I was cleaning out my e-mail and found this...my response to a 60-second vignette challenge
on the Rurouni Kenshin Fanfiction Discussion List about a year ago. I'd completely forgotten about it!
Anyway, I thought it was cute, so I decided to post it here.

This little tidbit takes place during the part of the series where
Kenshin&Co. travel to visit Dr. Genzai's sister at the hot springs and they
meet Yuutaro and that idiot who tries to smite Kenshin with some air. I
forgot his name. This was in the early 20s of the episodes, before Saitou
and that silly train filler with Super Horse.
Basically, everyone is chilling out in the hot springs when Kenshin suddenly
remembers something important he has to tell everyone...

This occurs during one of my all time favorite scenes in RK...

Not A Good Thing To Forget...
By Gemini

Kaoru dipped her toe in the warm spring water, nodding absently at a comment
made by Megumi.

From the other side of the hedge, where the boys were, she heard their low
murmuring conversation
interrupted by a loud exclamation from Kenshin and then a splash.

"What could be going on over there?" She wondered, glancing up at the hedge.
Her question was answered all
too soon as Kenshin came crashing through the branches, his expression

"Kaoru-dono...there is something..." The rurouni's voice trailed off as he
realized that he had not paused to
grab a towel.

Kaoru felt her face heat up as her eyes drifted downward from Kenshin's
crimson face...past his surprisingly
well built chest...washboard stomach...to...

"Oh my..."

Her wide eyes were fixed on a certain part of the rurouni's anatomy. Beside
her, Megumi stifled a giggle.

"Well, I guess that answers that question." The doctor said with a foxy

"Oro..." Kenshin whimpered.

Kaoru blinked, and raised her eyes to Kenshin's. His hands lowered to cover
himself and he began to back away.
"Gomen, Kaoru-dono, Megumi-dono...sessha..."

Entirely uncomfortable with the strange feelings welling up inside of her,
Kaoru reacted the only way she knew how.

"KENSHIN-NO-BAKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" She shrieked and shied her bath bucket
at him. He jumped and tried to get away,
but was not fast enough. The kenjitsu instructor reached out, grabbed a
handful of the fleeing rurouni's hair and proceeded
to give him a massive beating. Forgetting for a moment that he didn't have a
stich of clothing on.

Meanwhile...on the men's side of the hot springs...

"He forgot to put on a towel, didn't he?" Yahiko mumbled, cracking open an
eye at the sound of Kenshin's howls of pain.

"Yup." Sano replied, floating aimlessly.

"Busu's gonna kill him, isn't she?" Yahiko asked, trying to summon up some
concern, but the the hot water was making him feel slow and lazy.

"Yup." The street fighter sighed, wiggling his toes in contentment.