Hermione sits in her room crying. Her parents were at it again. Yelling and screaming at each other. She knew it would be the same routine. Her dad would get tired of it and head to the bar to get drunk. Her mom would go up to her room and cry.

            Hermione had change over the summer. She filled out in the chest area. She has the body all girls would die for. She got control of her hair. It now laded to the middle of her back. She died it black with blue ends just last week. She had gone Goth. She fell in to a world of depression.

            She wiped her eyes and got off her bed. She looked around for her dagger. She found it on top of her dresser. She picks it up and looked in to the mirror. She had dark circles under her eyes from the lack of sleep. Her checks were puffy and red from crying. She put the dagger on her wrist a couple inches below the veins. She pulled the dagger across. She watches as the blood dripped. She picked up a rag and held it on the cut. She had started to cut right after her 6th year.  It helps ease the pain her parents give her after they fight.

            Harry and Ron haven't written to her for a while. Probable to busy with their girlfriends at the Burrow. They had invited her but her family had plans before her dad blew it off. She hadn't told them about the fighting or cutting. She knew they would freak.

            She heard a car pull up and a car door slam. She ran to the window to see her dad swaying to the front door. "Shit. He is home and he is drunk." she said.  She jump in to bed and acted like she was asleep. 'Hopefully he hadn't seen my light on or I'm would be in trouble' she thought. She heard the front door open and close. He stared to walk up stairs then he stopped. 

            "Hermione, get your ass over her NOW!!" he yelled.

            "Shit he saw my light on" she said as she got out of bed. She walked over to her door and opened it. She came face to face with her dad. He shoved her to the floor then picked her up by her neck.  He shoved her against the wall then let go of her neck. Hermione gasped for breath but not before he slapped her.  She started to cry.

            "Shut up you little piece of shit" he said. She quieted down but she as still crying. He started to hit her hard then harder. She took a couple to her face and some more to her stomach before she fell. She gasped for breath "Please…..Stop." she pleaded. But he didn't stop. He just kicked her in the gut and face before she blacked out and he left.

            She woke in the morning on the floor. The memories of last night came flooding back to her. She started to cry again. She tried to get up but fell back down in pain. She lifted up her blood red tank top and gasped at what she saw. Her stomach was black and blue and was very tender. She crawled to he bed side and used her bed to help her up. When she was up she walked over to the mirror very slowly. When she got there she burst in to a new set of sobs. Her face looked like shit. Her jaw had cuts and bruises all along it. She had two black eyes. And her nose was slightly broken.

            She grabbed her dagger and did 5 new cuts on her wrist. She grabbed a couple of rages and covered the cuts. She cleaned up then went to the bathroom across the hall. She locked the door then went to the shower and took a hot long shower. When she was done she hurried to her room. She wasn't hungry so she skipped breakfast. She changed in to a black min-shirt with a long T-shirt with "mental child" on the front in silver letters. She put on her knee high boots and head out the front door with out anybody noticing. She was so glad to not have any bruises or cuts on her legs.