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Trapped in the Past


There are times in our lives that when we look back years later, we want so badly to forget. For me, there were about 6 months after the sinking that I wish now I could erase from my mind. It was such a dark period in my life; I was such a mess. Nevertheless, it was important in who I became and was part of my healing. I had done well to try and forget those times, involving myself in other things- my children, my work, writing, acting, being a loving wife. However, when Aunt Katherine died unexpectedly this winter, I was forced to return to that house in Chicago where I had spent so many tremulous days and nights. Simply seeing the old place brought back so many things that I had worked hard to forget.

Until then the only think I still thought of was the cold, and that was only because I still suffered from unexplainable chills once in a while. But that first year was so cold. Even in the dead of July I would crawl into bed with blankets piled around me and a heavy nightgown on. I hardly ever went anywhere without a coat and always wore sox's. All these things combined to make a small comfort zone for me, although they didn't help me much in the end.

So many things had gone horrible wrong. If I had just realized right of the bat what I was doing to myself, I probably would have been okay. However, I tried to block everything out of my mind. I tried to shut life out; you can't do that.

Now I sat in the middle of Katherine's kitchen, listing to the clock in the hallway strike midnight. A thousand different memories ran through my head. Everywhere I turned, I remembered something else that had happened there, or remembered something else I had gone through. I closed my eyes and sighed. There was so much more then anyone knew. For the first time, I began to replay the entire experience in my head, watching it go by like a movie. I had survived the heartache and the breakdown, but I would never be the same again.