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Chapter 3 lodge in the woods

Hermione made a mental note to herself to thank Ron and Harry for the flying lessons. Her wind was getting cold and her hands were getting tired. All that was below her was woods. There were no houses in site and she was losing daylight. She decided to land. She jumped off the broom and looked around. Her throat was dry so she decides to look for some water. She wandered around aimlessly for about half an hour. She still didn't find anything. Then about 20 minutes later she saw a lodge cabin.

"I wonder who would live out here in the middle of know where."

She walked up to the window and peered in. Cob webs every where. The window was dusty and hard to see in. Inside the plants looked dead.

"I guess no one lives here. Then I guess they won't mind if I stay the night"

She walked up to the door and knocked just in case.

"NO ONES HOME GO AWAY" said a deep male's voice.

"But I need a place to stay the night please can you let me in" Hermione said in a pleading voice.

"NO" the voice said.

"Fine then I will break down your door" She said getting in a kick boxing stance.


Hermione relaxed a little "Why do you want to know that?"

"JUST TELL ME OR YOU ARE NOT GETTING IN" the voice said getting annoyed.

Hermione thought for a moment… "Fine I will tell you Hogwarts"

The door creaked open and a man about her age stepped out.

"Well I guess then it wouldn't hurt if you came in" the young boy said.

Hermione walked in to a wonderful room. With a fire place going and a book opened on the couch. She could smell the sent of a roast and mashed potatoes. Her stomach growled.

"I guess you're a little hungry. Well I can spare some if you would like. By the way what is your name?"

Hermione was so intrigued by the looks of the room. It had looked completely different through the window. She had barely heard what he asked.

"Huh? Oh my name is Hermione Granger. My friends usually call me Mione. And you will are?" she asked finally turning to get a look at him.

He had long shaggy reddish brown hair. He stood about 5'10". He had on a black muscle shirt and baggy black pants.

"My name is Matt Nice to meet you" He said sticking out his hand.

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