Mrs. Potter, may I have this dance?" Ginny turned around to meet the sparkling eyes of Albus Dumbledore. He led her out onto the dance floor with dignity and grace that one wouldn't have expected from a man of his age. To Ginny's delight she spied Harry leading their former professor, Minerva McGonagall, to join the many couples out on the floor. Ginny was taken back in time to a moment very similar when she was dancing with the headmaster and Harry and their head of house, the night of the spring formal during Ginny's sixth year of school at Hogwarts.

Ginny danced though the night until she thought she'd collapse. As soon as Ginny stepped out of the arms of one gentleman when a song ended another song would begin and another set of arms would sweep her away. Finally as dawn began to break Harry came to her rescue. She had just thanked Dean Thomas for the dance when Harry stepped up wrapping his arms around her possessively. Ginny snaked her arms up around his neck and pulled his head down in a kiss full of longing, letting him know she was more than ready to leave to begin their honeymoon. After another round of hugs and wishes of well the couple apparated outside the large secluded cottage on the outskirts of Hogsmeade the two had bought recently where their items were packed for the trip. They would be leaving the next day for two months they would be spent traveling around the globe at their leisure. Harry scooped his bride up after turning the knob to open the door and carried her over the threshold.

All that day they spent in their cottage rediscovering each other, shut off from the outside world with spells to close off the floo network to their home as well as repelling charms surrounding their property to avoid media and well wishers alike. They had a sneaking suspicion Fred and George would try something, bless their evil little hearts. The newly married couple could not get enough of each other that day.

Ginny blushed from her seat on the armchair recalling their first day as a married couple as well as the many wonderful things they experienced on their honeymoon.

Ginny stood, laying the blanket across the back of the armchair. Walking over to the fireplace she looked up once again at the Photo of Harry and Ginny taken as they had exchanged rings two years ago. Colin had done a wonderful job of capturing the moment. Her eyes scanned over to the center of the mantel to a long rectangular frame that hung just behind the many family photos, and she reached up, tracing her finger along the mahogany trim of the frame which contained the single tail feather from Fawkes. Sighing at the wistful memories that surfaced again the grandfather clock chimed out in the hall, 'It's time,' Ginny thought to herself, 'The potion is ready; time to find out my destiny.'

She walked out of the den and down the hall towards the large rustic kitchen. Setting her empty tea cup in the sink, she walked over to a stone wall where a small fireplace stood with a cauldron hovering on a hook, the potion simmering. Something soft brushed Ginny's leg as she reached to transfer the little cauldron no larger than a simmering pot out of the fire and onto the granite counter beside the fireplace, Clark purred against her leg wanting attention. His large body was covered in fluffy black fur. He looked up at her with bright green eyes giving her a look that demanded he be cuddled. "I'm sorry my precious, I must finish this first then I'll hold you until your heart's content," Ginny said apologetically. Clark lifted his fluffy tail high in the air at the same time lifted his nose into the air, turning away from her and flouncing across the gleaming hard wood floors and out of the kitchen after being rejected by his mistress.

Ginny opened a drawer beneath the granite counter pulling out a small dagger. "Well, here goes nothing," she said then pricked her middle finger with the razor sharp tip of the dagger. She winced as she felt the dagger break through her skin causing a sting of pain, immediately a large droplet of blood formed from her open wound. Holding her hand over the cauldron she let three large drops of blood fall into the pearl white potion in the cauldron. Pulling her hand back she stuck her finger into her mouth. She placed the dagger onto the counter and watched as the potion began to swirl and mix with her blood. The pearl white color of the potion began to glow and change finally settling to a deep purple hue.

Ginny's heart skipped a beat, closing her eyes she waiting a few seconds before opening them again, expecting to see the same pearl white color as it had started out as, but the potion remained deep purple. "Oh my," Ginny breathed out. A slow smile began to take over her delicate features as a warm feeling settled over her body. Ginny looked down as she tentatively raised a shaking hand to touch her flat stomach and a giggle burst forth from her lips. "I'm pregnant," she whispered in joyous disbelief.