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You've Got Mail: Chap.1-What the Bloody Hell is a Compooter?

Virginia Weasley (Ginny to just about everyone) stifled a yawn as she gazed outside her window at the backyard of the Burrow. It was a ramshackle hut on the outskirts of Ottery St. Catchpole, but to Ginny, it was home. Well, along with Hogwarts.

She shook her head to keep her eyes open, and continued watching. Her brother and his two best friends were outside, de-gnoming the wild garden. Gnomes were flying everywhere by the dozens. A scene of absolute chaos, but Ron, Harry and Hermione seemed to enjoy it. They were laughing and having fun, and Ginny smiled wistfully, hoping she could be with them.

But no, that wasn't an option. Sure, they were all nice to her, and Ron was more of a friend than a brother, but she wasn't really in their group. They may put up with her, talk to her, make her laugh, but when it came down to it, they'd usually sneak off together, leaving Ginny by herself. Again.

So that was pretty much why she was here, in her tiny room, alone, hot, and bored on the verge of tears. Ginny tore her gaze away from the window, and climbed off the cushioned window ledge. Padding down the stairs quietly, she made for the kitchen, praying silently that she could get a drink and leave quickly without seeing her mother.

Mrs. Weasley had been close to an emotional breakdown all week. It was Ginny's sixteenth birthday the next day (August 16) and her mother had been moping around the entire house, wailing that her baby was all grown up, and bursting into tears when she stumbled across an old belonging of her daughter's. The rest of the family found excuses to avoid the weepy matriarch, and Ginny said she had homework. It wasn't like she wanted to be stuck in a bear hug with an emotional woman.

Ginny had just gotten her drink and was about to shut the fridge when she heard a distinct wailing and shuffling of feet behind her. Throwing caution to the winds, she made a break for the stairs, hoping to be up them and gone before Molly Weasley could see.

No such luck.

"Ginny!" Molly cried out, clutching a ratty doll to her chest. Ginny winced and froze on the stairs, before putting on a smile and turning around slowly. 'Trapped,' she thought frantically with the air of a wild beast. She searched wildly for an escape route, but there was none. She resorted to trying to talk her mother out of whatever she was trying or going to do.

"Hey mum," she said weakly. "Umm, I kind of have a lot of homework, I need to get back to my room so-"

But Molly Weasley wouldn't give up that easily. She leapt forward and grabbed her daughter by the wrist, pulling her down the stairs and into a tremendous hug. Her drink fell, and Ginny praised her brothers for the amount of bottled sodas they consumed and bought daily.

"Oh my poor, sweet baby, you shouldn't have to work so hard!" She sobbed, squeezing extra tight. Ginny had her arms pinned to her side, and was finding it exceedingly hard to breathe.

"There there, mum. Don't worry about it, this pretty much the standard load for all entering sixth year." Wrong thing to say. This led right into her mother's "My baby is all grown up!" tirade, and it was at least an hour long.

Her mom pulled her to the couch and sat her down on it, all the while wailing that Ginny was almost a woman, and pretty soon she'd leave home forever, etc. Ginny tuned out rather quickly, focusing instead on, well, anything.

She thought about her birthday a little. It was almost here, her sixteenth birthday. When she was little, people this age had always seemed so worldly, mature, and well, cool. Except Percy. He'd always been that boring.

Ginny stifled a laugh at the thought of her strict older brother, brown noser that he was. Molly shot her a quizzical glare that said she clearly didn't think there was anything funny about what she had to say before returning to her speech about Ginny's birth, or birthday, or whatever.

'Alright, so I probably shouldn't laugh out loud anymore,' she noted mentally. She had just started counting the squares on an old quilt when the backdoor burst open. Ginny looked up eagerly, hoping for a distraction, which is exactly what she got.

"Ginny!" Arthur Weasley called out, before spotting them on the couch and hurrying over, a huge grin on his face. She quickly stood and walked to him, giving her dad an equally wide grin, happy for the chance to stop her mother's endless speech.

"What's up? Where'd you go?" Arthur had left an hour ago, very quietly and mysteriously.

Her father just smiled wider and clapped his hands, rocking back and forth excitedly. "You'll see in a second. Now, Molly, I know we agreed to wait till tomorrow to give Ginny any gifts, but I just couldn't resist. Gin, come here for a minute." Ginny obeyed, feeling rather nervous, but in a good way. Granted, her father had never been good at gift giving (one year he gave her a Barbie. She had been eleven), she had a feeling this year would be different.

After Harry had defeated Voldemort when he had attempted to kill the boy in a surprise attack , Cornelius Fudge had resigned out of shame for all his doubts. Arthur Weasley had been immediately considered for post of Minister, and he had accepted. So far he'd been doing a great job repairing the wizarding world from the albeit short reign of Voldemort.

