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Inuyasha's Daughter "Mix and Half Breeds"

Kayasha ran through the streets, holding a box in his arms. It was wrapped in silver wrapping paper, with a emerald bow on it. He was now a strong 12 year old, and not only that...HE WAS LATE FOR HIS SISTER'S SON's BIRTHDAY!!!! He nearly ran into the door, and he knocked on the door. A bunch of voices were heard coming from the house where Iris and Shippo now lived. He was just about to knock again, when Kouga opened the door, a small toddler by his side. A smirk crossed the wolf's face.

"It's about time you got here, your late." Kouga chuckled.

"Yeah, you wate." Kouga's son, Kinno repeated.

Kouga shook his head in pity that his son could talk like a 3 year old, and lifted him onto his shoulder, leading Kayasha into the living room. The group had all made it. There was Inuyasha, being tackled by their 4 year old son, Panku. The little alert child climbed all over Inuyasha and the couch, giggling at his actions. Sinna sat near the window reaching her arms forward as Kinno flew into them, letting her lift him onto her lap. Kagome chuckled, and lifted Panku up, laying him into her arms, trying to force the little guy to take a nap, which he refused. Miroku and Sango sat on the love seat, watching as Kouga sat over by his wife and son, allowing Sinna to lay her head on his shoulder. Then, a new child caught Kayasha's eyes. A little boy began to chase Panku around. He had the silver ears on his head, but a fox tail hung from his baggy pants. His goldish emerald eyes shined with miscivious light, as he tackled Panku, tickling his sides. Panku cried with laughter, until Shippo walked in, lifting his son off off his young brother in law. The little boy moaned, and then threw his arms around his father. Iris, now about 20 years old, walked in, a smile on her face.

"Hey, thank you for coming, everyone. It's good to see you all again." Her silver hair was cut up to her shoulders, but it was still black highlighted.

"It was our pleasure, but did you forget to invite Sesshoumaru?" Kagome held her struggling son in her arms.

"No, he'll be here soon, Sesshou and Boushin got sick, and Rin and Wein will be the only ones to make it with him. I hope you don't mind that I invited him, dad..."

"Nah, I don't care, as long as he doesn't cause an influence on Panku."

"Grandpa Sessh is coming!!" Iris' son, Shioris piped up.

"It would be better if you called him uncle, not grandpa." Shippo giggled.

"I agree." Inuyasha plucked Panku off his feet, holding him by his collar.

They all turned as the crumble of wrapping paper was heard, to see Shioris was already attacking his birthday presents. Sweatdrops appeared by everyone's heads as he teared the boxes and tape apart to get to his gifts. Iris began to pull him away from his half opened presents as Wein, Rin, and Sesshoumaru walked in. Shioris leapt out of his mother's arms, and jumped into Rin's, snuggling her, because he'd missed her. Wein automatically went over to play with Kinno and Panku, and Sesshoumaru began to talk with Inuyasha and Kouga about something. Iris sighed, and walked into the garden, laying her head in her cupped hands. Sinna walked out to see her childhood friend outside instead of inside with the father she rarely gets to see anymore. Sinna walked up to her, and laid an arm around the young woman's shoulder.

"Hey, Sinna..."

"Iris, why aren't you talking with your father and siblings? You haven't seen them since the day Shioris was born."

"I'm sorry...but when Uncle Sesshoumaru starts to talk to dad, it takes a while." Iris repled, making Sinna laugh warmly.

"Yeah, I hear ya. Same thing happens when Kouga goes home in the fedual era for a while, he doesn't come back for a few days...the longest was a week. Measure that in a whole year." Sinna chuckled.

"...." Iris stared off.

"Oh, come on, miss lucky, you got a great father, a wonderful husband, and your first child, get in there, and talk to everyone. Or I'll bring them out here."

Iris gave her a playful punch, and the two walked back inside, where they found Panku and Wein playing tag with the other kids. Iris giggled, and walked by Shippo, giving him a kiss on the cheek, making all the kids make a comment to it, making the wolf youkai laugh. Iris and Inuyasha then got into a deep converstation about how their life was going, while Kagome kept the boys and Wein in line.

~Five years later....~

"Shioris, go wake your little brother, I need to take him to Sinna and Kouga's so I can go to a job interview!" Iris called to her half awake son.

The half human fox/dog demon climbed out of bed, and headed for the room over by his new 2 year old sister's room to see a small bundle snoring in his bed. He walked up, and uncovered the bundle to see a little boy that resembled his grandfather, Inuyasha. He opened his eyes to show a hazel like gold. He looked at his big brother's face.


"Mom says get up, Inu. Your going to Kouga and Sinna's with Lilly to hang out while mom gets a new job."


The little Inu wore a pair of baggy pants that nearly hung from his waist, and a very long black chinese shirt that he got from Shioris after he grew out of it. He dragged his feet across the floor, and lifted his two year old sister out of her crib, carrying her into the bathroom to see his mom brushing her hair. She looked down to see her son carrying his sleeping baby sister.

"Good morning, Inuyasha, did you sleep well?" Iris smiled.

"Not really, Lilly woke up crying at 5 in the morning, and wouldn't go to sleep for another hour." Inu sighed, patting Lilly's back.

"Okay...make you a deal. I'll carry Lilly to Kouga and Sinna's you can sleep when you get there. Then, Lilly is in Sinna's hands, okay?"

Inu nodded, and walked off to his room, looking for his slip on black shoes. Shioris was getting ready for school, and was frantically double cheking that he had everything, which was making his kid brother chuckle. He found his shoes buried under his bag of clothes, and put them on, as Iris and Shioris came to his room, calling for them to go. He nodded, and followed them to the car. Inu looked over at his house, and wished he could be at his grandfather's house. He loved the well that was there, and Uncle Souta always played with him there, and so did his very young uncle Panku. He sighed, and climbed into the car, as they drove off to Kouga and Sinna's, where Kinno was waiting to play a never ending game of tag with the young half demon.

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