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In the modern world, there existed men with ambitions, men who worked hard and found their goal. They soon controlled most of the countries economy and with power came greed. In this life you needed to be quicker then your opponent or you would find yourself dead. In this world assassination was overlooked even to the highest bidder, protection often never came cheap.


Kagome was one of the best protectors there was. She worked privately and had yet to loose a client, or not find the culprit. She worked alone most of the time, but if it came necessary she would phone her partners. In massive cases she would bring in, Sango Hiroten, Miroku Hiroten, and Shippou (spelling HELP!) Takamari (all last names by mio!)

Each one of them was equipped with special training on certain areas, Kagome was combat and field trained, explosives specialist, and was a modern day miko. Sango also combat and field trained and she was the number one hacker/computer specialist. Miroku was a weapons specialist and also familiar with one on one combat. Shippou was trained in covert operations; he worked on special no-name cases and was the informant. He new more about you, then you knew about yourself.

Kagome sat down in her home office, reviewing the information on her client. She had been contracted to guard Mr. Sesshoumaru Ataki and his daughter Rin Ataki 24/7. There had already been five attempts at his life, in which five people ended up dead, mainly the ones taking the bullets for him. No one wanted the case for it was suicide, but Kagome, she had been in tougher things before.

Sesshoumaru Ataki: powerful business man in Tokyo, he owns the Inuyoukai worldwide company; appears seldom, and has an adopted daughter named Rin. Stoic man, rarely shows emotion, never know what he thinks Age: 27? Hair: Long, silver Eyes: Golden Height: 6'2 Weight: 135 lbs. Facial or body art: a purple crescent moon inside his left wrist. Marital status: single

Additional information: Sesshoumaru Ataki is an expert swordsman and is well trained in the martial arts. He inherited Western Lands Corporation; his Father Inutasho (I don't know name if someone does please tell me!) was the target of an assassination nine years ago. The culprit was never caught.

RELATIONS; Daughter Rin Ataki (16 year old girl), half brother Inuyasha Ataki (24?).

Kagome finished looking at the report and looked at the photograph of her client. He was handsome but showed no emotion even though he held his daughter Rin, whom smiled toothily at the camera; she was very pretty and looked ecstatic to be taking a picture with her father. She held up her hand in peace sign while one arm was around his waist.

The phone rang breaking further thought about the man.

"Good afternoon, Kagome Higurashi speaking."

"Ms. Higurashi this is Mr. Ataki's assistant I am calling you to inform you that Mr. Ataki wishes you to live in his home during the term of your contract. He has asked you to come by the office so that he may meet you.is 5:15 al right with you?"

"5:15 is fine I'll be there; does he want me to bring my equipment immediately?"


"Very well. Goodbye"


Kagome hung up the phone and went to put her equipment in a carry on case. Her equipment was small and lethal. She carried around two handguns one she kept strapped to her ankle, the other she always had at her side. She had bracelet made titanium metal with a microchip that once activated by a special spoken code she could use it to speak with whomever had the sister bracelets; Miroku, Sango, and Shippou

She had a pair of blue tinted sun glasses that when activated by her voice analyzed the area and searched for things out of place, such as an enemy or unnatural heat from guns or the pulses of a bomb.

She packed some outfits and got into her car, a black corvette. It was already 5 and she was five minutes away from Mr. Ataki's office, so she decided to make a quick stop at a clothing store.

She bought a pair of smooth black leather pants that hugged her hips and flared below her knees. They allowed free mobility for high kicks without the fear that they might tear. And she bought a simple tan colored tank top that hugged her but was long enough to reach her lower abdomen. She then placed a cotton lined leather hoodie long coat on. Let's say Kagome looked as lethal as she was. Her combat boots pounded on the floor with finality that she was the best there was.

With one final look in the mirror and having finished the outfit with her blue lens glasses, "I make this job look good.*" Kagome went off to the meeting.

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