Chapter 1: Primrose Explains It All

It was late at night. The manor was cloaked in a soft silence; the only thing to be heard was the ticking of the grandfather clock in the family room. The home was enveloped in darkness, apart from the soft moonlight carpeting the floor and furnishings it could reach like a mist.

Upstairs, the girls and Leo were sound asleep. Phoebe murmured and stirred faintly in her bed, Piper and Leo lay in each others arms, cradled in their soft slumber; while Paige snorted softly, waving at an imaginary annoyance.

"Where am I?" Piper asked. She was standing in an immense meadow. She could see large trees ahead of her, mountains to her right. The smells were like nothing she had ever experienced, though familiar. They were heady, sweet, and strong.

"Piper? What are you doing in my dream?" Paige was standing right behind her, and walked up to Piper's side to see what her oldest sister was looking at. "Oh, glory. It's beautiful!" she gasped.

"It is. but. do you know where we are?"

"Not the lightest idea, but wherever this is, I think we should stay."

"Yeah, it's really too bad we have to wake up tomorrow." Breathed a familiar voice from behind. Phoebe walked up to stand at Piper's left side, staring at the scenery. "Wow, I wish Prue were here to see this." She trailed off at that, missing her late oldest sister.

"She is!" A small insect flew out of the grass at their feet to meet them at eye level. 'She's a faery!' Piper realized with a jump.

"Who are you? And how do you know who Prue is?" Paige asked suspiciously.

"Oh my god! Thistle? Is that you? I didn't know you could speak human! And wait, how come I can see you? I thought only believing children could see faeries!" Phoebe's surprise was practically written all over her face. The little faerie laughed lightly. It was the sound of pure joy.

"I'm not Thistle, I'm actually her sister, Primrose. I was sent by the Faery Queen to welcome you three into Faeryland! You can see me because we are in Faeryland. The rules here are different than those of the mortal world."

Paige was confused, how did this "faery" know her sisters? What, or where for that matter, was a Faeryland? And what on Earth were her sisters doing in her dream? "Wait, I don't get it. How do you know each other? Where are we?"

"Princess Thistle was captured by gremlins and a young human, Kate, took her back to Faeryland with a little help from yours truly." Phoebe explained with a smile. "I'm sure Thistle told Primrose about her little adventure," At this Phoebe glanced at Primrose for confirmation, "And that's how we know each other."

"Oh, well then, excuse me Your Highness! I didn't mean to breathe in such faery Excellency!" Paige replied dryly, and everyone laughed.

"Oh, Primrose -" Piper began. "Please, call me Rose. All my friends do." "Okay, Rose, you said that Prue was here. How? I mean, she. she died." Piper finished, a painfully hopeful expression on her face.

"Yes! She is! Oh, she'll be so happy to see you! Come on! She's waiting just beyond the wood. Its a couple hours fly. or walk for you humans. I think once we get there, we'll have to get you some wings." Rose blushed in excitement. "After she died, the Queen offered her a home in Faeryland. While living here, Prue could go and visit you in the mortal world whenever she wanted, so she accepted the Queen's offer. Since she saved her Highness' daughter, everyone was very happy to have a hero living amongst them. The People will be really pleased to have their other two heroes and the half sister among us as well!" Piper and Phoebe had begun to jump up and down, holding hands while Rose laughed her appreciation at their excitement; with the biggest of smiles on their faces. They were going to see Prue again! Phoebe was right, whatever dream this was, they hoped they would never wake up from it.

However it was a different case with Paige. While she was happy that she would finally get to meet the famous, super-sister Prue and glad her sisters would get to see their beloved sister again, Paige was actually a bit worried that when with Prue, her new little family would forget about her. She worried herself about how she would miss her sisters when they left, not thinking for a minute that they might treasure her as a sister too, not just a replacement Charmed One.