Inuyasha's daughter "Black Lilly"

"Children, we have a new student with us today. This is Iris Higure."

Murmurs covered the room as a black highlighted silver haired girl entered the room. Her golden eyes were full of nervousness.

"Would you like to say anything to your classmates, Iris?" The teacher set a hand on her shoulder.

"H..hello..." She waved.

"Hello, Iris." The class replied.

"You'll be sitting next to Sinna. Sinna, show Iris where you are."

A hand raised from the back of the classroom. Iris followed the hand until she saw an empty seat next to a red eyed black haired girl. Iris quickly sat down.

"Are you Kagome and Inuyasha's daughter?" Sinna asked.


"My parents are Sango and Miroku. They know your mom and dad. Don't worry. I'll help you through the day."

"Thanks..." Iris mumbled.

"Sinna, pay attention for once. Iris, your books are in your desk. Take out your math book."

"Yes, ma'am." They replied.


"I have a feeling none of the kids like me..." Iris sighed.

"What are you talking about? Your smarter than anyone in that class. And your only seven like the rest of us." Sinna smiled.

"I know... but now I know they don't like me. I saw it in their eyes."

"I saw in your eyes that you have the knowledge of a junior in high school. Why are you in first grade?"

Iris shrugged, numbly. Truthfully, her knowledge is raised because she's a quarter demon, plus she reads every type of book she can get her hands on.

"Oh well, I'll save you a seat in lunch. I have to buy mine."

"I packed mine. I gotta get it out of my backpack." Iris smiled.

"See ya, girl." Sinna ran off to the cafeteria.


In the lunch room, Iris looked around the room, searching for Sinna. Her silver and black bangs covered her yellow eyes. As she passed by, murmurs and whispers were sent at her. A bunch of kids from her class started to surround her slowly.

"What's up with you? How come your smarter than anyone in this school?" One of the boys grabbed her shoulder.

"Not only that, you look like a freak, with those yellow eyes and silver hair."

"..." Iris was silent.

Iris tried to pull away from the group, until three of the girls grabbed her. One of them pulled the clips out of her hair. To their surprise, two dog ears unfolded into veiw.

"Oh my god!!! She has dog ears, and their real too!" A boy started to pull at them.

"Is she some kind of dog?"

Tears started to form in Iris' eyes. She turned and clawed the boy grabbing her ears, leaving three bloody scratches. She ran out of the circle of kids, and headed out of the cafeteria, leaving her forgotten lunch in the lunch room. Sinna came out of the line just in time to see her laving, tears falling down her face.


Iris ran into the principal's office, still crying. The assisant at the desk looked up as she barged in.

"Um... can I help you?"

"I want my daddy on the phone!!!" She screamed.





A young woman knocked on the door that had a sign that read 'Inuyasha Higure'.


"Come in."

She opened the door, carrying a bunch of papers in her hands. She was greeted by a silver haired man sitting at his desk, feverishly taking notes.

"What is it, Megumi?"

"You have a call, sir." She replied.

"If it's Mr. Sakemi, tell him I'm busy." He answered, not looking up.

"It's... your daughter."

Inuyasha looked up immediatly.

"Iris?! What line?"

"Line three."

Inuyasha grabbed the phone, and pressed the three on the speaker. He lifted the phone to his ear.



"Honey, what's wrong? Why are you crying?"

"...daddy, can you... come and get me?" She begged.

"Sure... I'll be right there." He replied.

"Thank you, daddy."

Inuyasha hung up the phone, grabbed his black jacket, drapping it over his shoulders.

"Sir, what about the meeting with Mrs. Yakami?" Megumi helped him put it on.

"Tell her I'll see her Saturday morning. My daughter is more important than that stupid meeting." He answered, heading for the door.

"Yes...sir." Megumi answered.


Inuyasha parked his car near the 'Tokyo Elementary School', and made his way into the building. After a while, he entered principal's office.

"Hello, sir. Can I help you?" The school assistant smiled.

"I came to sign Iris Higure out for the rest of the day."

"Alright. Just sign right here." She pulled out a parent sheet.

"Where is she?" He asked, quickly signing his name where a blank spot was available.

"In the hall, near the cafeteria. She's been waiting for you."

"Thank you." He left the office.

He arrived at the doors of the cafeteria to find a young silver haired 7 year old fiddling with her hair.


She looked up, and immediatly ran over to him, wrapping her arms around his waist. He bent down, and enveloped her into a hug.

"Thank you, daddy..."

"It's no problem, sweety. What's the matter?" He ran a hand through her hair.

"I wanna go home. I'll tell you later." Iris sobbed.


He lifted Iris into his arms, her head on his shoulder. He grabbed her backpack and headed for the car. Inuyasha opened the door to his car, and set his daughter in the passenger seat. After he closed the door, he went into the car, and started it up. As he drove away from the school, he threw Iris' backpack in the backseat. The whole trip, Iris ran a hand through her silver and black hair.

"...daddy...?" Iris looked up.

"What?" He looked over at her.

"...they saw my ears."


Inuyasha stopped the car right in the middle of the street. He flew out of the car. He opened the door to the passenger seat, and pulled Iris into his arms.

"My god, Iris. I'm so sorry."

"It wasn't your fault, daddy..." Iris buried her face into his chest.

'Kagome is going to love this...' He ran a hand through his daughter's hair.

"Hey, buddy!!! Move it!" A man yelled from his truck.

"Sue me! I'm trying to help my daughter, you jackass!"

"Daddy..." Iris whispered.

Inuyasha made a rude gesture to the man, and gently pushed Iris back into the car.

"Your lucky I'm in a good mood, buddy, otherwise you'd be swimming in a pool of your own blood." He climbed back into his car, driving off.


Kagome went to unlock the door to find it was unlocked. She slipped into the house to find her silver haired husband sitting near the garden, Iris in his arms.


"Hey, Kagome..."

"What's wrong? Why are you home so early? Iris is supposed to be in school." She smoothed Iris' hair.

Inuyasha lifted his sleeping daughter onto his lap, and pulled her clips out of her hair.

"The kids made fun of her... after they saw her ears." He sighed.

"Oh my god... what do we do?"

"That's up to Iris. I won't force her into anything that will cause her pain."

Kagome sighed, and laid her head on her husband's shoulder. Iris' eyes finally opened, adjusting to the light.


"Hey, Iris? How you feeling?" Kagome smiled.

"Fine... I'm a bit hungery." Iris' fist went around Inuyasha's kimono.

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Inuyasha lifted Iris over his shoulder.

"Hey, Kagome? Could you make a snack for Iris? I'm gonna take her into the garden."

"Alright, honey." Kagome went into the kitchen.

Inuyasha carried Iris out into the garden. He stopped near the part of the garden where the lillies grew. He sat down and laid her head near his chest.

"Iris, you see those yellow lillies right there?" he pointed to the yellow flowers.

"yes..." Iris yawned.

"Well, those represent your classmates. You see the black lilly right next to it?"


"That one represents you. Most will think just because your different, your less of a person than they are. But... you have a heart and feelings like they do. Even with your differences, your still a person. Remember that."

Iris' yellow eyes twinkled as tears made their way down her cheeks. She buried her face into his red kimono.

A/N: Iris is styling a yellow-orange kimono ^_^*

Kagome came out to find Inuyasha clutching Iris close to him. She smiled, holding a bag of sugar cane in one hand.

"The 'black lilly' speech, eh, Inuyasha? I always wondered when your mom's teachings would come in handy.

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