Soul Mates

Summary: Buffy the head cheerleader, Angel quarterback for the football team. It's a match made in heaven or not? AU

By: CherryTwister (Peach)


"So what do you think about the new quarterback?" Willow asked her best friend Buffy Summers when they were walking down the Sunnydale hallway to their homeroom. Buffy Summers is the most popular girl in the school and she's got all the boys drooling over her. Buffy was head cheerleader and had been named Prom Queen three years in a row. Her family is also one of the riches in Sunnydale next to Cordelia's family. Cordelia is another one of Buffy's best friends and also on the cheerleading squad. Willow wasn't a cheerleader, but she was popular anyways.

"Personally, I'm happy they finally got a new quarterback. Riley was doing a awful job last season." Buffy declared.

"Hi girl, what are we chatting about?" Cordelia asked once Willow and Buffy got to homeroom. They took their normal sits for homeroom with Buffy in the middle. Then they would talk till they had to go to first period. To Buffy, Willow, and Cordelia homeroom was social time.

"I asked Buffy her opinion on the new quarterback." Willow stated and Buffy nodded.

"Well, I can tell you what I think. I'm glad they got a new quarterback. Last season I was so embarrassed to even cheer for are football team." Cordelia declared thinking back to last season in which Sunnydale didn't win one game.

"Isn't that the truth." Buffy agreed with Cordelia.

"So has anyone seen this mystery quarterback?" Buffy asked ignoring whatever that teacher was saying. She had heard rumors that he had moved to Sunnydale from LA and he had already been offered a football scholarship to UCLA.

"I haven't seen him, but Harmony saw him. She said he looks like a god." Cordelia told them.

"I hope you all will make are new quarterback, Angel O'Connor welcome in Sunnydale." The teacher finished his speech. When they heard quarterback all three of their heads turned to face the front of the classroom. In the front of the classroom stood a guy with chocolate brown eyes, muscular body, and spiky brown hair who was towering over the teacher.

"Oh he's better then a god." Cordelia winked at Angel because she thought he was looking at her. Even though he was staring at the blond in the middle of Willow and Cordelia.

"If I didn't have Oz I would defiantly be after him." Willow said and she couldn't get her eyes off Angel.

"He's not that great." Buffy sighed and looked away from Angel. She had to admit Angel wasn't bad looking, but she didn't need a new relationship right now because she was still tying to get over Parker. All Buffy wanted was a guy that could commit to a relationship and she ended up with a broken heart thanks to Parker.

"What are you blind he is a major hottie. I call him." Cordelia told them.

"What about Owen?" Buffy asked talking about Cordelia's last boyfriend and the last Buffy heard they were still together.

"He is SO last week." Cordelia declared and stressed the 'So'.

"He looks like a heart breaker to me." Buffy stated as she watched Angel sit down at the seat that the teacher assigned him to. By the looks on ever girl's faces in the class, Buffy knew they were all thinking the same thing Cordelia was.

"Not unless I break his heart first." Cordelia said and mouthed a 'call me' to Angel.

"Have fun," Buffy sighed.


Angel was thinking of the blond in his homeroom as he walked to first period. She was the only girl in that classroom that wouldn't give him a second glance and that interested him. Her friends seem to be interested in him especially the brunette.

He and his family had moved to Sunnydale because they were having a hard time with money. His dad had heard that Sunnydale needed a new quarterback so they had moved here. Angel's father wanted him to be a professionally football player and Angel wanted to make his father happy.

"Hey man, welcome to Sunnydale." A guy came up from behind Angel and gave him a friendly hit on the back.

"Thanks." Angel said uneasy. This guy was the first person he had talked to since he had gotten to Sunnydale High not counting a few groups of girls that had come up to him and ask for his phone number.

"You got here just in time, because last season we lost all are games. I'm Xander by the way." The guy told him.

"You play on the football team?" Angel asked Xander. Angel didn't know why it shocked him that Xander was on the football team, but to Angel Xander didn't look like you normally football payer.

"Yeah I'm the Wide Receiver." Xander explained.

"Hey, Xander." The blond from homeroom went up to Xander holding a hand half of books.

"Hey, Buff. I like you to met Angel. He's the guy that's going to get the football team out of the slump we've in now." Xander explained and nodded his head towards Angel.

"Hi," Angel greeted Buffy. He couldn't stop staring at her sea green eyes. He was lost in them.

"Hey," Buffy gave Angel a half smile and then turned her attention back to Xander.

"Well, I better get to class. You know how Mr. Miller gets when you're late to class." Buffy stated and held her books closer to her chest. Then she waved bye to them as she started to walk down the hall.

"Hello," Xander said weaving his hand in front of Angel's face. Angel hadn't noticed that he was staring at Buffy the whole time she was walking down the hallway.

"Oh I get it. You've got a thing for Buffy." Xander stated.

"What? No, of course not." Angel lied and looked at Xander.

"You better not." Xander told Angel, but to Angel it sounded like more of a threat.

"Why?" Angel asked confused why Xander would threaten him.

"Because she's not your normally cheerleader. Not like Cordelia who's got a boyfriend every week. Buffy is looking for a guy that can commit to her." Xander explained as they started to walk to first period.

"I can commit." Angel declared thinking of Buffy's beautiful green eyes.

"Sure you can." Xander laughed.


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