The Boy Who Was A Girl:

Author's Notes: This is the last chapter set during the summer. This is set in fifth year and it loosely follows canon except for the fact Draco's a girl now. She's still just as petty and childish as ever, but that shouldn't last very long. Girls do mature faster than boys you know. :) I'm looking forward to writing how one little accident can dramatically change the lives of everyone at Hogwarts. But that's what you get for touching strange magical artifacts! Happy reading!

Disclaimer: The characters in this story belong to J.K. Rowling. I'm merely borrowing them for the time being.

Draco had been anxiously awaiting her father's arrival for the majority of the summer, hoping his presence would shield her from Camilla's and Narcissa's enthusiastic labors. It didn't - in fact, it made them worse. Their efforts redoubled in an attempt to impress Lucius and Draco was left to endure their attempts to reform her while her father looked on approvingly.

Lucius had little patience for 'mindless chatter' at the best of times, but he barely spoke to Draco now. In fact, all her attempts to talk with him had been met with irritation or impatience and, on one notable occasion, amused condescension. It frustrated Draco beyond imagining. It wasn't her fault she'd ended up as a girl! And even though she was female, she was still the person she had always been!

He wouldn't even tell her about Sirius Black or the Chamber of Secrets now as he had previously promised, because, as her father said, "You needn't worry your pretty little head about politics, Draco. Shouldn't you be working on your embroidery?" Seething, Draco had returned to stitching, though she had been so forceful with her needle that by the time she finished sewing she had four new holes in her fingers.

Being a spoilt only child, Draco spent her time sulking around the house and shooting her father sullen looks during mealtimes, which was the only time she actually saw Lucius. Between the demands of his job at the Ministry and his obligations to his… associates he had little time for frivolous chit-chat or even meaningful conversation.

However, things only became unbearable when her father decided to stick his nose where it was most definitely not wanted. One morning at breakfast, Lucius turned his attention away from his food and to his daughter. "Your grandmother tells me that she gave you a new Firebolt."

"Yes, Father." Draco said, smiling a little now that her father had deigned to converse with her. "You wouldn't believe how fast I can go now! It's amazing. Potter won't even know what hit him! I'll catch the snitch right under his nose this year, just you wait!"

Lucius folded his copy of the Daily Prophet and set it by his plate, frowning. "That's what I wanted to speak with you about. You're not going to play Quidditch this year. It's unseemly."

Draco's mouth fell open in shock. "What?!"

"Don't gape, Draco. It's unbecoming of a young lady. I've already written to your Head of House. Snape was very understanding. The whole ordeal is as much of an embarrassment to him as it is to the family."

"You can't take me off the team! I'm the only Seeker Slytherin has! Without me the team won't even stand a chance against Gryffindor! Father!" Draco whined, clutching the edges of the table as she pleaded desperately. "I have to play!"

Lucius stared at her sternly, willing his daughter to behave. "No, you do not. You are a Malfoy and you will conduct yourself properly. There hasn't been a girl on the Slytherin Quidditch team for two hundred and seventy years. You must know that Miriam McCormack, while an excellent chaser, was forced to quit halfway through the season to take a maternity leave. You will most certainly not be following in her footsteps. Severus will be sending me reports of your behavior throughout the year and I expect to hear that you have conducted yourself with the dignity befitting your station. Do you understand me?" He had that dangerous tone, the one even Draco knew not to push.

"Yes, Father." Draco spat angrily, stabbing her eggs with her fork until the yolk ran down in yellow rivers to pool near her toast.

"Don't play with your food, dear." Narcissa said from where she had been sitting quietly at Lucius' side.

Draco gritted her teeth and stabbed her egg some more, staring at her mother rebelliously all the while. Her mother sighed, but let her be. She had long since discovered that the little battles weren't worth fighting when she needed to save her energy for the big ones that actually mattered.

"I'm off to the Ministry. Potter has his hearing today."

"Hearing?" Draco asked, perking up. She'd been so busy learning how to be a respectable Malfoy girl and sulking that she hadn't had time to keep up with news. Obviously, that had been an oversight. There was no excuse for ignorance.

Lucius smirked. "Yes. The foolish boy is being brought up on charges of underage magic. He cast a Patronus and in front of a muggle at that. It isn't even his first offense. The Wizengamot is sure to prosecute. Both Fudge and Umbridge will be pushing for a particularly harsh punishment, which means two out of three are on our side."

Draco grinned maliciously, her full lips curling up in a rather predatory manner. "Do you think he'll be expelled?" She dimpled in delight, even as she imagined Potter being cast out of Hogwarts in disgrace.

"We can only hope." Lucius laughed, before returning back to his newspaper.

That smoothed Draco's ruffled feathers. If she couldn't play Quidditch, it was only fair that Potter couldn't either and he certainly couldn't be the Gryffindor Seeker if he wasn't even attending Hogwarts. The very idea was enough to make her dizzy with glee.

Suddenly, things were looking up.

To Be Continued…

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