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Harry looked at his watch and sighed. He should really be getting back to the common room since it was about when his Occlumency lesson was about over and if he stayed out any longer than that Hermione was sure to interigate him.
Interigation was the last thing he needed. He was finally calm. The pressure that had been building up inside of him since he first woke up finally diminished. Question after question would just bring back that pressure. He didn't need it. He couldn't handle it.

He knew it wasn't a good thing to cut himself. When he was nine, Mrs. Number Nine's daughter was sent to some sort of camp, and a theropist for doing the same thing. Aunt Petunia had been gleeful about that bit of gossip, completely ignoring what had been going around about her nephew... (especially since she was the one who started most of the rumors). She sent him over to Mrs. Number Nine's house to give her 'home-baked' cookies and the Dursley's 'condolances' about her daughter, and to say if she ever needed any help to call her.

Mrs. Number Nine wasn't happy that Aunt Petunia was offering to help her. She threw the cookies, plate and all, to the ground and started shrieking about how she didn't need help from some nosey house-wife who hadn't done a day's work in her life and was raising a criminally insane boy, and had the gall to send that boy to 'give condolances.

Aunt Petunia wasn't happy about the broken dish, or the rumors that had started about her after that. So of course, Harry had to be using his unnaturalness to make his aunt miserable. Uncle Vernon decided that enough was enough.

Harry winced as he gave the password to the Fat Lady who was slightly annoyed that her gossip session with Violet.
He stepped through the portal into the usual disarrayed common room and walked quietly over to Hermione and Ron.

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