Advanced post also means advanced pay, and by now, the Weasleys were doing alright for themselves. They only stayed in the Burrow because of tradition (it had been in Arthur's family for six generations), but they could easily afford much better.

Ginny's mind was disrupted from her thoughts by thumping and footsteps. She looked up, and saw her father walking towards her, in his arms a big box. On the side were some words and pictures Ginny didn't recognize. Arthur looked like an eager little boy, however, so Ginny plastered a smile on and waited.

"Ginny, this is your present. It's a computer," Arthur stated with reverence. Unable to control herself, Ginny just blurted out, "What the bloody hell is a compooter?"


Draco Malfoy yawned widely, and sat up, leaning back on his hands as he surveyed his room. Filthy. Dark. Depressing. Draco felt himself smile. Just the way he liked it.

Draco glanced at the clock, and frowned when he saw it was one. In the afternoon. He sighed and shoved the black silk sheets (A/N: teeheehee, black silk!) away from his legs. Swinging them over the edge of his four poster bed, he walked to his huge walk-in closet with a smirk on his face. He loved being rich.

He grabbed a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, and walked to his own bathroom. His socked feet made a soft pattering sound as he walked across the hardwood floor. He shut the door and looked at himself in the mirror. Perfect. He was wearing only a pair of boxers, which rode low on his waist and showed off his lean, toned body to perfection.

He smirked again at his reflection, before taking a quick shower and changing quickly. He knew he was probably the most eligible bachelor at Hogwarts-well, alongside Potter. Draco felt his mouth twist into a sneer automatically. Potter. What a useless waste of space and air.

"Look at me, I'm a gay idiot who's too stupid to know when to die," he said in a high voice, fluttering his eyelashes and waving his hands around stupidly in front of the mirror. He laughed a little, though the smile didn't reach his eyes. He walked back into his room, and turned on the stereo. Instantly Metallica began blaring through the six speakers set up strategically around his room. A year ago, he would have been beaten horribly by his father for his choice in Muggle music, but that was before Lucius had changed. After Voldemort's death, Lucius Malfoy tried to take over the Death Eaters, but it didn't work. They had all rebelled, and cursed him at once. The Cruciatus mixed with a variety of other hexes and jinxes produced a man no more harmful than a toddler. Draco's father was currently in a locked room under 24-hour surveillance at St. Mungo's. Not that Draco or his mother cared. The bastard could rot in hell for all they cared.

He was about to go down and grab some kind of breakfast, when he realized just how filthy his room had gotten over the summer. He had just dumped all school materials in various places, and since all house-elves with abusive owners had all been set free (thanks to Mudblood Granger), the mess had just grown and grown. He frowned a little, before sighing and ringing a little bell. In a second Draco's butler had Apparated into the room with a pop.

"Yes, Mr. Malfoy?" He asked his charge respectfully.

"This room is filthy!" Draco exclaimed. "James, I'm going out for food, I want this room spotless by the time I return. And don't open the windows like last time," he warned, and James bowed, then Disapparated. James was new, and on his first morning, had made the near fatal mistake of opening the curtains and inflicting light upon Draco.

Shaking his head at the memories of incompetence, Draco turned off the music and grabbed his favorite pair of Armani sunglasses, before sliding down the stair rails and heading towards his garage. Yes, his own garage. Now that Lucius was gone, Narcissa Malfoy let Draco roam free and do what he wanted. He took the opportunity to pursue his forbidden love. Muggles.

Yes, the Draco Malfoy secretly admired Muggle objects. He took Muggle Studies in private with Dumbledore, and now, he was the proud owner of a stereo, television, many CDs, a computer, and a bunch of cars. He opened the door of his favorite, a silver Nissan Skyline. It was a beautiful car, one he had spent agonizing hours suping up and adjusting, till it was his dream, his baby. He wasn't even sure he loved his mother as much as he did this car.

After meticulously brushing off a speck of dirt on the hood, Draco hopped in and tore out of the driveway, sunglasses on, windows down, and music blasting.

Life was good.


For Ginny, life wasn't going that great. Arthur beamed at her, apparently not noticing her dismay. "A computer, honey. It's a Muggle thing, everyone has them nowadays. You can write on it, or, use something called AOL to talk to other people that have computers. Really quite extraordinary. You can even send mail, instantly!"

Ginny was impressed, though still confused as to how some of these things could occur. Not to worry, however, because within seconds her father had dragged her up to her room (though that wasn't so bad; it got her away from her mother) and begun installing her present. Ginny just sat back, mystified, until everything was plugged in. Arthur excitedly pressed the on button and waited in suspense.


Arthur's smile flickered for an instant. "That's odd," he remarked and pushed the button again.

Still no sound or movement.

He frowned, and pushed the button once more. When nothing happened again he pushed it again, and again, till he had worked himself into a push- button frenzy. Quite scary for Ginny.

