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I think I need to clear out a few things

c) I know it's coming around slowly, but this IS going to be a Harry/Sirius... there might be other pairings, but I'm much too hesitant to name anything yet...

a) Harry is now in possession of the TimeTwister (I didn't know it would bring to confusion. Harry put the TimeTwister in James' cloak pocket and then James took the cloak before giving it back to Harry because he was supposedly cold. Harry brought it back up in the dorm.)

b) YES! Other well known characters will appear! Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape are part of them, though Lucius is supposed to have been in his final year when the Marauders were in their first. I hope no one will mind that it's not the case in this story.

Chapter 6:

"The class is over," the professor said. "Pack up and head for lunch!"

The whole classroom, previously as quiet as a tomb, became a ruckus of chairs, slamming books and uprising babble coming from each and every student. The divination teacher, professor Vernna, was packing up her papers and magically sending off erasers to clean the blackboard in back of her, ignoring the sixth graders that were leaving the room.

Harry was packing his bag as quickly as possible, vaguely listening to Sirius talking with James about chocolate frog cards. He eyed the redhead gathering her things three tables in front of him and turned around, walking speedily towards the door.

"Boy, you're in a hurry," said a soft voice in his right ear just as he was passing the doorframe.

Harry turned his head and sighed nervously to the young werewolf walking soundlessly next to him. Remus seemed so much calmer compared to the week before the full moon and so much healthier too. He had returned to school saying that his mother's well-being was now fine. Harry didn't ask questions, feeling that the Marauders would open up and tell him his secret once he had completely gained their trust.

"Yes, I guess you could say that," replied Harry, smiling. "Starving, really starving," he added, looking over his shoulder at the same redhead who was now chatting with her friends, her eyes circulating the room, most probably looking for him.

"Hey, wait up!" chuckled James, catching up with them, Peter on his heels. "Trying to get rid of me, eh?"

"Of course, James, of course," Moony answered, rolling his eyes.

Harry was starting to feel completely at home in this new world, appreciating Remus and his father's presence, being with different teachers, but most of all, staying with Sirius. Somehow, he was starting to feel... different in his presence. Like his heart started making cartwheels in his chest. It was an odd feeling that he couldn't place yet.

Suddenly, a current of air made by a student who was almost running towards the Great Hall flew passed them. A long hiss accompanied it.

"That was our dear Snivellus," said James, pulling out his wand.

"Prongs, not now," ordered Remus, suddenly very serious.

James made a muffled sound and looked at Remus with what were unmistakably puppy dog eyes, which were hastily ignored by the werewolf. Harry was surprised to see that Moony did, in fact, have a certain control over his reckless father. Peter barged in, poking his mousy face between the two other Marauders just as James was placing his wand back into his pocket, eyeing the vague form of the Slytherin that was already turning the corner at the other end of the hallway. Harry kept on walking but felt that something was incorrect, like a hole in his chest or air missing in his lungs.

"Where is Sirius?" unpredictably realised Harry.

"Oh, he's not hungry, he's not coming," rumbled Pettigrew, the same little smile he always had plastered on his face wider than usual. "We'll see him after."

"Ah... well..." said Harry, looking over his shoulder at the other end of the hallway where Sirius had obviously gone. "I'm not hungry either. I'll go find him and see you later."

The reaction from the Marauders was not quite what he expected.

"No!" shouted Peter, just as Remus stated that he had just told him that he was truly starving and that he should definitely come and take a bite with them to regain a little energy. His young father simply stared at him quizzically.

Harry started feeling defensive as their requests to have him come to the Great Hall increased. Was everything going to become just like it was before? Everyone would stop him from seeing the only person he wanted to be with? Or were they trying to stop him from discovering something else, just like for Remus? Whatever it was, he wanted to be with Sirius. He didn't care about anything else.

Without another word he simply turned around and started walking at a fast pace towards the other end of the corridor.

"Stubborn, eh?" sighed Remus, watching Harry move farther and farther. "Just like you, when you think of it."

James eyed the Prefect for a moment then looked back at the end of the hallway.

It didn't take a genius to figure it out. After twenty minutes of searching, Harry was lost. The decorations and surroundings seemed so different than what he remembered it them be in the present!

He kept searching for his godfather for a while and miraculously found him in a hall he was sure he had never seen before, nearly an hour after his transfiguration class had ended.

Sirius was at the end of the hallway Harry had just arrived in, talking with two other individuals that he did not recognize. Squinting his eyes, he noticed by the insignia on their uniforms that alleged that they were both in Slytherin, and not in Griffindor. The first was a boy in his third or fourth year, and the second was a girl most probably in her second.

The boy talking with the Marauder had an awful resemblance to Padfoot himself, having the same wild black hair, build and posture. The few differences were that his expression gave him a smug look, he wasn't as tall nor as good looking, even though there was a certain charm about him.

The girl was very attractive, having black hair that reached her waist, beautiful eyes and particularly long eyelashes. There was an air of arrogance about her.

She was the one who noticed Harry first, and pointed him out to the boy that accompanied her. He said something to Sirius, nodded his head before walking away, holding the girl by the hand and leaving Padfoot with a neutral look on his face.

Sirius turned in Harry's direction and started walking, looking at the carpeted floor.

"Who were they?" asked Harry, keeping up with him once he had passed him.

Sirius rolled his eyes in annoyance and sighed.

"No one, just no one," he muttered somewhat angrily, walking faster.

"Come on, tell me," Harry went on.

Padfoot stopped walking and turned towards him.

