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Princess Zelda paced the halls of Hyrule Castle in a frenzied way. She had been shooken up and hysterical ever since she had heard the horrible news. Even now, as Ganondorf crept closer, she could STILL hear the horrible words ring over and over again in her elf-like ears.

"I'm sorry Princess Zelda, Link did not return"..and ,"He was a great warrior, and fought well for the kingdom."

She still couldn't believe what she had heard, only minutes ago...And now, even as she remembered this horrific moment, she was in grave danger. With every passing minute...every passing second...he was coming. He had the triforce of Courage...not to forget the triforce of Power...and now...now all he needed was the triforce of Wisdom. And he was coming for it, she was 100% sure of it. She could feel it in the very pit of her stomach.

She hated this feeling, she wanted to puke, she wanted to cry...but the tears would not show...the lump stayed lodged in her throat, squeezing it, as though choking her. She could barely breathe.

Her heart thudded against her chest hysterically. It felt like a drum, pounding...pounding...this same heart..this very blood-pumping muscle, had, only a day ago, been calm and in regular beat as the very life of the ocean...the calmness of a meadow blowing in the gentle summer time breeze...Never was she to feel this again...never to feel that ocean life pounding inside her...never to feel or see the calm, gently blowing meadows in the breeze...or see the wild horses run wild and carefree. She was never to feel true love again.

Everything was happening so quick to her. For a few seconds, she started thinking of the people of Hyrule...such wonderous spirits...all sentenced to death...the poor innocent souls...Hyrule was no more.

And then a guard ran down a hall to meet her. His face was horror-stricken, like he had seen a Poe...dreadful ghouls.

"Princess Zelda!! Princess Zelda, you must flee! Find shelter, hide! Ganondorf is coming!!" he exclaimed excitedly. He grabbed her arm and started to tug at her, trying to get her to follow his lead. At all cost, he must protect the princess..it was his duty as a guard of the royal family!

Zelda simply pulled away. When he grabbed her arm again, she pulled away again, except more violently. The guard looked at her, completely dazed. She looked up at him, with beaded shiny eyes. Though she did not let a single tear roll down her cheek. The last thing she needed was to show him her fear.

"I'm not going. It's no use," Zelda choked out. She hadn't said anything after the guards had come back with the report of Link's death.

Link...another soul she'd never see again...he was so gentle..clumsy yes, but very kind and loyal. She remembered the last time she looked into his sweet face. His blue eyes always seemed to sparkle. And though he was a very valiant warrior, his eyes...they were always..so benevolent. And his voice was always so soothing...even when times were at their worst, his bad jokes...his golden hair...his deep, compassionate personality was always a bright side to the darkest of all things. He was like the light at the end of an eternally dark cave. The Hero of Time...who knew the great Hero of Time could be so..beautiful?

That was enough day dreaming...she couldn't bear another thought. Oh, how she missed him already. The guard gave her a deeply sympathetic look.

"Princess...," was the only thing he could say. The truth was, he didn't know WHAT to say.

The front doors to the castle suddenly burst open. And in stomped in with his giant iron boots was none other than Ganondorf. He had come to collect what was rightfully his!

'Zelda is here somewhere,' he thought, and marched on along, while his faithful servants and minions wreacked havoc over the castle, painting a bloody scene for anyone nearby to see.

Zelda took off up the stairs, and immediately rushed back to her bedroom chamber. From there, she would get her final look of Hyrule. She got to her room, closed and locked the door.

Oh, what was the use in locking the door? He would surely get in. How could she have been so stupid? She could hear him...outside the door...she could hear every breath of air he breathed in...she could feel the evil penetrate her heart...now that tear rolled down her cheek. The lump wasn't letting any air in now...

The door fell over with a ::THUD::...and in he walked. He walked slowly...taking in every inch of her fear in with every step he took. It was to his liking. She was afraid. Perfect. She then turned around to face him.

"Ganondorf...you..you are a truly evil man..." was all she could say, then the tears broke loose on her face. She was staring him straight in the eye. His cold, vicious, murderous eyes...the ones who had last glared down at Link before he was killed.

Ganondorf said nothing. He stared at Zelda for a moment, then a smile crept across his face.

"That...is all you can say?" he asked coldly and quietly, never changing his dark tone. He suddenly reached out and grabbed her by the throat, thrusting her into the wall. He didn't steal the final triforce piece yet, though. Instead, he reached back and brought out a dagger. No..he wasn't going to just let her DIE...he was going to have a little fun killing her...

Instead, he drove the dagger straight into her stomach, and carved away at her insides. Her warm blood dripped and oozed down the blade, back to his fingers and hand. He brought the dagger back up to the top of her chest, and sliced straight down. Her flesh split right open, sticky blood gushing everywhere, staining her pale skin, dampening her clothes. The dagger came up again, only up to her throat. He didn't make a slice that would kill her instantly...but he dug the blade in and made more cuts, and watched with satisfaction as more of her blood flowed down her neck and the rest of her body.

She never screamed once...though pain was flowing through every square inch of her body...she would not scream. She was to be brave...to be brave..but it did not stop her tears for Link as Link's murderer was now killing her too. Those same brutal, lethal hands of his now cutting away at her.

Ganondorf proceeded to the Hyrule Castle Town Market, the fresh blood now drying as the nightly wind touched it. He headed straight to the town centre. There, two pillars had been set up earlier that day. Already there and hanging on the first pillar was the dead and bloody body of Link. He strode to the second pillar beside Link and there he hung the almost lifeless Zelda.

Zelda looked around for the last time, as Ganondorf took the final piece of the triforce from her..the triforce of Wisdom...with the very little strength she had left, she looked up and into Ganondorf's eyes. Those incredibly heartless, blood-red eyes...

"I...pity..you.." she mumbled to him, before she gave way and became totally lifeless. Ganondorf had finally won.


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