Finally, she realized he would either hurt himself or the compooter, computer, whatever, so she stepped in.

"Dad, DAD!" She yelled, and he finally seemed to break out of his trance. "I was thinking, how about we ask Harry and Hermione to help. This obviously isn't working."

Arthur straightened and beamed at his only daughter. "Great idea! I'll run and get them now!" And without further thought, he sprinted out of her room and down the stairs. In almost record time, he was back in, dragging the dream team behind him.

Hermione soon detached her arm and walked over to where Ginny was standing near the desk. "Wow, a computer. It's really nice too. You're so lucky, I'm stuck with a crappy slow one."

Ginny smiled at the older girl. "Well, I think I'd be luckier if I knew how to work the damn thing," she said quietly, with a glance at her father. He was having a heated discussion with Harry about something called elecktrisity, and Hermione followed her gaze, understanding the situation immediately.

"I see, you don't want to hurt your dad's feelings," Hermione concluded, and Ginny nodded. "Don't worry, I'll handle it," she finished, before bending over the computer and clicking her tongue.

"What is it?" This had seemed to rouse Arthur from his conversation, and he strode to the desk quickly. Ginny stood to the side awkwardly, before going to talk to Harry (Ron wanted to look at the computer). She had long since gotten over the-Boy-Who-Lived, and now he was just a brother to her.

"Hey Gin, happy birthday tomorrow," Harry said, and she smiled nervously at him.

"Thanks. God, I still can't believe I'm going to turn sixteen tomorrow! This all feels so unreal," she told him, and he just smiled, and ruffled her hair affectionately.

"I know it feels weird now, but you'll get used to it, trust me on this one," Harry advised, and Ginny felt all her apprehensions about the next year of her life disappear.

She was interrupted from further conversation by Hermione. "Hey Ginny, come here, I'll show you how this all works." Hermione rushed over and dragged her over by the arm. Ginny waved back at Harry, and mouthed the word "Thank you" before she was pushed into the chair and he was blocked from view.

Harry chuckled to himself, before shoving his hands in his pockets and walking out the door. Ah to be young and carefree again.


An hour later, Draco was driving back home, at top speed, with a mysterious box in the backseat of his car. Food had been abandoned when, driving past an electronics store, he the most beautiful thing in the world.

A brand new PowerBook.

With a twelve-inch screen, 4.6 pounds in weight, and 1.18 inches thin, this was like heaven on Earth for Draco. If you thought he loved his car, just look at him with the computer. Inside the store Draco even had to restrain himself from kissing it.

Getting his emotions under control, he went to the counter and did the reasonable thing; asked about the hard drive, its price, modem capabilities. Draco was impressed. This was a great all-around computer, and he bought it without hesitation.

Draco was feeling pretty good. On the way back to his car, he even managed to whistle a small tune, before glancing around him quickly to make sure no one saw. After all, he still had to keep up appearances.


Ginny stared blankly at the laptop sitting on the desk in front of her.

It stared back.

Ginny scowled. "Stupid computer," she muttered darkly, and cautiously reached out a hand and pressed a random button. The computer beeped, and Ginny jumped in her chair. Hermione and her father had taught her the basic, and logged her onto AOL, before leaving her alone with only the laptop, and an instruction book.

She consulted the book now. "Okay, so the first step is to get my own screen name for AOL. Simple, right?" She told herself and went to She filled out the appropriate forms, and pretty soon she was Pyropinkmonkey12 (she was in an odd mood). Her email was the same, except with at the end.

Ginny rubbed her hands together excitedly. She had gone to Colin Creevey's house a month or so ago, and he had showed her the Internet on his computer. He had AOL too, and had a screen name too. Now if only she could remember what it was.

Ginny leaned on her hand, clicking her tongue as she thought back. Anyone else would have thought his screen name would have something to do with cameras, but Ginny remembered it was something really weird. A video game, or an arcade game he liked.

Wait, what was the one he had showed her once? The game was scary as hell, and the title was kind of scary too. Something Evil. Resident Evil, that was it!

Without hesitation she typed it into the window, then wrote "Hey," and clicked Send.


Draco Malfoy took a long sip of his black coffee, and looked at his computer. He was in his newly cleaned room, and had just installed his PowerBook. He set up everything he needed, transferred all his files from his old computer to the new one, and now he was struggling to download AOL.

"Come on, come on, work you stupid ass thing," he muttered to himself, barely controlling the urge to hit something (preferably the computer, though no chance in hell would he give in; the thing cost a lot).

Finally, a little screen popped up, telling him the download was complete. It then asked him to type in his screen name and password. Draco did so, then sat back with a smirk.

He loved his screen name. He had heard of the game and seen the movie, but he just loved the way it sounded. It described him perfectly.

Because, after all, Draco was the Resident Evil of Hogwarts.

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