"Why do you want to know?" he asked suspiciously.

"Just out of curiosity," replied Harry truthfully.

Sirius sighed.

"My brother," he simply said. "And my cousin," he added before starting to walk again.

"Really? Wha-... but... that boy was a Slytherin!" Harry objected, finding it hard to believe. "That girl... that girl... your cousin?"

"Regulus and Bellatrix are just like the rest of my family," Padfoot continued. "I'm the odd ball that was placed in Griffindor."

Harry remembered Sirius's name having been erased from the tapestry back in his house in London... and hearing that his brother had become a Death Eater but had been killed when trying to back out. And of course... Bellatrix, Sirius's murderer.

Harry's look saddened and the hale and hearty look he had regained during his stay in the past disappeared in an instant.

"What is it?" Sirius asked, seeing the look on his friend's face.

"Oh, nothing... nothing..." Harry mumbled. "Do... do you get along with your brother?"

"Not that well but we still talk," he said. "Unlike my mother and I."

"And... your cousin?"

"I would prefer not talking about my family," Sirius said quickly. "In fact, I think I'd like to be alone a little bit. I need to think."

Harry's eyes filled with misery. He wanted to stay, he wanted to make him feel he could count on him, that he was there for him and for him only. He didn't want to leave him. In fact, every time Sirius was out of his sight, he felt like he was risking losing him forever again, and he knew he couldn't go on without him. He knew it was strange, and he couldn't quite define the feeling he felt when he was gone, but being him was the only thing that mattered.

"...Okay... but at least know that I'm there for you," he said, smiling weakly. "In fact, I only came here for you... I had forgotten James and Moony and mom would be here..."

"What?" Sirius asked, frowning as he turned to face him completely.

"What, what?" Harry asked, confused.

"You came here for me, you forgot James, Moony and your mom were here?"

Harry felt like hitting himself.

How can I be so stupid? he thought. I'm going to reveal everything if I go on like this!

"Nothing, nothing, don't try to understand," Harry said, laughing uncomfortably. "I sometimes say things... weird things that aren't mean to be understood..."

He looked up and saw that Sirius was staring at him curiously with his dark blue eyes, half a smile on his face. He couldn't help but think that he looked more than great like that. Harry looked down, reddening.

"Well, I'll leave you alone then," he said, quickly walking away. "But don't forget that I'm here if... you need anything."

What an adorable fellow, Sirius thought once he had disappeared.

Harry kept on walking, not paying attention to where he was going, and accidentally bumped into a student.

"Watch where you're going!" the student immediately barked in a very cold manner.

Harry looked up and saw that he had bumped right into another person he knew.

Lucius Malfoy.

"Yeah, watch it!" a girl hanging on to Lucius' arm said, giggling.

Harry's eyes widened to an even greater extent recognizing Draco's mother, Narcissa. She was pretty, just like her younger sister, Bellatrix. Well, prettier than the last time he had seen her, fifteen years in the future, when she was surrounded by muggle borns at the Quidditch World Cup. He looked up at Lucius, still unable to say a word to the future Death Eater.

"Well?" he said coldly.

"S-sorry," Harry stuttered.

"Griffindor," he heard Narcissa whisper to her future husband.

Lucius pouted in displeasure, brushing his robes as if Harry had dirtied them.

Harry noticed the prefect badge pinned to his robes.

"You're the new student, aren't you not? The other Potter?" Narcissa asked.

"Euh... yeah," Harry said uneasily.

Lucius made a sound close to a snort and passed by him, dragging Narcissa along and pushing Harry out of his way.

"Well than be careful, Potter," Lucius hissed. "You don't know what kind of people you might bump into."

Damn right, Harry thought.

He sighed heavily and turned around, unconscious that Lucius' eyes were still following him, an interested smirk on his face. He turned away and kept on walking, Narcissa still hanging on to his arm.

The rest of the day passed slowly for Harry. He joined the other Marauders at the library before going to a Charms class. Sirius was already sitting in a seat when they entered and he smiled at Harry. After that class were two periods of Care of Magical Creatures where they simply observed the Salamanders they had fed the week before. Harry kept quiet during suppertime while Sirius was trying to convince James that they could do a favour to a portrait for it to go around Hogwarts and gather up all the gossip it could find.

Incredibly enough, James and Peter were sitting in the Griffindor common room, doing their homework under Remus' supervision. Harry sat down next to them.

"Three days 'till we go at Hogsmeade," James muttered while scribbling another line on his potion's essay.

"We'll be able to go at Zonko's," Peter continued, copying parts of James' thesis.

Harry eyed the mousy looking boy for a moment. He was starting to accept Peter as he was, learning who he was, trying not to think about him selling his parents out to Voldemort and accusing Sirius. He was, after all, a very different person in the past. Well... he at least seemed to be.

"A week 'till our first Quidditch match," added Remus, looking up from the book he was reading.

"Its true!" exclaimed Harry. "James... you're seeker!"

"The best seeker Hogwarts has ever seen!" Peter chipped happily.

"Against who is the match?" asked Harry.

"Ravenclaws. The strongest team... after us, of course," answered James proudly.

"Well the Slytherins have a very strong attack, they are also exceptionally good," Peter alleged.

"Harry, would you like to go for a walk with me?"

Harry looked up from his homework and saw Sirius staring at him.

"Me?" he asked, surprised.

"Yes, you!" Sirius laughed.

Harry jumped to his feet and followed Sirius out of the portrait hole, amazingly cheerful. A whole walk with Sirius. Nothing could have been more welcomed.

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