Diagnosis Murder: Script, "The Greatest Fear"

By Olivia Sutton

Part 1: Notes and cast list

Author's Note: I wrote this script about four years ago, and I may have net posted it then, somewhere, but I've never posted it on fanfic.net before. I have no idea if script format stories are acceptable, here on fanfic.net, but I feel much more comfortable writing this particular story as a script, may the powers that be gently slap me with a wet noodle if I've violated protocol.

On the revised edition, I've fixed some typos, and changed some of the dialogue.

Summary: When Steve accidentally shoots an innocent bystander, Can his father, Mark, and best friend, Jesse, save Steve from himself before he self-destructs?

Rating: PG-13, some violent situations and language, nothing worse than prime time TV though.

A note on formatting. I wrote this script style with standard telecript formatting and camera directions. A list of abreviations is to be found below. Since I can't get this thing to save italics, all camera direction is enclosed in parenthesis. As always, asterisks (*) denote emphasis or stress

And finally, character names should be centered above the dialogue, but when I upload this everything comes out flush left.

C.U. Close-up (such as of an object; or the face of a person)

M.C.U. Medium close up (generally from the shoulders to the top of the head)

M.S. Medium shot (waist to top of the head; standard television shot. Most shots are M.S. unless noted)

L.S. Long shot, shows an entire scene

Int. Interior

Ext. Exterior

o.s. Off stage (Any comment heard but without seeing the actor on stage, such as on a phone)

v.o. Voice over, such as narration, or internal monologue of a character present, but not currently talking.

CAST and EXTRAS, in order of appearance

Dr. Mark Sloan (Dick Van Dyke), chief of internal medicine, Community General Hospital, Los Angeles. Father to Lt. Steve Sloan. Amateur detective.

Captain Masters (extra, semi-reg) Steve's police captain and superior officer

Lt. Steve Sloan (Barry Van Dyke) Lieutenant in the Los Angeles police force, homicide detective.

Dr. Jesse Travis (Charlie Schlatter) a young doctor at Community General. He was an resident under Dr. Sloan, and now is a specialist in emergency medicine.

Dr. Amanda Bentley (Victoria Rowell) an African American woman and doctor at Community general. She's a pathologist, and the divorced mother, of C.J. (a very young child/infant)

Lt. Natalie Baker (extra), homicide detective and Steve Sloan's partner. She's short, blonde, and intelligent.

Waitress, (extra) for a cheap, sleazy, bar. Shouldn't be too pretty, but not unattractive either, a hard working, tired, type.

Barkeeper, (extra), for the same bar. Overweight, tough, but fair.

Community general Nurse/ EMS dispatcher (extra). No-nonsense type.

Susan Hillard, Nurse at Community General, and Jesse's occasional love interest.

Dr. David Carleton (extra), Community General, surgeon. Dark haired, young, quiet, and brilliant.

Dr. Emily Walenchekz (extra), Psychologist, she's short, slightly overweight, dark-haired and motherly.