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Chapter 20 – More Trouble?

The Giant stared down at his prey and gave a savage grin, showing his yellowing, cracked teeth.

"Ooh, yeah. The only thing on its mind is 'smush the pretty little witchies!'" Phoebe grimaced at the monster towering above her.

Piper waved her hands in an attempt to blow up the monster, or at least a part of him. All she seemed to do was tickle him!

"That can't be good!" Paige yelled, "Stalagmite!" and waved her own arm in a stabbing motion at Gor.

That seemed to get a much bigger reaction out of him, and he screamed his pain and defiance, and he stooped to grab hold of one of the girls. His big, clumsy fingers snatched at Phoebe, but she wasn't fast enough, and he picked her up and threw her against the wall.


"Don't worry about me! I'm OK!" She said shakily, and Leo ran over to help her. Gor saw him, and he pulled back his foot, smashing Leo in the ribs, and tossing the white liter off to the side.

"Leo!" Piper screamed. "Ok, now I'm pissed!" And she threw her whole body into the blast, blowing off the creature's right arm. And in turn, Paige called for another stalagmite and threw it at Gor's leg.

He crashed to the floor in a howl of fury, and the Mud Puppy, seeing his chance, rushed at Gor's head, seeming to grow a little in size. He tore at the Giants ears, and slashed at his eyes. Now, the Mud Puppy's eyes were also a deep crimson, turning black, and he roared, and grabbed hold of the monster's chin and yanked so hard, the Giant flipped to his back.

Paige and Piper rushed at him, screaming. But Gor just whimpered and curled into a little ball, shrinking down to the size of a small child. His skin turned grey, and Paige, Piper and the Mud Puppy stood over him, glaring daggers at him. Phoebe tottered over, with Prue's help, and the Charmed Ones boldly repeated their Power of Three spell.

"The Power of Three will set us free."

Gor looked up at them, terrified, as the earth swallowed him up.

For one long moment, the only thing you could hear was the sound of the Charmed One's and the Mud Puppy's panting. Then, all of a sudden, everyone began to cheer. Piper turned around, scanning the small crowd around her for Leo, who ran over to her and pulled her up into his arms. There were more hugs all around, and Leo set to work on Phoebe's hurts. When he was done, Angras slipped an arm around her discreetly, glad she was okay, and they joined in on the conversation going on around them.

"How about Gor Junior? Or just Junior?"  Rose suggested.

"How about Monster?" Phoebe put in. "Maybe not." Phoebe chuckled at the short growl the name got from the Mud Puppy.

"Giant." Lucina whistled at the lizard-dog, and he perked up, and yapped, then tried to bite Lucina's fingers off.

"Hey, that's perfect! Giant!" Piper laughed, and Giant growled cheerily.

"You know what, I think we're beginning to grow on him!" Paige reached out a hand to pat Giant, and he lunged at her hand in an attempt to separate it from its owner and make himself a new toy.

"I don't think so." Prue laughed, and Angras lifted the fairy and tucked him under his arm.

TJ looked warily at Angras. He still didn't think it natural that the only touch Giant would tolerate would be that of an angel.

Aurakmet, who had been chuckling jovially only a moment ago, suddenly frowned and began to look around.

"What is it?" Phoebe asked him.

"Hide! Quickly!" He called quietly, eyes wide.

 "I swear I heard 'em! Right in 'ere!" A high, whiney voice sounded in cockney just around the corner.

He whispered frantically "Hide!" and motioned wildly as he turned away and scampered behind a rock. Everyone dashed to their hiding places, in the shadows, behind rocks, and in little niches. Rose wasn't fast enough.

"See! There! I told you so!" The voice said again. It came from a short, scrawny, grimy-looking gnome. And with him, he dragged along by the arm a bored, exasperated gnome, and three others followed in a march. The following four gnomes all wore matching uniforms, each bearing some badge with the symbol of the Gnome King's Elite, the King's personal guard. The one being led by his arm stood to attention when he saw Rose rush to her own hidey hole, and signaled for the other three to surround her.

"In the name of His Majestic Highness, the Gnome King Zaed, you are under arrest!" He barked out. When Rose didn't come out, he nodded for his men to take her. "As the Commander of The Gnome King's Elite Guard, I am taking you under my custody!" He bellowed at the faery-girl, who was struggling in the soldier's strong grips.

"What for huh? You can't just take me like this! Tell me what I'm being charged for!" She screamed at him.

"I don't need to charge you with anything, bitch. Your bein' arrested 'cuz I say so." He told her.

"That's gonna sound real great in front of Her Highness Queen Brighid the Bright and her jury!" She spat at him, glaring hatred at the ugly, dumpy gnome standing in front of her.

The commander bent down, thrusting his face close to hers, and he looked into her eyes stonily.

"I don't give a damn what your Queen has to say about this." He whispered angrily, and he straightened up, looking down at her. "But if you must know, I'm charging you with the murder of Gor the Giant."

"You don't have proof! You don't have witnesses! Hell, you don't even know that he's dead!" Rose leered up at him.

"Worm here witnessed the whole thing. Didn't you Old Man?" He called back, not taking his eyes off her.

"Aye sir! And there was more ter boot! Mebbe five 'er six more!" The scrawny gnome called back.

After a short minute, the commander glanced around the area quickly, and turned away with a last growled order. "Check the premises for more civilians, Private Benson." And they left, bustling the still struggling Rose between them. Only Private Benson remained, grumbling under his breath.

"Private Benson this… Private Benson that… Why don't you Private Benson my arse Commander Bastard!" He muttered, and with a quick look around the place, followed his commander and comrades out.

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