hey people. this is my new fic and i think it needs a little background

because i want stuff to be clear

*tristan went to military school,but he just got released. he's still in

love with rory

*jess is still rory's boyfriend

*rory and dean did go out and break up and stuff like on the show

i think thats pretty much it, enjoy!


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chapter 1: Lori's coming?


"What am I supposed to tell everyone?" Rory asked Lorelai

frantically as she paced around the living room

"Think of me! Only your grandparents and your father know you

you have a twin! How am I going to explain Lori's been living with

Chris since she was born?"

"Lane will be so mad! Why does she want to move anyway?" Rory

asked despondently.

"She wants a mother, not Chris. It won't be that bad, I mean,

after all you are twins."

"Hello Mother? Do you remember why you separated us? We

HATED each other! It's not like the Parent Trap. She's not my long

lost sister who I don't know. I do know her. She's popular, slutty,

trampy. God, she's going to ruin my reputation. Watch out Stars Hollow!"

Rory cried. She really hated her sister.

"Listen Rory," Lorelai said. "Lori is my daughter and I love

her, but I have problems with her too. She's everything I hated in

high school. But regardless, she's coming here and we have to deal."

Rory nodded and sighed. All her life it had always been just

the two of them. The Gilmore Girls. The two Lorelai's. Lori didn't fit

in. So maybe she was a Lorelai too, but she wasn't like them. Lori and

Rory had been separated for the safety of the world.

The first thing Lori did when she saw Rory after they were born

was scratch her, leaving a two inch scar on Rory's arm. Then whenever

they were placed next to each other they would scream and cry until they

were seperated. Lorelai and Chris decided it would be best if they each

took one girl. Of course the two saw each other often when they were

toddlers, but the damage that was caused every time they were together

caused Lorelai and Chris to decide to limit their visits.

Now Rory only saw her sister at Christmas time when she visited

Chris, and on those occasions all Hell broke loose.

They were identical. The few people who saw them together couldn't

tell them apart. But they couldn't be more different.

Put simply, they hated each other, and now Lori was moving in.

And the thing that really upset Rory was that Lori would be attending

Chilton. Despite her slutty image she still managed to maintain the

grades to qualify her for such a prestigious school. Now Rory couldn't

keep her eye on her if they attended different schools. All she knew

was that she had a lot of explaining to do.


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